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  1. They also have FREE shipping right now.
  2. That's a fact. Picked up a DPMS at CCA the other day. All AR talk around here gave me the fever!
  3. The madness begins. NBC News is already handing out states with 1-3% of the precincts reporting. Who's gonna stay up all night and watch? The left coast polls don't close until 11!
  4. Put the ammo boxes inside moving boxes marked "books" and tape'em up real good. They'll have the heft of a box of books and will most likely keep everybody out of'em.
  5. I've been behind Big Phil for years but the Georgia game did it for me. At least he's not getting "fired". That would be sad after giving 30 years to UT. Looks like there are all kinds of choices out there: http://coacheshotseat.com/coacheshotseatblog/ Notice: Spurrier is not on that list. But that sure would be interesting.
  6. I bet he starts with this list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Abramoff#People_convicted_in_Abramoff_probe_.28as_of_June_9.2C_2007.29
  7. I'm going with the Mosin, like a whole lotta other folks. It's not the kick of those first few shots. That's nothin'. The first 5, 10, or 15 shots are not a problem. For me it's a cumulation of all the rounds I put through it. Problem is I go out and blow 50 rounds at a time. It's cheap! The stock and butt on those things are so narrow it digs into your shoulder. The pain creeps up on ya!
  8. Slowhand's got a shotgun with his own self engraved in it! That's a Rock Star.
  9. "Clapton has claimed that his passion has gotten out of hand in much the same way his guitar collection did....I start out with a fairly broad spectrum, get obsessed and engulfed and finally narrow the collection down. I built a gunroom that can house a certain amount of guns and now I have to clear the decks for the new guns I have on order.†That story sounds familiar!
  10. Funny you bring this up 'cause I'm in the process of making my signature Tear your a** out chile . It's cold and rainy and time for something spicy! For an everyday sauce Trappey's Red Devil (or Bull) is good. Not hot, just basic Lousiana-Style Hot Sauce. Excellent on Pizza, Spaghetti, etc. I like all kinds. You should see the kitchen cabinets! Dave's is ridiculous. But excellent with practice. Oddly enough his Habanero sauce is nowhere close to Insanity. Recently I found some Ass Kickin' Wasabi Horseradish hot sauce. That's some might fine stuff! I'm rambling now, but I love the hot stuff too.
  11. So after shooting this afternoon I decided to completely dismantle my beloved little 10/22. Have not cleaned it in at least 300 rounds and not dismantled it for a thorough workup since maybe 1984. The buildup of filth is amazing. Anyway, while I've got the thing apart are there any "shade-tree mechanic" or gunsmithing-type things to do action-wise to smooth out that trigger pull? Thought I'd polish up all the friction areas in the trigger assembly to smooth out any burrs, etc. All I want to do is make what I have a little bit better, not replace all the components. Any advice appreciated!
  12. Indeed there is. http://www.gunshows-usa.com/rkshows.htm Chilhowee Park. I really don't need to blow any more on the "hobby" but might just have to check it out. For some reason I'm still a sucker for Fun Shows.
  13. Have you already lost your plunger and/or spring? If you find one can I rent if from you? The extractor broke on my IBM that I've had since I was a kid and needs replacement. I've read all the stuff about taking and putting it back together without the tool but not sure I'm up for it. Those pieces are too small to chase around the garage. It's a nerve-wracking operation!
  14. Garufa

    .303 British

    Welcome! Don't really have an opinion on the round but I do like Smellies. Have 2 and 1/2 myself. The 1/2 is a No.1, Mk III "Peddled Scheme" that was chopped many years ago. Thinking about restoring. Got a spare stock laying around?
  15. Yeah, Me. Didn't blow the gun up but sure could have. Complete seperation of case head.
  16. Dick's in Knoxville is buy ONE get ONE half off. I tried a couple of different angles: 2 boxes .38, 2 boxes 9mm and 2 boxes of Mini-Mags. Wanted to charge full price on one of each. Got pissed and went back to the bullet department for another try. Went back to another counter with 4 boxes of .38. Same deal. I guess today was just not my day to catch a break. I left with two boxes of .38.
  17. Wouldn't ya have to sit on the throne while eating that monstrosity?
  18. Don't know anything about a shortage but my Cabela's (Pietta) Remington New Army will be here tomorrow! I really want a Walker but am easing myself into the BP world. So I'm going cheap. I'd like to OC at Wally World with the Walker ! That should get some people talkin'.
  19. Hard to say. All CMP will tell you definitively is that they are "from the Army". Sales page now says from several countries. Many are from Italy, or at least were rebuilt there as evidenced from the big FAT stamp on many stocks. That was the case back in June when I bought mine. Although the sales page says many manufacturers are sold out they still have thousands (my estimate) that have not been made ready for sale. I recommend that everyone gets one! They are the funnest little guns ever!
  20. Most likely CMP. Got a couple myself at what I am sure are much lower prices than what those dealers are charging.
  21. I really wish you hadn't shown me this! I was at the range the other day and the guy next to me had an 1861 Colt that blew out smoke that was, well, Aromatic. Even for all the trouble of loading and cleaning I may just have to get me one of these. How's the quality? Go out and shoot it! Let's here how it runs.
  22. I can't narrow myself down to 5. Can we go up to 10? All the bases seem to be covered except I would add somewhere in the mix: - Any classic military bolt gun (Enfield, Mauser, Springfield or M1917) - M1 Carbine. I really love those things. - A LUGER


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