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  2. After more discussions, apparently our church leadership has decided his soul is valuable to them and God. They intend to help this young man if at all possible, but will not put up with continual problems caused by this young man. They will not tolerate church panhandling nor distractions caused by this guy and have told him so recently. If he is serious about self improvement they will do what they can to try and aid that, but will not hesitate to tell him not to come back if problems continue. They also told him they were not equipped to handle some of his problems (IE mental and drug), but have located a place for him to seek counseling, through our local Health Department, if he wants to do that. Evidently his parents told them he was not a danger to anyone, "if you can believe that". I am real concerned about that one and time will tell. They do not want to call Police, for now, but if they need to tell him not to come back, it is their intention to call them and make him known to them. They said they had to consider, "What would Jesus do in this situation," and they are concerned for this young man's soul even though he is not a member of our group at this time. May God help us! He never attended Wednesday night services of this week. We will see what transpires this coming Sunday. Wish I could say more.
  3. ...besides myself of course. Just curious how ya'll are liking yours, really love'n mine so far....bought it early on this year. I do like the OD color, tho' after watching their new promo vid I am a bit envious of the custom stars & stripes motif.
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  5. Thanks for the generous comments WT and HA. Based on the complete silence of my phone, I'd say people aren't rushing out to buy .40s these days. Haven't we learned anything from the 1986 Miami-Dade shootout?! Kidding- I'm definitely not trying to hijack my own thread with a caliber war. Ok then, have a great weekend everybody.
  6. I Have one in 44 mag that is older than yours, and it is a fine rifle.
  7. I've got a Uberti Lever Action in .357 and it sure is fun to shoot. Cheap with .38's and little recoil. If you want to shoot pistol calibers it is a nice option in my opinion
  8. I was honestly very impressed with the Canik TP9 Elite Combat that I played with at NRAAM in Indianapolis. I know some people get wrapped up with the fact that it's made by the Turks, but the Turks know how to make some nice firearms. Besides, if the fact that the founder of Kahr was involved in the Unification Church (moonies) didn't bother people, the Turks being Muslim shouldn't bother anyone either.
  9. Had one. Returned to seller. Good concept, extremely poor execution. Software was the biggest problem. It would continuously lock up and/or go to a black screen requiring a hard reset to get it going again. I agree with the NV folks on arfcom .... "Run!" Check in here .... http://atnowners.com Look into the Sightmark Wraith. I don't have one .... yet. (waiting / watching)
  10. Guess having a Tattoo on my forearm wouldn't pass muster with that chart. Not a highly trained killer, but I got it to honor Chris Kyle when he died except black skull with target. White tats don't work on everyone.
  11. Welcome to TN...they have been setting them off here in Maury County pretty much every day but especially on the weekends ever since the fire works stands opened in mid June....who knows when they will run out. I actually quite like it, and I especially like the mortified reaction from all the retiree imports from places like California . In full disclosure I was born and raised in Northern California but escaped via the military as soon as I could. I've been in TN for 8 years now and would never leave.
  12. Buy a can of GGG from SG ammo. If you were closer I'd split a can with you.
  13. That is a Beautiful Gold Cup and I Bet it Shoots Great Too ! It’s Definitely a Great Colt and Very Unique! I Love it! Awesome Colt. Bump this Beauty Up!
  14. RC3

    Going down a dark path

    ooooo.....Thank you hipower, its been too long but I will check them out. I was at an estate sale a few months ago. Picked up a 1929 mosin 91, a 19xx enfield in .303 (hate it) and a norinco sks (going to turn it into a bullpup) Thats going down the deep end, I LOVE IT. If only I could grow a beard to go with it. You know, at this rate, I might just pick up the coveted .45-70 AND build me a .458 soccom rifle. You know, old meets modern. I
  15. There have actually been several cases (no, I'm not good enough to find the cites) that I've read (newspaper reports of trial results) where folks who have been "invaded" by the cops in error and shot the "invaders" have been acquitted. But my guess is that for every one who survived such an encounter there's a José Guarena or three as well. Point being that while it MAY be fatal to shoot at intruders, it's much more likely to be fatal to NOT shoot if there's no reason for them to be there at 3am. Being the law-abiding citizen I am, I have a higher suspicion that I'll be "invaded" by someone with felonious intent (hence deserving to be shot) than by a cop who "just got the address wrong, oopsie".
  16. When we were there last month meeting contractors we heard what could only have been gunshots. Irregular, sounded like fireworks, but who shoots off fireworks at noon on Saturday? Sounded like freedom to me Since the property is outside city limits I think we'll be fine, just have to have some sweet tea waiting in case the Deputies show up
  17. I use plugs and muffs, no such thing as too much protection when around very loud noises. Peltor is the brand I use. As for glasses I use a pair with soft ear pieces and the seems to help. All I have.
  18. Howdy Tom and Welcome to TGO!!! I have no knowledge of the Bulldog but have owned a few revolvers, they be fun.
  19. Stolen off Tumblr... Suppressed bullpup boltgun from Germany, feeding from 9mm Luger magazines. Barrel goes through the grip. Magazine fits in stock.
  20. Boys, watch careful now. This is what you do to someone that cuts you off in traffic.
  21. I love my Marlin Model 1894 Lever Action .357 Magnum made in 1981. I bought it from a fellow TGO member a few years ago. I usually shoot .38s in it because I'm cheap but leave it loaded in the safe with .357 just in case I need the fire power at the spur of the moment for bear control. Keep talking myself out of a 30-30 version but not sure how much longer I will win that argument.
  22. I’d look for a Marlin or a Rossi in either .357 or .44 mag. Not a fan of Winchesters. I’ve had a couple of Marlin and Winchesters in 30/30. Just never liked the caliber and didn’t like the way the Winchester worked. Love Henrys, but if you are looking for traditional, Henry doesn’t fall into that category. However they make a beautiful rifle, especially their Big Boy Steel Rifles!
  23. Welcome to TGO. Thank you for your service!
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