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  1. Well, if that's your kind of humor you might enjoy this..... http://thewvsr.com/ryans.htm
  2. DPMS lower w/parts and Del-Ton Upper will get you around $700. At least it would 2 weeks ago when I started this madness. Do you want to shoot and admire your creation or do you want bragging rights? Me, I just wanted an AR style rifle to play with. So I went cheap (except getting the flat-top with handle).
  3. Bought mine during the summer @ the monthly Knox-Vegas show for $399.95 (+ tax & tics). Cash. Same guy had them for $409.95 last week. Depending on the show and dealer $410 WAS about the average. Those are hot little pieces and we all know about supply and demand lately!
  4. I've got a 442 and it's great. Highly recommend. After breaking it in (learning how to shoot it correctly - you gotta relax) its surprisingly accurate. Gunshow price should be no more than $400 and there is a $30 rebate from S&W going on right now!
  5. Wally World Gallaher view was out of 9mm as of last Friday (when me and some other guy bought the last 5). Turkey Creek had a fair supply Saturday. If they've restocked I don't know. Dick's had the best game in town the past couple of weeks with the $7.98/box when you buy a case sale. Those bullets didn't last the first day and they never got anymore. Same sale this week is $8.98/box
  6. Thanks for putting this up. I have a 23 and have looked the 27 but not side-by-side like this. Either way you go it's still like shoving a 2x4 in your pocket. The things are just chunky. No offense to the Perfection crowd intended .
  7. Go ahead. Take the class, enjoy, and apply for the permit if you want. If an outright Federal ban comes down on HCP's I would think that there would be a grandfather clause as is customary. So you could keep it until time for renewal. IMHO it's a State's Rights issue. The question is whether or not your state leadership believes the same. I also believe that darn near all issues are States Right issues with the exception of national defense, but then again I am a Southern boy!
  8. Not to fan the fires of paranoia, but House Resolution 1022, the reinstitution and expansion of the '94 ban is sitting in a subcommitte waiting for revival... http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h110-1022
  9. Thanks to you straight-up dealers posting here. We need more like you!
  10. Garufa

    AR Uppers...

    For what it's worth I went with a Del-ton kit for my first build. Have heard good things about them. I really don't know jack about AR's but got caught up in the hype what with everyone freaking out about the next possible gun ban. Anyway, put together my lower today (DPMS w/DPMS kit) and it looks pretty silly with nothing else! Ordered my kit online last Sunday. Pre-Election. Haven't heard a word since. Tried to call DTI Friday. Not to be nosey, just wanted to see if I'm getting the correct front sight with the flat-top upper I ordered. I think they took the phones off the hook!
  11. I went today and was pretty crowded around noon. I bought a correct front sight hood for my 03A3 from that same old-timer for the outrageous sum of $3.00. I'm might happy about that find. Bought the only 2 M1 Carbine extractors in the place. And yet another ammo can. The biggest I could find. I've got some kind of thing for those blasted cans. Gave up $5 to the Friends of the NRA for a chance at a Beretta 92FS. I should get the call tomorrow. Overall a success for me.
  12. They can do whatever they want once elected. That goes for both sides of the political gene pool. If you mean that in another way, well then.....I hear ya.
  13. Why not get a revolver? Seems like that would be more lefty-friendly. Either way you may need alot more practice 'cause only special model guns come left-handed (as far as I know) and I've only seen those in Rifles.
  14. No, they cannot take your guns. It would be legally and logistically impossible to do so. Like some here have said expect to be taxed to death if some crusade happens to go though Washington regarding firearms. The chances in the foreseable future of that I think are small, unless the new government really does not want to fix the past awful 8 years and prepare this county for any kind of future. If the proclamation comes down from on high to seize all weapons in the US, I believe it would take a declaration of marshall law, suspension of the Constitution, mobilizing every NG unit in the country and deploying active duty forces within our own boundaries (ALL of them). Ain't gonna happen. And..... Very well said!
  15. They also have FREE shipping right now.
  16. That's a fact. Picked up a DPMS at CCA the other day. All AR talk around here gave me the fever!
  17. The madness begins. NBC News is already handing out states with 1-3% of the precincts reporting. Who's gonna stay up all night and watch? The left coast polls don't close until 11!
  18. Put the ammo boxes inside moving boxes marked "books" and tape'em up real good. They'll have the heft of a box of books and will most likely keep everybody out of'em.
  19. I've been behind Big Phil for years but the Georgia game did it for me. At least he's not getting "fired". That would be sad after giving 30 years to UT. Looks like there are all kinds of choices out there: http://coacheshotseat.com/coacheshotseatblog/ Notice: Spurrier is not on that list. But that sure would be interesting.
  20. I bet he starts with this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Abramoff#People_convicted_in_Abramoff_probe_.28as_of_June_9.2C_2007.29
  21. I'm going with the Mosin, like a whole lotta other folks. It's not the kick of those first few shots. That's nothin'. The first 5, 10, or 15 shots are not a problem. For me it's a cumulation of all the rounds I put through it. Problem is I go out and blow 50 rounds at a time. It's cheap! The stock and butt on those things are so narrow it digs into your shoulder. The pain creeps up on ya!


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