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  1. My first thought was why have they not moved out years ago. A couple years back at NRA I talked to a Virginia based Zenith Firearms exec, nice lady by the way, about how they needed to move to the free state of Tennessee. Less than year later I noticed a pic on their website of her at the podium trying to talk the legislature out of passing numerous gun control bills. Didn’t work. I have a lot of respect for companies like Magpul. Gun control environment went south in Colorado and they wasted no time in moving to a free state.
  2. I knew somebody on tn gunowners forum had experience with SOE gear. Not Chinese made for whoever! LOl.
  3. Bump to the front. Still have SOE tactical vest rig. Would consider reasonable offers with or without pouches. SOE makes gear for special order military use so it is up there in quality.
  4. This thread is a little old but still interesting and pertinent to all who carry for personal protection. I feel once the other driver got agitated enough to leave his car and attempt to assault the driver that flipped him off escalated the situation to the point where he put himself in danger of bodily harm. Getting flipped the bird I would not think gives you the right to inflict bodily harm. The old school days of getting into a fist-a-cuff are long gone. Flipping the bird that escalates you into a self defense shooting could cost you in civil court however. I’ve flipped the bird very few
  5. Blitzen

    Bushmaster 9mm.

    What ever you purchase be sure and look at what magazine it uses and how available they are at this point in time.
  6. those familiar with rmr’s on pistols, I have a gen 5 mos glock 19. All the talk on correct screws, mounts etc is the Glock mos accessories not adequate to mount a red dot on? Screws too long, screws breaking etc. I can’t imagine that the Glock mos accessory kit not being adequate for mounting a red dot.
  7. Front site is fuzzy for me too, I use reading glasses also. Getting use to it though. Not shot a pistol with red dot yet. Plan to mount red dot on a glock 19 down the road. Thinking about not going with co-witness sights. That means a trijicon may be in order. The Holosun is a possibility with the circle dot. The Holosun is getting some good reviews. I think a tritium backup irons with circle dot would be a little busy. Or maybe go with co-witness with blackout rear site and simple tritium up front.
  8. You pretty much need one for pistol caliber and one for rifle caliber. Might also check out Rugged Suppressors like the Obsidian 9 for your pistols. Will have to use sub sonic ammo to get rid of the crack. Do that and they are pretty quite. Mostly 147 grain and above. but its hard to come by right now.
  9. (1) I have a "SUREFIRE KIT M962" rail mounted flashlight package up for sale. Light and accessories are unused LNIB. Flashlight kit includes Infrared, blue and red filters. One beam diffuser and one Beamcover. Light has quality lever rail mount attached to light and also comes with a momentary rail mounted switch. The rail mounted switch works great. Two additional high output and ultra high output lamps are in the kit also. Everything works but have not checked out the extra lamps. The equipment comes in a custom pouch as pictured. It's a really nice setup with the Surefire quality. Has 4 of
  10. Reduced price to $150 shipped if anyone is interested.
  11. I have up for sale an "Original SOE Modular Vest" with four SOE gear pouches. The vest has two Ar single mags pouches, one accessory pouch and one 2x double stack pistol mag pouch. Heavy stitching and padded shoulder straps. All the gear is like new and unused. SOE is hand sewn and produced in Camden, Tn and is top notch quality for those not familiar with SOE gear. Not mass produced or made oversees. The modular vest is adjustable for size and has room for a lot of gear. Color is OD green. A little more green than pics show and everything matches. I'm asking $195 shipped for the vest with 4 p
  12. Still have the mags. Bump for price drop. $150 shipped!
  13. Sweet find on PPK James! Ran across this Interarms 32 PPKs years ago at a Nashville area gun show. It’s one of my two main carry guns. Carry in a JM4 tactical holster. I know....it’s a small caliber. But the best gun you have is the one you have with you. LoL


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