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  1. TTT Motivated to sell these, they're taking up space and I'm not much of a collector. Would look a lot better in someone else's collection. Make an offer.
  2. I've got one that I fly occasionally. It's a cheap one. Flew it til I got bored with it and really don't touch it much anymore. Took me about an hour to get the hang of the quad copter control, once I had it and was able to do spins it got boring. I've never really had it out of the backyard, but it doesn't do well when getting up a bit in altitude.
  3. The company I work for is looking for a couple machinists for second shift. Manual lathe, some CNC. Hydraulic repair work, chrome rods, tubes, etc.. Also looking for first and second shift technicians. Hydraulic background handy, but not necessary. A good mechanical working knowledge is all that is needed. Hydraulics can be taught. Need your own tools and a good driving record. Located in Nashville.
  4. I guess I feel the need to defend that. That's normal riding behavior for me. I have 0 interest riding anywhere near cars. I routinely ride 10-15mph above posted speed limits. It significantly reduces the attention I need to pay to irresponsible drivers beside or behind me. On a motorcycle, my primary interest is myself, if I have room to merge between two cars I go, there was nothing in that video that was a remotely dangerous or unsafe riding action. I accept the risk of being pulled over, I've been pulled over. And like this upstanding citizen, I've been given a warning after my discussion with the officer. My life is my first priority and while I admitted speeding I plead my case that I want to keep traffic and danger behind me, officers seem to share my sentiments and understand I'm on an extremely capable machine. They give their ride safe speech and we go our separate ways.
  5. Black themes matter... Crossing the line?
  6. I live in TN and am active on a forum in OH. I was a member on it before I left Ohio for TN. Guess I don't see the relevance.
  7. I see no wrong in parking on the side of the road to take a phone call. What the MWAG did was going too far, that would have been an excellent use of the police and a phone call would have been more than sufficient. There is a church across the street from my house and cars seem to think it's a great parking spot. I keep a close eye when I see a car over there, but have never approached one. Some sit 5-10 minutes, there was one that was there for hours running with driver in it facing my house. He posed no immediate threat to me so I called the cops to have him checked out and ask that he not park there. I didn't put myself in danger, driver wasn't startled, situation was diffused. Guy in the OP probably doesn't need to be charged with anything, but his actions were stupid and could have had consequences had the OP's wife been carrying and drew her firearm out of fear. Both could have shot and injured or killed one or both.
  8. Born and raised about 20 miles away. I've since moved down here 6 years ago and it's probably been about 15 since I was last at the museum, at that point I was too young to carry. As others have said, there are no checkpoints driving up to the museum, I guess I don't see where leaving it in the car is a problem... legally, not sure...jmo When I left the state cops weren't to well informed of permit holders so traffic stops were still somewhat frustrating at times. They've gotten a lot more informed and better now though. Just don't speed on I 75 between Cincinnati and Dayton...way too many OSP sitting and waiting.
  9. I bought a husqvarna the same time I bought my house in 2014. It's cut down more trees than I can remember, took down the old deck with it, cleared trails on the acre + of woods I have. Lost count of how many tanks of gas have gone through it. It's never once faltered, starts first or second pull. It's model 240, so just one size smaller than the 435. For recreational use it's perfect. If I was doing commercial work, I'd probably invest in a stihl, but for working around the house the husqvarna is great.
  10. Weed killer for the fence line. I've added smaller amounts to the car to get rid of it. Adding a half gallon or so to 20gal of fuel in a vehicle will plenty dilute to not give engine problems.
  11. To offer something of substance.... If you could take a turd and chrome it, a Harley rider would find a way to bolt it to his bike. If you could make that chrome turd light up, a goldwing rider would bolt it to his.
  12. That's 80% of the riders out there today...
  13. Click on the little dot next to the thread title.

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