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  1. DaveTN

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    I don't know whats up with these youngsters. I like to keep up on tech and have the most recent advancements. They would have no problem using my stuff.
  2. Always good to see American gun manufacturers coming out with new guns.
  3. DaveTN

    Cop shoots partner in back

    The story says the gun discharged when it hit the door as they were trying to get out. I think we can all agree if he had his finger on the trigger it was his fault; if he didn’t, it wasn’t. The good news is the Officer is out of the hospital and expected to fully recover and return to work.
  4. We should learn from what’s going on there; and they should learn from what happened at Kent State here. Yes, Americans have shot and killed innocent people at protests. Generally today you have both lethal and “less lethal” designated Officers. This is why they call it “less lethal” instead of “Non-lethal”. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6593807/Shocking-video-shows-fireman-Yellow-Vest-protestor-shot-head-French-police.html
  5. I don’t belong to any audio forms yet so I thought I would throw this out here. If you know of any good forums please let me know. I added a “Sound Blaster Z” (SB1500) Series sound card to my Dell XPS 8500 running Windows 10 version 1809. I disabled the on-board sound and have the card working. I use Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 Bluetooth headphones. My computer has on-board Bluetooth and prior to adding this card, when I turned the headphones on, they “connected” and turned the speakers off. They don’t do that now. They say they are “connected” but no sound comes through them, sound is still through the speakers. I can get them to work by going into the windows control panel and picking them; but that’s a hassle. Anyone here run into this before?
  6. Because Chicago is in Illinois (unfortunately for the rest of the state) and Illinois has carry permits.
  7. I don’t have a problem with him being removed for incompetence. But he was elected by the citizens of Broward County. I have a problem with any elected official being removed without due process. You know yourself that BSO can operate without him there; it’s not an emergency. I don’t believe that there is no one qualified in BSO to take Command while they take Israel before the state legislature and impeach him.
  8. That may be the perception, but its non-sense. (In my opinion without knowing much about BSO now) Israel was only there 5 years. The top three Command Officers shown here have around 30 years each experience in Broward County. (The rest don’t list any information) https://www.sheriff.org/Administration/Pages/Executive-Command-Staff.aspx I just don’t feel good about a politician taking out an elected official that is not accused of or charged with a crime. They should have to impeach him. I also can’t blame a Sheriff because a deputy is a coward. I’ve seen it happen with cops that I know with absolute certainty weren’t trained that way. It’s easy for people that have never worked as a Police Officer to jump to the conclusion he wasn’t properly trained. I guess that’s possible, but I find that hard to believe. I’d be curious to hear the comments of other BSO deputies on that. Of course we won’t hear that because the only ones that will talk are the ones that aren’t employed there anymore. But surprisingly; no one from Florida checked with me before they did this.
  9. He has an apartment in Boca Raton (Palm Beach County) and a residence in Greenville SC. He didn’t retire; he did 12 years on Coral Springs PD and quit to run his own business doing active shooter training. It just appears to me that his choice for a Sheriff of a department with 5400 employees was more about politics than it was about law enforcement.
  10. So…there was no one in BSO or even any law enforcement people that live in Broward County that could fill this position until an election can be held? That has to be a blow to morale.
  11. DaveTN

    Clueless teens, 17, baffled by a rotary phone

    Would have been faster.. https://www.wikihow.com/Dial-a-Rotary-Phone
  12. DaveTN

    Drill Press Advice

    I have a Craftsman. I don’t use it a lot, but I’ve had it for years and it’s always done the job. It seems well made for a low cost drill press.
  13. It defines due process that is not in place now. It requires a hearing that day, or the next business day on a protection request. It requires a hearing within 14 days if an order is issued. It requires witnesses to testify under oath. If firearms have been seized, and then the order is vacated; it directs the court to issue an order to law enforcement agencies to return the firearms. These protections and requirements (for the accused) are not in place now. What’s the problem with this bill?
  14. DaveTN

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    I have no problem with what you say as long as that is made clear to Officers before they take the job. If they are expected to wait until the gun is pointed at them; tell them that. That is what this case is telling them. (And that is not a requirement) They are having trouble getting good people that want to be cops. Let’s see how that works. As a citizen that respects the Police I see that as a big problem. The people deserve good law enforcement; it needs to protect us not violent offenders. But be aware that if cops are held to that standard; you will be also. Cops are required to move towards the danger; not away. Citizens don’t have that requirement, so we will be headed back towards “Duty to retreat” for citizens; because that’s what you want for cops. Being a cop is a violent business. You go into it knowing you will be hurt; you don’t expect to be killed. I’m furious that that judge used that video to say it wasn’t clear if the criminal pointed his gun at the Officer or not. That BS; it’s not required and if that video isn’t clear; it should be thrown out. If that video didn’t exist; there would be no trial. But apparently with that video officials feel they can sit around and try to decide if that criminal pointed his gun at that Officer. I can’t believe that will ever stand. A Sheriff is facing dismissal, a Deputy was fired and many are calling for criminal prosecution because the Deputy didn’t act fast enough. 14 kids and 3 staff members were killed, 17 others wounded. But hey, the criminal is alive and well. Cops are required to act. If a gunman not following lawful orders to disarm dies; so be it. I have a niece that was sworn in as a Police Officer Wednesday. I hope the officials in her area don’t side with the violent criminals. This case is malicious prosecution. I’m all for discussing the problems with Policing. And I’m all for charging Police Officers when they commit a crime. But when someone has a gun in their hand, and they are being ordered by someone they know to be a Police Officer to drop it, and they refuse; deadly force is justified. I don’t have an “Us vs. them mentality”, I have a right vs. wrong mentality”.
  15. DaveTN

    Nashville officer charged in shooting

    I remember reading it and hearing it on he news. I believe had he not shot the perp the perp would have shot him or tried. I don’t see how anyone can expect a cop or a citizen to wait until the gun is pointed at them. You are trained that can get you killed. It bothers me because if I was chasing him, he had a gun in his hand, was refusing my orders to stop, and nearing cover; I would have shot him if I knew I could do so without hitting any innocent bystanders. Apparently the DA and Mayor in Davidson County would want me charged with murder.

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