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  1. Nice review. It is probably due to wear over time, but I really like how that tanto is curved and the junction to give more belly. I took a knife making class one wonderfully long day and the guys made neck knives that really caught my attention with a more curved tanto design.
  2. If you want auto, Protech has a few that are less than an 2 inches. I have a few Kershaw Chives and the smaller Sog Flash. I'm not a huge AUS8 fan, but I like every thing else about the Flash and it doesn't feel like the safety is needed in the pocket.
  3. I think it is a bit therapeutic to sharpen/strop sometimes, but it can be frustrating too. I can get one hair popping and recently got the KO Work Sharp to "play with". If you don't enjoy doing it or want a top quality edge, I would recommend sending it to Willis and buying a strop block (Knives Plus has a good one) to maintain the edge. Gentle stopping will realign a good edge dramatically reducing the need to sharpen unless chipped or such.
  4. Where did you get the switch? I have an old Shining Beam S-Mini that I think has a bad switch (reverse). Came with two and both seem bad after cleaning and such.
  5. I switched to a semi-auto when we had kids. I figured I could chamber a round quicker than opening a safe in the dark. Different approaches when they get bigger...
  6. Subscribed, never heard of yellow and the dot turning to a line has been my issue.
  7. If you need a work light, Harbor Freight has a decent 18650 based one that goes on sale for $20 occasionally. Built in charger and comes with a battery. Wouldn't pay full price for it though... https://m.harborfreight.com/390-lumen-magnetic-slim-bar-folding-led-work-light-63958.html
  8. It does look nice. I'm curious what type pocket sheath you use. I've got a few neck(ish) knives, but don't carry them often since I'm not a necker or belter.
  9. I have the white/red version that looks the same, probably from Costco. I must say I was able to dig down to a water main break and fix it after dark on a set of batteries a while back. May have taken a shark bite, few beverages, and some harsh language as well.
  10. I'm curious too. SMKW has some. Obviously the junk yard leaf spring 5160 comes to mind.
  11. I have the HK Patrol (black with D2 steel). So far I have liked it, but it feels much bulkier than a CLA. I took a Dremel and sanded under the pocket clip to reduce pocket shredding. You may want to check out a Protech TR-3 or BM CLA before jumping. All in what you like.
  12. Thanks for asking, I've been curious too given the low cost.


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