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  1. I think we have already experienced what could easily happen nationally here in the US. All it takes is for the stars to align! A Democrat held House, Senate and Executive branch like what happened in 2019 Virginia. Also I would not be surprised to see Canada become just a larger version of Virginia. As Rush Limbaugh often says “Elections have consequences”. As for SCOTUS coming to the rescue, they won’t hardly even hear a gun case. There’s 2nd Amendment assaults going on all across the US. Courts aren’t stopping much from what I can tell. Heck we are now putting Mother’s in jail for working and that is in the current free state of Texas. We have to stay vigilant.
  2. Job done. Removed barrel which on MPX is simple. Mounted barrel in the vise with padding. Heated faux suppressor flats with a torch for a few minutes. Broke free without having to use very much force. My guess it was tightened to around 25 to 30 ft-lbs and no thread locker was used. Mounted 3 Lug adapter with 1.5 drops of Rocksett and torqued to approximately 20 Ft-lbs. Not a lot of threads on the barrel. Had to work the In Lead We Trust flash can 3 Lug mount a little to get it to properly mount. According to ILWT the mount is made to exact HK specs and if a 3 lug is even a half thousand off it could be a tight fit. Anyway both the flash can and obsidian mount up snug and tight. Used a Rugged Suppressor 3 Lug adapter. It has flats which was a plus.
  3. Thanks for replies. Talked to Rob at In Lead We Trust. Very helpful. Best to remove barrel assembly. Then assembly can be put in a vise. Could warp the MPX receiver if too much pressure is needed to remove muzzle attachment which could cause mis-feeds. Purchased a ILWT mag well vise block to aid in gun maintenance and barrel assembly removal. Remove the two barrel screws and it should slide out. Like mentioned by ken_mays I may put some heat on the faux suppressor.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Contacted Rugged about switching to Rocksett. No problem. Not sure why they would recommend Loctite due to it's lower temperature rating. The barrel is 4.5"s so the adapter I think would easily exceed red Loctite rating. Trying to figure out how to hold the upper or barrel assembly to get the faux suppressor to move. It's on pretty tight. Can't find anything specific on the web. Might be better to take it to a local gunsmith who is experienced. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Asking for some pointers on installing a Rugged 3-Lug adapter on a Sig MPX pistol with the 4.5" barrel and fake suppressor. Appears to be one screw underneath that holds the hand guard in place and upon removal I assume the hand guard will then slide forward and off. Am I missing anything on the hand guard removal? Next will the fake suppressor be hard to remove? Hopefully no factory thread compound was used etc. Also appears there is only about 1" of space where the barrel could be put in a vice so that is an issue. Rugged recommends red Loctite with 20-25 ft-lbs of torque. Wonder if Rocksett would be better choice due to it's temperature rating. Any pointers would be appreciated before I get into this.
  6. My local gun shop re-opened today. Do not know the reason for the closing although after a short phone conversion do not think it was self closing. May very well be a local city/county gov't thing. I'll get the reason for temp closing sooner than later.
  7. Good to see DHS support 2nd Amendment openly even if it carries little weight on what happens at the State level. Putting a burr under the gun control crowds saddle. Wonder how many gun shops have closed in TN. A local gun shop in my area closed but don’t know if it was self closed, or shutdown at the county/city level. Have not heard if TN has closed shops at the state level. Don’t think so.
  8. Thanks. I overthink things often. With crush washer will need approx 270 degree rotation to get it clocked.
  9. I want to mount an A2 Flash Hider on my Ar15 barrel (16") that came with a thread protector only. First the A2 clocks pretty much dead on without using a crush washer or shim etc. However once the A2 bottoms out against the barrel face behind the threaded section it only rotates slightly when tightening with a wrench. But once tightened it cannot be removed by hand, have to put the wrench back on it to get it off. Question since it clocks well without washer/shim would it work to install without them and apply a little rocksett or blue Loctite? Have the JP double crush washer and a set of shims for the job. I don't want it to be difficult to remove down the road but also don't want it backing off. Could try it a see how it works. Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. My wife has a number of relatives in Cookeville. Fortunately they all live south of I40 out of the tornado path but of course have friends impacted. President Trump called the Cookeville mayor today. Had an old friend call from Jacksonville FL after seeing the news wanting a local charity to make a donation. The destruction and loss of life is terrible. The community response is huge. Go Volunteer State!
  11. Well said and plus 1! Hoping it passes. Notice received today that bill is in Senate hearing. Sent an email to members urging to support. IMO with the nation wide all out assault on the 2nd Amendment going on at local, state and federal levels it will be great for Tennessee to strengthen it's law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment rights instead of doing nothing and standing pat. We are fortunate at this point that Virginia did not totally fall with the postponement of it's assault weapon ban legislation. Elections have consequences and now the gun owners of TN can win one and take advantage of having elected a majority of pro 2nd Amendment representatives.
  12. Opps, typed wrong date in previous post. Called ATF on Feb 26th. Anyway correct on time frame of 11 months for approval after check cashed. Still waiting on tax stamp to get to dealer. Could have knocked some wait time off if I purchased an in-stock supressor. Don't think my FFL keeps many suppressors in stock and certainly did not have an Rugged Obsidian 9.
  13. Rugged Obsidian 9 with Tri Lug to mount on sub gun. https://ruggedsuppressors.com/product/obsidian-9/
  14. It's Christmas time in March! Called BATF Jan 26th. Said it was approved on the 25th with stamp to go out to FFL soon. Check cashed March 25, 2018. Eleven months total. Add two months for FFL to get the suppressor. Two weeks for mailing forms to ATF and check cashed, a couple of weeks for tax stamp to make it to the FFL brings total wait time to approx. 14 months. I'm stoked to get to the range. Never shot a suppressed gun before.

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