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  1. Since I drive by that place everyday I stopped by to see what this is all about. And to see what was in the display case. Here's what is posted on the door: http://www.atf.gov/pub/gen_pub/gun_free_school_zone_notice.pdf Only the front page, not the entire pamphlet is on display. Anyone want to interpret and discuss in relation to HCP? My take is you're legit carrying.
  2. Based on what that place wanted for a Bersa 380 the last time I was in there it should be "Gun Free".
  3. Garufa

    New Handgun

    Excellent choice! I've admired those for a loooong time. Now I'm wanting to go look again. IMHO one of the best, if not the best 9's ever designed. Stand back and watch it take out the X ring when you're at the range. That baby can do it all by itself.
  4. One of these days I'll read the whole thread before piping up! Can't dispute Cecil Adams. Like many other people I've had that idea in my head for years without any true knowledge of the matter.
  5. My advice is: 1) Stay out of Atlanta. It's a toilet. Since that is not an option... 2) Consulates and Embassies are considered sovereign soil of that nation. You're in Canada when you set foot on the grounds. I don't believe you'll find any reciprocity agreement. Leave gun at home, hotel or wherever.
  6. They have come a long way since that Jolly Royal goober from back in the day!
  7. I might be older but probably look about your age and when I'm not at work am running around in shorts and t-shirt. It's nice in some ways 'cause it keeps the salesmen away from you until ready to do business. Just look'em in the eye to indcate you're ready for help. If you get no response, screw'em. They're too expensive anyway.
  8. Well, they must be considered. Believe it or not I actually paid a fair price for my Chinese H&R Pardner pump 12 ga. (that I'll put up against any 870 or Mossberg) there. $199.95 brand new. If you go there regularly you'll see the same tired old guns they've had since opening. I honestly don't know how that place sells anything. It's a great place to browse, then go buy somewhere else.
  9. An excellent endorsement and prices are mostly fair. I know this is true as I stop in from time to time. Glad to know you'll match a lower price. If one can be found!
  10. If you know where I can find good gun deals in ET please let me know. I can't speak for whole region but in Knoxville you pay what they ask. The FEW shops in my area have mediocre selection and high prices. Maybe my negotation skills are sliding but the store front shops around here are selective on what's high and what's not, who gets a deal and who doesn't. Of course I do like to see what I'm buying so selection is important to me. I like to shop around. If I am mistaken all you ET fellas please let me know!
  11. While you're on the subject..... I have a '42 Lithgow with a Coachwood stock. Have read alot about having brass recoil plates in the stock to prevent cracking which mine does not have. If you know what I mean let me know.
  12. Why are they worried about rent living in the projects? Have the normal sources of income dried up. I doubt it. If I owned a business and could help out the honest ones I would. Was born and raised there and knew a few that lived in those circumstances. God knows the economy is crappy everywhere but theiving is totally unacceptable. Let's see some folks who are about to lose a home and do not live on the guvment tit. That is truly heartbreaking. Have they discovered copper in Memphis yet or any recyclable metal? It's all the rage up here. People are stealing that stuff left and right.
  13. Sure. O could could the county just fine. Can't get any more back-asswards than it is now. Do I want him running mine? NO McCain's most likely to get my vote. Just don't let my wife or in-laws know if we ever meet!
  14. Congratulations!!! You say they called you to tell you it was coming . I received no such courtesy but had my business after 83 days. You might be a new record!
  15. I know. Just quoting the book and every one is different. ET for some reason does command higher prices. At least that's my experience. I'm sometimes a cheap b@st@rd and hate paying more that I could somewhere else. Speaking in general terms here. What's the FBI connection? Did they pack'em?
  16. Excellent point. The Dems will make tremendous gains this fall in the House and Senate. Most people are really fed up with the way the Repubs have completely screwed this country and over the last 8 years. This frustration will show again at the polls this fall. Knowing this it helps me lean toward McCain, although it's gonna be hard to do. The worst thing possible is to have both the Executive and Legislative branch controlled by the same party. The results are catastrophic.
  17. Grimel quotes an excellent price. $500 is reasonable. Latest Blue Book puts in that range ($525). Sounds like Dmark needs it! Believe it or not, according the the latest Blue Book the 3.5 and 5" ones are worth LESS than the 4 and 6" ones. I've been told by several over the years that a 5" 27 is the ulimate. I'm always on the lookout for one but they seem kinda rare, are ridiculously priced and I do not need one! I've got a 6" model 28 bought at a pawn shop 10 or 12 years ago. Same thing just not as pretty. It's a big beast of a gun.
  18. So I just finished reading this story: http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-23233092;_ylc=X3oDMTFyazc5MG8yBF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMjcxOTQ4MQRzZWMDZnAtdG9kYXltb2QEc2xrA2J1cmdlcnMtMjAwOC03LTE1 about ruining a perfectly good piece a meat and charging way too much for it. Got me thinking. What is the best burger in Tennessee? I'll start by breaking it down by region (ET, MT, WT). These are my favorites: 1) ET: Vic & Bill's in Knox-Vegas. Many like Litton's. 2) MT: Fat Mo's in Nash-Vegas 3) WT: Huey's or Topp's (It's a tie for me) in Memphis Chain joints don't count! Who else has the good burgers!
  19. Blackberries = Good Eatin'
  20. 12 Gauge = bigger shell = more powder & more shot = more power & kick. 20 Gauge can do all the things a 12 Gauge does but you might have to work a little harder at it and it doesn't kick as much The most versatile thing in the world is a 12 gauge pump. IMHO that is what to get. You can hunt and use it for clays. The recoil may be a bit much for the wife and son so a 20 gauge may also be in order. I use my cheap pump 12 for Sporting Clays and it does just fine.
  21. Garufa

    Go Tennessee!

    And Memphis is #1!. Anyone remember last year's story on cities? http://www.forbes.com/2007/11/14/health-obesity-cities-forbeslife-cx_rr_1114obese.html
  22. I have a little Panasonic bought at Staples that does great. They don't seem to have the same model anymore but go to their website and search for "Digital Voice Recorder". You'll get an idea of what's out there.
  23. Is there a story here? Never talked to him personally but he's quite a prodigious poster. BTW. The Band rocks. Have seen The Last Waltz many times lately on VH1 and on one of HD channels. Directed by Martin Scorsese who also did the new Stones movie that's out. Saw Band in Asheville back in '96. Good stuff!


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