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  1. I like the battle sights too. I also like mil-surps that look the way they did when retired. In other words, please don't go and drill any holes it! That will destroy any collector value it has. Naturally, you can do whatever you want.
  2. For Naifeh not to win all 50 Repulican Reps must 1) show up and 2) vote against him. A tie (49-49) means he's still in, at least temporarily. If two R's don't show up and/or vote for him. He's in.
  3. Garufa

    LCP 380

    Are you serious! You do mean FOUR and not THREE 75. right? That's ridiculous!
  4. I think this one is older than a VZ.? That's a very old, like WWI or before rear sight. Kahrman, what markings are on the thing? What's on top of the receiver just forward of the bolt and also on the left side? Any other marks? I never even heard of a 358 until now. If you've got an 8mm bullet or .30 (just for testing purposes) and stick it in the end of the barrel does it swallow it? There's a big difference between 8mm and 35.
  5. Look! You built a Magic box. You took a picture of your own camera! Just kidding, I've got my box built (thanks Verne!) and am still experimenting with the Nikon settings, proper poses, etc.
  6. Start loading shotshells and use'm for pellets.
  7. Amen +2. And may I add: posted is posted as far as I'm concerned.
  8. I might have half a box laying around somewhere. It's your's if you want it and if I can find it. My dad had one just like it that he let me shoot back in about 1980. I remember we had to go buy a box of .38 s&w. Probably used 15 or 20 rounds of it. Well, somewhere I've got what's left of that box of ammo. I dug that Iver out of Mom's closet over Christmas. Dang! We left the thing loaded. Pulled the shells out with all kindas green crude on 'em and threw 'em into the trash. As far as I know no Memphis garbage man ever said a word. Anyway, that old thing is so rickety I will never shoot it. Musta' been that way when I did all those years ago!
  9. Definitely early 1900's or late 1800's. I've got a repro 1897 Sears catalog that lists them. I like old stuff like this.
  10. I bought an extra Power Ball today. In anticipation...
  11. Lemon "squeezer" would be a Smith & Wesson. They had the backstrap safety.
  12. She must have been a real pistol! HaHa. Grandma's rock. Did she carry it around? Is that Iver Johnson a .38? Don't shoot it what ever it is. I've got one that about 60% nickle remaining and it's about to come apart.
  13. You did that to torture me didn't you. Man, when I build my time machine..... And back then, you could have those goodies sent right to your door. No license required!
  14. A thing of interest. I am no expert but that Eagle stamp is a WWI era inspection stamp and the si6 may possibly be S16. Everything seems to point to S and a number.
  15. Hmmm, Interesting. So you have a special form with your name and some serial numbers sent to the ATF and local Sheriff. You're probably entered into the "Gun Nut" database and God know what other systems. May not be "registration" but you sure as hell are kept track of!
  16. Finally we're about to find out who's the best of the best of the best. According to the BCS. Normally I hate Florida, but it's the SEC going again for National Champs - so go GATORS! It's the last football game for like 8 months so I'm kinda excited.
  17. Garufa

    LCP 380

    Who may have one anywhere? I'm beginning to think they don't exist! All I remember is last April or May I was at a gun show saw several - for about $279 a pop. Bersa .380's were going around $229 (blue, black or two-tone) and the Firestorm version for about the same or less. And there were lot's of 'em. Been kicking myself in the buttocks ever since for not getting one!
  18. There were two Ishapores there today. Trust me, not worth the effort to come up @ $175 each. Stocks in very bad condition.
  19. :clap:Congratulations and keep up the good work! You're better off and so is your family. Heck, you could put several holster inside your belt now! It takes a brave man to post before & after like that!
  20. Pictures? If it's new but a few years old may be a knock-off of another design, which most likely it is. In other words, may work the same way as something else that a manual could be found for. Someone may be able to recognize the design with some pictures 'cause the Internet's failing me on this one! There's only a coupla different ways semi's come apart (unless you dealing with new-fangled plastic fantastic!). Fiddle with it long enough and you'll get it apart. Don't think you need to worry about having this, that or the other off by .5mm putting the thing back together and totally jackin' it.
  21. But will you still be "packin" if you carry .38's in it?
  22. And maybe 2 or 3 trips there for every project. And going to Lowe's then having to go to Home Depot and vice-versa. Congrats! Just remember, clean the gutters before it rains 238" in one month!
  23. A Glock when I was in there at noon today. They've got some random Glock magazines, don't remember what flavors.


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