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  1. Kirk and Spock, even if they are a couple of young upstarts, and Federation chicks wearing short skirts again. I'll be there day it opens!
  2. You are correct, sir! "Hitler's Zipper" is on the top of my machine gun list. MP40 tops the Machine Pistol list.
  3. Wise words here. Being tactful, explain to your wife that you are concerned for her safety and the safety of your child. That you are taking steps to protect your family. Do not include yourself in describing who you want to protect! You might not want to use verbage such as "legally armed citizen" or anything that might be construed as a proclamation announcing your rights. That does turn many people off. Just my . Hope everything works out
  4. The MP40 is on the top of my drool list! I think it's just about the coolest gun ever invented. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP40
  5. Run Away from it. You probably could get it checked out if you had the serial number and called the law but if anything was amiss there will be questions.
  6. Based on this you may be good to go. I'm no lawyer either but that's how it reads. If it were me I'd call Nashville and find out for sure before you have any more encounters with The Man. You may want to carry that law around with you, but the Law might not like being told what the law is if you do meet again.
  7. http://www.state.tn.us/safety/handgun/generalinfo.htm "The citizens of the state of Tennessee have the right to keep and bear arms for their common defense; but the General Assembly has the power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms with a view to prevent crime. Any resident of Tennessee who has reached twenty-one (21) years of age may apply to the Department of Safety for a handgun permit. If the applicant is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm in this state pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. §39-17-316 or 39-17-1307(, 18 U.S.C. 9 (g) or any other state or federal law and the applicant otherwise meets all of the requirements, the Department of Safety shall issue a permit to the applicant. " Tennessee Code: http://www.michie.com/tennessee/lpExt.dll?f=templates&eMail=Y&fn=main-h.htm&cp=tncode/11662/12084/123d6/12477 Not sure how reciprocity plays into this but I assume you must meet the eligibility requirements for TN for that to kick in. I know it sucks but there you have it.
  8. Has anyone else noticed a pattern here and in other threads about HCP wait time and making "The Call"? It appears that when one calls, the standard answer is you are now approved and will have it in several days.
  9. Who would be the perfect Secretay of State?
  10. +1 That's a good assumption. Most likely fact. If the stats were there, you you'd be right on.
  11. Don't ask, Don't tell! If my place in West Knoxville went up I'd be there "Directing" the firemen! - Don't go in there!
  12. And how much money did W and the Repub's dump into the economy? What were the results? Who stood up against that?
  13. If you're ever in the Crossville area, like driving down the interstate, C&C army surplus there at exit 320 has tons of cans. I mean lots. 30 cal - 4.95 50 cal - 7.95 SAW cans - don't remember price and Big-az 1500 round cans for 14.95 (these are bigger than 20mm cans)
  14. Welcome! I do know you from Guns & More - bought your last 30-06 dies about a month ago. Sorry to see the store close.
  15. My prayers go out to you and your family. I also got a call today. About my Grandmother. I'll be driving down to Memphis tomorrow.
  16. I'll be on the look out. From the President's Analyst: Bing Quantrill: Hey, Dad. You want the Magnum .357 in the house? Wynn Quantrill: Darn it, Bing. I told you not to play around with my guns. No, I do not want that in the house. That is my car gun. My house gun is already in the house. Now, put that back in the glove compartment, and don't let me catch you fooling with my guns again.
  17. I'll be there Saturday morning wearing a blue Tennessee sweatshirt if anybody wants to call me a fool or shake my hand!
  18. Apparently Hillary Clinton's replacement as Senator from NY is pro-gun. NRA approved? http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/01/23/clinton.replacement/
  19. I read a similar discussion several years ago when doing some Enfield research. Guess what they say up in Canada about cartridges and big game? They swear by something different. And there's some big critters up there. Posted merely for informative purposes. You never know when Jeopary will have a gun related topic again.
  20. Can't help with recommendations for that model/caliber conversion-wise. All I know is the Lone Wolf 9mm barrel works like a champ in my 23. What I do know is West Knox WallyWorld has about 4 or 5 boxes of .357 Sig as of about 4 pm today. Around $23-24 box.
  21. Stockpile? What's that? This is the Sam's generation! I buy what I need when I need it. 18 burritos, 24 rolls of toilet paper or 500 rounds at a time. It don't matter - you're "saving".
  22. The last time I used Blazer Alum 9mm was like 10 years ago when CCA here in Knoxville had an H&K MP5 you could rent. Blew 200 rounds out of that thing in about 10 minutes. Performed flawlessly. As far as Blazer Brass goes, I think it's great stuff. As long as Wally-World keeps selling it for what they do it can't be beat. I put 200 rounds of it through my CW9 in one session without any problems whatsoever. Used it in my old Smith Model 39. Works like a champ. Accurate, clean and reloadable.
  23. Please don't take my comment the wrong way (if you are). The point I was trying to make, to myself, was there sure do seem to be a lot of fun shows latey. Like at least once a month, sometimes more than that. Seems like there used to only be a couple a year? At least that was the case when I was a kid. Do the frequency of these things correlate to the pre/post election jitters or did I stay out of the game for too long? Regardless, I'll be there Saturday. Are you guys gonna be there?


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