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  1. TICS will not approve with a "disposition". They knew you went to court but with the expungement obviously do not know the outcome of that event. You're gonna need to find a way to get that information to them.
  2. These symbolic tea parties are a great way to get out and display some type of disgruntlement with the government or the general state of affairs in this country. But are those in power listening? Are they attending? Where is the mainstream new coverage? How many people are showing up? Few, I would guess. But I only estimate based on the fact of these things are not reported well, and I have a job to go to everyday. I'm all for Civil Disobediance but I just hope that whoever is in charge at what ever time (Liberal, Republican, Democrat or Conservative...irrelevant) is truly paying attention to the people. Oh, and who gets to do the tea-bagging?
  3. Quite true, but apparently this defect had a permit to carry as illustrated in the picture. Even carried an XD at one point! Just messin' with ya, OS.
  4. Because people are banking on the future. Even the most restrictive countries that allow any type of gun ownership let their people have .22's. In the ammunition buying frenzy that's been going on that little champ is not being overlooked.
  5. Thanks for the update. I'm basing my limited knowledge on knowing just one retired OK City lawman I'm aqainted with. I know pensions are a thing of the past for most people, but I do know that the Knox County SD "retirees" get a monthly 75% check when they retire. Don't know all the terms though.
  6. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see...that it's not falling down.
  7. Don't most LE agencies still have pensions? If you can stick out for 20 years without going apey then you're in you 40's more or less, still get paid, and can move onto something else.
  8. This bill has been butchered past usefullness. Giving local municipalities and county's the say-so is a disaster here. You know parks in Memphis and most likely Nashville will be banned. I'm guessing Chattanooga too. Can't tell you what Knoxville/Knox County will do because as a whole they are completely retarted. So what happens if a city bans and the county does not. In place like Knox co. which is blessed with a lot of parks, city and county, you could get into some trouble as most people have no clue as to whether they are in the city or county. Who determines whether or not National Park carry is ok if that ever comes back? Take for example the Smokies. What if Blount ok's and Sevier does not? A complete mess.
  9. Dave Ramsey for President! He'll set things right and have everybody buying insurance from that Zander fellow (not Robin, if you're into Cheap Trick).
  10. The Mountains. Take a hike! Drive up the Roaring Fork. This should give you some ideas: http://www.nps.gov/grsm/ Eat at the Pancake Pantry.
  11. He can either sign it, veto or take no action. Taking no action equals passage without approval if I recall correctly.
  12. Governor does not have to sign when it eventually gets to his desk, however I think he will. Regardless, it still becomes law.
  13. Garufa


    They are stangely compelling.
  14. Keep checking Wally World. There are 6 or 7 in the Knoxville area that carry ammo. But as soon as they open up a case, it's sold. Sometimes you get lucky. If you're desperate, Goose Mountain has PMC for $19.99 a box (50 round)and lots of it. But if you buy there you only justify their absurd prices.
  15. Garufa


    My grandmother used to wear a pantsuit that color. Around '75 I believe. The upside, I know alot of ladies like the lime green color (Bud's calls this thing olive drab, I call it zinc chromate). Maybe a good way to get the wife or GF interested. As long as they're not trying to make too much of a fashion statement. It is quite fitting for Spring.
  16. I have no idea what a moonbat is, but I do know what a Campfield is. He may make some sense here but otherwise is an ineffectual joke of a rep.
  17. Were you shooting .357's at the time or just Specials? Are going to raise some Hell with S&W?
  18. I'm gonna need to be there! Sounds like there's gonna be all kinds of shootin'. Hard to decide on what to bring. Definitely a Garand, M1917 and an M1 Carbine. Now I guess a .22 is needed.
  19. Gee whiz, there's no schism in this country.
  20. Dude must be hoping the Mexicans are going to buy it...the internet said they were paying 200 or 300% over value.


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