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  1. I've got some Bushnell rimfire scope bought from Goose Mountain for less that $50 on my 10/22. It does what it is supposed to do. It's the gun/ammo combo that will get 100 yrd groups, with a little shooter involvement.
  2. Precisely why it's best to get them out in public for a more informal "social" event than some sterile break-room. That'll cull the goobers mighty quick and if all goes well the dicsussion will steer away from the latest video games or how Bill Gates is the true dark lord of the universe.
  3. Wrangler, don't think the IT guy in question intends for you to bring Cupcakes, just some fruitcake. The cupcakes have nothing to do with the event itself. Just very poor theme development in his story. Working the the biz myself I would recommend all 60 of you go to the closest Happy Hour and have your "social" there.
  4. The 4th is on Saturday this year. Double the fun.
  5. Target is usually a B-27. You can look it up. Simulates about a 6' dude but looks ridiculously huge when shooting at. You dont' need to shoot right-handed, left-handed, two-handed, between the legs, or over the shoulder with a mirror. All you need to do is put enough holes in the black per state regs.
  6. Dry-firing and dropping the slide on a 1911 is not going to do any harm to the steel masterpiece. Think about it. The sheer violence and force of when a round is detonated far exceeds letting the slide go or pulling the trigger on an empty chamber.
  7. Tonight is the last "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. The end of an era. In my lifetime there's only been Johnny Carson or Leno on one of the longest running shows in history. Now they're turning it over to Conan O'Brien. Never really watch the show that much but dammit they're changing things again!
  8. Someone just sent me this link and I think it'll get me through the rest of the day. Scroll down and start reading the reviews, and don't forget to check out the customer images! :rofl: Amazon.com: Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes: Apparel
  9. My boss brought up twittering the other day. Don't have any clue what it's about and said "I have no idea what it is but I don't approve". Today he was trying to find out if his Blackberry will let him do it. :p Keeping up with Facebook is enough for me. Screw dat.
  10. Was waiting for the "Don't Taz me bro", but it never came.
  11. Never shot one but have studied a couple at gun shows. Seems to have a pretty smooth action. Still trying to figure out how they decided to build a gun around the trigger guard.
  12. Words escape me. Every time I read something like this the semi-conscious stream of profanity that wants to come out of my mouth precludes any lucid thought. If I can ever gather my wits about these types of situations and put pen to paper, my text would be a mandatory course of study in all the finer Sociology programs. Suffice it to say, immigrants need to GTF over it and cope. Same goes for every other whiner and complainer in this country. Born here or not. It's the people tearing this country apart, not the "government" Rant off.
  13. If you mean trebuchet get on it! If I had some land and could build one, there'd be some hurling going on.
  14. I don't have a dog in this hunt but sounds like somebody wants to go to Hooters.
  15. Assuming you have cleaned every nook and cranny of the thing, put a light coat of Grease, not Oil on the bolt (if it slides, grease it). Stretch out the factory spring and see how that works. Is that a metal or plastic 10/22?
  16. Lately, a Remington 870 synthetic with NobleSport 12-pellet 00 Buck rounds gets my unwanted attention. That stuff is potent.
  17. With all the Zombie talk, movie talk, favorites, etc., not sure that we've focused on Zombie movies and what the best of the best is. Sure it's been covered elswhere, but not so focused. My favorites are The Return of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead.
  18. If they have a Krystal on Bourbon Street then all hope is lost for the Big Easy! I'm a Kystal eatin' fool but that just ain't right.
  19. I noticed you had your eye on that Big-Pimpin' gat and you passed it up for a High-Point. Need to work on those priorities!
  20. Don't mince words. Everyone who's in the business of M1 Carbines knows how much Aguila goes for, where it can be found and for how much. Wal-Mart has nothing to do with it. How did this become a personal attack? How are you a gouger?
  21. Didn't you post the same thing a couple or few months ago? Just wondering if I need to worry about my 442 or if it's a .357 thing. Have put several hundred rounds through it the .38 with no problems but do not trust that lock.
  22. That's what they're for! Just remember, rated for .22 to .45 caliber doesn't include .30 caliber rifle.
  23. Those spinners were a great deal. $20 for the single up to .45 caliber. The resetting one with 4 below and one up top was $55 if I recall correctly (same 3/8" steel). The .22 version was slightly cheaper.


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