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  1. You sure about that? There were far fewer Izhevsk SKS’s made than Tula. Iz only made them for like a year near the end of production and those were the only two manufacturers.
  2. Total number of tables is irrelevant, still gonna have half of it occupied by flea market wares. Knoxville shows have the bonus of massage therapists and gutter guard peddlers, lol.
  3. That’s a good looking pistol!
  4. I have no problem with FN per se, I'm just not interested in a "reimagining" of the original Hi-Power. Their new High Power is in fact a redesign that just looks like a Hi-Power. Even the name gives it away, as well as FN's own admission. The SA-35 basically a clone of the original, with a couple of improvements, like no mag disconnect and redesigned hammer profile to reduce bite. It is far truer to the original design, and is what I am more interested in. Plus, it's nearly half the MSRP of the FN.
  5. ...everyone quickly realized it’s not a Hi Power.
  6. Garufa

    Budget 1911

    You’re not likely to find anything in the “budget” range. It’s all relative though. If you can afford want you want, then it’s in budget.
  7. The stats being quoted only go back to 2016, therefore it is obvious Trump invented ghost guns.
  8. East German “ubung” practice ammo. Has a nylon core steel jacketed bullet.
  9. I think the current legislative session has been too overly obsessed with reactionary, puritanical social control measures to worry about gun rights.
  10. Cut the man some slack @Capbyrd. Have you spent as much time and effort on a cause that might have actually helped advance gun rights?
  11. Resize them. It’s part of the standard process. Also, make sure all the case mouth flaring is removed after seating the bullet.
  12. “Objection your honor. That line of reasoning has nothing to do with the matter at hand” ”Sustained”
  13. Garufa


    Very sorry to hear. Condolences on the loss of your friend and to his family. I think the whole TGO family lost a member and friend.
  14. Garufa


    I’m going with what has already been said several times...proper lubrication is key and will make most problems go away. Grease the slide rails. Experiment with whatever grease you might have but I use Tetra gun grease because it’s “for guns”. Lubrication does not always mean oiling. I have an early ‘90s Springfield 1911A1 that gave me all kinds of fits when I started using Tula steel-cased ammo in it, the dreaded lacquer coated stuff. Greased up the rails....ran like a champ.
  15. Maybe it’s like an old VW “automatic” that was a stick shift but didn’t have a clutch pedal. I honestly don’t know but here is the manual that kinda describes the “speed pump” system. https://www.winchesterguns.com/content/dam/winchester-repeating-arms/support/owners-manuals/model1300-manual-om-s.pdf
  16. Even in the 1898 Sears catalog Colt pistols were the most expensive offering.
  17. Please share your thoughts on the specimen you examined.
  18. That does look like an ashtray about to take off.
  19. Find what you want online and have it shipped to the FFl of your choice.
  20. A hammer in search of a nail.
  21. I have no desire to investigate what a FRT does but the description @Grayfox54 provided helps to maybe understand. Is this basically a “hair” trigger or are they outlawing rubber bands, belt loops, and fingers again?


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