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  1. Garufa

    Bayonet legality

    Just don't charge the target with pig-sticker extended hollering Banzai or some other nonsense if you don't hit the bullseye. Especially when the line is hot.
  2. Street name search and in the results was removed today. One step in the right direction.
  3. An excellent start. But if you don't mind my critique, I'll offer it. Leave out the word "Scourge". Also you may want to add something to the effect that permit holders are the most law-abiding cititzens who care about protecting themselves per Tennesse state law and that common criminals cannot get HCP permits. Furthermore, you (we) don't appreciate having gun ownership advertised due to the simple fact that criminals are out to steal guns and could use such a "feature" your website to "target" homes. Not that they read, especially the internet. Just a suggestion.
  4. 200 flawless rounds through the Kahr CW9, per manufacturer's recommendation and about 20 flawless rounds of of +P carry ammo. That's good enough for me. The Smith 442 - not so worried about (but have about the same amount through it).
  5. Well, here's a start - http://www.commercialappeal.com/staff/ Joseph Pepe: http://www.assessor.shelby.tn.us/PropertySearchDetail.aspx?id=G0232D%20B00042&ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.assessor.shelby.tn.us%2fPropertySearch.aspx%3fStreetNumber%3d%26StreetName%3d%26FirstName%3d%26LastName%3dpepe%26ParcelID%3d%26Business%3d Scott Sines: http://www.assessor.shelby.tn.us/PropertySearchDetail.aspx?id=G0231W%20C00110&ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.assessor.shelby.tn.us%2fPropertySearch.aspx%3fStreetNumber%3d%26StreetName%3d%26FirstName%3d%26LastName%3dsines%26ParcelID%3d%26Business%3d See how easy it is? I'm only assuming these are the same president and managing editor of the CA.
  6. No they don't! Those fools just say whatever sounds good at the time depending on the particular situation.
  7. Garufa

    Rebel Yell

    That's what I'm thinking. I guess that's what all my kin sounded like!
  8. I was permitted last July and am in there. You may want to try again.
  9. Open Records act. No, it's not current. Think it a couple months old.
  10. How did OP come across this anyway? I missed the original arcticle (read CA online all the time) and cannot find any other link on that site to it. Naifeh sure is in there. What is his deal anyway? Knoxville's Tim Burchett is to. I don't have the inclination to search for all the other politicos but I'm sure there are more. Close enough. Within seconds you can get an exact address from other sources.
  11. Well I am and I'm pretty d*** hot about it!
  12. Yes. http://www.thegca.org Joining them satisfies club affiliation.
  13. Maybe time you go see the eye doctor. I had a great 41 year run of perfect vision but now my right-eye has been messing me and my shooting up for a couple of months. I'm 20/25. I did some of the eye dominant tests last night. Square on, but right eye just won't get it anymore. I went and ordered my first ever pair of eyeglasses today.
  14. Just me talking but advise she maintain calm, take a breath and squeeze trigger. It's a mental thing. You squeeze all the way until it stops and then release. A Glock 23 is pretty snappy and big for smaller hands. I've had one for years (2nd Gen), and it's great, not a good gun to start with. The trigger thing gets a bit of getting used to and it does kick. Short of starting over with something like a .22, where you oughta start with anyway, try a Lone Wolf 9mm barrrel for that 23. That way you can take some of the snap out of the .40 round (and afford to shoot it). May help in the control.
  15. IMHO, there may be one or more things going on. Is she shooting low as in hole is directly below the bullseye's? Or low and to the left? What's her expericence with guns? Is this something she is interested in or you? Being a half-assed psychologist here but it's a gal, and all are created differently! There's alot of good advice here but do you think she may be anticipating the big boom? It'll mess you up every time. Depending on her personality and experience, the place you're shooting, the alignment of Mars to Venus or whatever, maybe you just need to find the right environment to begin the lessons. And the right gun.
  16. There are other requirements. This time last year, I did not have a permit or club affiliation (NRA does not count). But link was provided. Enough about that. If you are interested I highly recommend. It's fun! If you don't have an M1 or never shot one, it's only $30 for the day. And it is the whole day. If you've got one with ammo, only $10. If the weather holds I'm going through it again. Hope to see you there. More info: http://orsahp.com/new_shooters_clinic_faq.aspx I think they actually do several of these beginning this time of year.
  17. How would a Glock hypothetically tear-off 3 round bursts after a disassembly? Could there be a consistent, repeatable pattern after the fact or a single occurance?
  18. Here ya go. Still working on the fine art of arms photography. The Model 10:
  19. I did one of these clinics last year and had a great time. You spend the morning in class learning all the basics like positions, how to shoot an M1 (and AR-15), how it works and how to properly use the sling. Afternoon is a full blown Garand Match were you learn to works the pits and score targets and oh yeah, shoot at 200 yards. And you leave with an authentic John C. Garand match certificate to satisy shooting requirement for CMP purchases.
  20. I think this picture sums it up: http://www.useltonarmsinc.com/NEW%21_Limited_Edition_2nd_Amendment_1911/ The United States "Uselton" of America. Prick.
  21. If left at 3 along with another TGO'r who got a 64. Wasn't but one 64, and the Taurus' left after that. This deal got snapped up fast!!!


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