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  1. Folks, this is the Cadillac of the 380’s out there. Sweet, reliable shooter.
  2. Haha. Because you have a love for usp’s. It’s an acquired taste.
  3. Try to give the Cat Shoppe / Dog Store in Berry Hill a call. They can point you in the right direction as cat rescue is their main focus. Their number is (615) 297-7877
  4. All I wear is the 3 stitch these days. It is surprisingly plenty good enough. You simply cant go wrong with wilderness belts.
  5. Those are fun to shoot. Don't be ashamed to like older pistols. I have a soft spot for Walther P-38's, and Beretta 1934's. Y? No idea, but I love them.
  6. Interesting. Plus 1 on the grip force adaptor! Makes a huge difference.
  7. 6.5 Carcano's are pretty common. As 1gewehr said there are many different variants throughout the years. Its is rare that they are worth much. The good news is you can get parts relatively easy for them. There is a lot of carcano information around the web to keep ya busy. If you ever come across the 7.35 carcano, they are harder to find and bring a little more. Im one of the few people who collect those things as I have a lot of family history serving in Italy. PM me if you questions.
  8. PaiMei

    sbr ??

    Depends... If you are buying a pre-made SBR then for the most part...yes thats it. If you are changing things on your existing rifle then add the cost of parts (barrel, rail, etc.) Professional engraving on a NFA lower can cost a bit as well. If you decide to go the trust route then add the cost of having one made.
  9. A: Daniel Defense has some really good pencil barrels for the money. B: Careful with the billet lowers idea. They look really neat, but LPK fitting doesn't always go so great. Id just get a lower from a reputable company and do something custom to it if you want something "different."
  10. Polygonal rifling supposedly extends the life of the barrel. Its also suppose to marginally increase muzzle velocity. It also creates a slightly thicker barrel as the lands and grooves, are not as deep as traditional grooves. It is also...a little easier to clean. That being said I don't think its a must have. If your looking for an accurate, quality, hardy barrel...Id look at anything thats cold hammer forged. Currently, BCM and Daniel Defense are making all theirs in house here in the US. If your looking for just pure precision, Id look at the Stainless barrels. There are however...conflicting reports on their life expectancy. But...thats a debate for another day.
  11. This is probably your easiest solution unless you want to replace your gas block
  12. PaiMei


    Finally put my hands on one yesterday. Meh. Size wize its thicker than a Kel Tec PF9. The safety is hard to manipulate as its hinged at the front of the safety and not the back like most. I'll probably pass.


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