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  1. DaveTN

    Ct. Court-Remington can be sued

    No one knows that. He killed his Mother and took the gun from the safe. Whether or not he had been given access to it is not known. Without clear cut evidence; common sense would say he had access to the gun. However, my comment was simply because you are saying we are all wrong and this has nothing to do with liability for Sandy Hook. I believe you are mistaken That’s certainly what they are asking for. As I said above; I don’t think the SCOTUS will allow this. But you never know; they may not even hear it. If the lawsuit goes forward and they win; it will be punitive damages. A jury can allow the highest limits of liability allowed by the state. My guess is that would break Remington. Who is next, Glock, Barrett, S&W??
  2. DaveTN

    Ct. Court-Remington can be sued

    All of us are wrong?
  3. DaveTN

    LMT AR-10

    I haven’t specifically shot a LMT, but the AR-10 would be my choice if I could only have one rifle. (Luckily that isn’t the case) I had a DPMS 308 Panther, and currently have a GII Recon. Long range, short range, and a bunch of firepower; they do it all. The .308 is the most versatile center fire rifle round known to man; that helps a lot. My funniest AR-10 story…. I was at the range shooting my AR-15. There was a couple next to me. The man was teaching the woman how to shoot (It appeared). He had her shooting a .22 and he was shooting an AR-15. I switched to the 308 Panther and cranked off a couple of rounds. When I looked up the woman was standing next to me and asked “What in the world is that?” I told her it was a 308 Panther. With a big beaming smile she looked at the guy she was with and said “I want a 308 Panther!” The look he gave me was not one of amusement.
  4. My comments had nothing to do with his previous record. As far as criminal charges; he will be judged on what took place in that incident only. There were no comments about a gun (until later); so I don’t know if he saw one or not. He opened fire standing beside the car. He laid on the hood after he began to fire. If he claims the guy tried to run him over; that video puts him on shaky ground. I’m all for being able to shoot fleeing forcible felons; although the courts disagree. But even then, auto theft isn’t a forcible felony. But who knows; that guy may have pointed a gun at him, and that is why the Officer opened fire. I don’t know. When an armed criminal gets shot by the cops or a citizen; I give the benefit of the doubt to the cop or citizen. The courts may not, but juries usually do.
  5. DaveTN


    Sure, that’s why I said it could be. If I was in the market right now; I would be there. You should check it out, not only is there the possibility you find something, but you may meet someone that has what you want.
  6. Depends on the DA, but my WAG is that Officer is headed to trial. If he was in Nashville the Mayor would tell the DA to charge him with murder.
  7. DaveTN


    It Could be. But not only are you going to have collectors there; you are going to have a bunch of dealers. This is all “no reserve”, so all these cars are going to be sold; that attracts a lot of people.
  8. DaveTN

    Ct. Court-Remington can be sued

    The SCOTUS will never uphold this ruling. However, the anti-gunners can bankrupt these companies with legal costs. If this isn’t stopped now; they will all be in trouble.
  9. DaveTN


    A lot of that is answered here.... https://www.apro.bid/auction/the-doug-smith-memorial-classic-car-auction-1362/bidgallery/ and here... https://www.bigsouthauctioncompany.com/
  10. I have only been in one Field & Stream, but I don’t think I have been in a sporting goods store with more gun & ammo inventory than it had. It’s a shame they are considering destroying it over the politics. I’m surprised the board and investors is letting them get away with this. Isn’t your hatred of guns and gun owners something you would have taken into consideration before starting this business? My WAG is that some big shots in the company will be axed; and the business will get back on track… if it isn’t too late.
  11. Now that’s a good idea! New Jersey sends their criminals to New York. That’s one way to lower taxes.
  12. I think its terrible that anyone would even want to make a criminal out of a victim of an auto burglary. If there is a gun in my vehicle; my vehicle is locked. That should be all any law requires. Illinois doesn’t require anything other than the gun being out of sight in a locked vehicle if you have a carry permit. Is there some state that requires something more than locking the vehicle where we can legally have a gun in the vehicle on our Tennessee HCP?
  13. DaveTN

    Heavy snubbie revolver

    Any J-frame Smith & Wesson or Ruger SP101will fit the bill of a small revolver. They are both high quality and proven performers. But they are light and will have heavy recoil. If you could find a used K-frame Smith & Wesson like the 10,15,19,66; that would be the ticket. They are making the Model 66 again. Ruger makes the SP101 in 9mm now; that would help. There are plenty of options in quality revolvers, but as Whisper said, they all are pricey. In the K or L frame S&W revolvers you are looking at around ~500 used to ~700 new. J frames are less, but I doubt she would be happy with that small of a revolver shooting a good defensive round. Take her to a gun store and let her handle a 4” 686. If she likes the feel of that; home defense revolvers just don’t get any better. Most gun stores will have it in stock. Do some research to familiarize yourself with “J-frame”, “K-frame”, “L-frame”. If you or her need to fire a weapon at another human being; whether you survive could depend on that weapon operating properly. I have a bunch of different handguns I carry depending on the application; mostly semi-auto. But the gun on my headboard doesn’t change; it’s a S&W 686 .357 mag 4” revolver.
  14. DaveTN

    Background Check - Felony Expunged

    I think it depends on what the felony was. If it involved violence or drugs he may be out of luck. A few years ago a guy from (Alabama?) sued because he got a pardon from the Governor of that state and couldn’t buy a gun in Tennessee. Expungements don’t “purge” everything and TBI may be a problem if anything shows up.
  15. DaveTN

    Is this a legal sign?

    (i) A sign prohibiting possession in accordance with subdivision (a)(1)(A) shall include the phrase "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED", and the phrase shall measure at least one inch (1") high and eight inches (8") wide. The sign shall also include the phrase "As authorized by T.C.A. § 39-17-1359". (ii) The sign shall include a pictorial representation of the phrase "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" that shall include a circle with a diagonal line through the circle and an image of a firearm inside the circle under the diagonal line. The entire pictorial representation shall be at least four inches (4") high and four inches (4") wide. The diagonal line shall be at a forty-five degree (45 degrees) angle from the upper left to the lower right side of the circle.

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