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  1. Thanks. Yeah my concern is that they may have decided but not updated It yet. We are goin in a few weeks and the wife has concealed only permit. Not a big deal because she rarely carries anyway but it would be good to know.
  2. Does South Carolina recognize the new TN concealed only permit? Heard conflicting opinions from a few people and can’t find a definitive answer. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, long time no post. but was curious. on april 30 vrpc is holding a rife match. it says it is a version of NRAs Americas rifle course. have any of you guys shot in this before? I'm just wondering what to expect, ive already RSVPd.
  4. cut it in half. see if its solid or fibrous. could be bone from small mammal
  5. Big .22 hornet fan here. Realy like ruger 77 .22 hornet, Mine had a horrible trigger though.
  6. Im not much help with the question. But how does it shoot now? what groups do you get at 100 and 200 now?
  7. Hey guys, Well a few weeks ago i picked up one of those new AK63Ds that century is putting together. the milled reciever underfolder. The first range trip went well, eighty rounds no hiccups. couldnt hit anything but i cant seem to do very good with any AK. before firing i did a soso cleaning job. the firing pin moved freely so i did not disassemble the bolt. on the second range trip after about eighty rounds i started to get light primer strikes. and after looking at my casings i seen alot of punctured primers. the firing pin was sticking and when i disassembled the bolt i found several pieces of the punctured primers. but it was actualy pretty clean. oh and on the second trip i had a vortex sparc mounted on a cheap plastic gas tube cover. groups improved , my best 100yd 5 shot group measured 3 7/8 inches and best 5 shot group at fifty measured 1 1/4. did a thourough cleaning job. third range trip.  more punctured primers right away. pulled the bolt and replaced the complete bolt and pin with a Chinese one from a MAK90. after that around 100 rounds with no problems, no punctures at all. The ammo was a mix of tulammo, wolf and MFS, which is basicly silver bear. happens with all three.   so my AK experience is limited to chicom varients. this one is built from hungarian parts and has a firing pin unlike what im used to. it is thicker and round at the end unlike the thin flat ended chinese ones. could the problem be the firing pin or the bolt itself? next range trip ill try the chinese pin in the hungarian bolt. any help is appreciated :unsure:
  8. Yeah i went with the milled. a few years ago  i ran across an old pre ban hungarian underfolder(stamped) and ive been kicking myself for not grabbing it. This will be my first milled and all the reviews sound great
  9. Hey guys, Has anyone here ever done business with Richies PNG in MS? He is a top seller on GB. and has a Brick and mortor shop, i guess. I , on an impulse made a purchase on GB from him with out looking into his rep. first. His GB feedback looks great but that doesnt always mean great. Just did a "buy now" on an AK63D. realy excited about the AK but hoping someone here has a good experience about this seller to share.   Thanks
  10. what is your opinion of chicom varients? any chicoms in your future?
  11. Im still kinda new to TN and cant believe yall have seasons for varmints. Personally i love fox but if they became a nuisesence  season or not wouldnt be a factor. :2cents:
  12. Hey guys. have any one of you guys had any experiance with these? I seen it on BladeHQ. it looks classy. For just something to put away and look at ocasionaly, is it nice?
  13. Oh great, now i feel the need to delete my browsing history, again. thanks
  14. Thanks for the ideas, sounds like plenty to do. BBQ is definite and the wife decided she wants to see the grand ole oppry. Id like to meet up with some members but unfortunatly cant make any in cement plans ( havent been able to do that since getting married) :surrender:
  15. Going to smyrna next weekend to visit family. Actualy the wife is gonna see her brother, sister n law, and niece and ill have a little time to explore by myself , well with two golden retrievers. Is there any good places to do some walking,hiking? wooded or city. Maybe a good BBQ with outdoor seating( cause of the dogs).Or a place to let the dogs do some swimming. We are gonna swing thru nashville on the way back and try to stop by Antique Archeology, the store from American pickers, if its open. Have you guys ever been there? Also wheres a good place to buy Nashville Predator stuff? Weve never been to Nashville, Thanks  
  16. someone else probably already said it, but. wheres the singlestack .40 :yum:
  17. yeah, google :up:  thanks.   looks like just a rental office/wharehouse . have any of you guys heard of them?
  18. Hey guys, I was looking at some FEG 9mms earlier and found a seller on gunbroker. mach1arsenal, in Knoxville . have any of you ever done business with them? do they have a brick and mortar shop?
  19. was the bullet hole in the passenger side seat staged? No blood stains on the pants? Just a graze but i still call bs
  20. im guessing a BS photo,  If you just shot your a*s are you gonna sit there and pose for a picture with a dowel thru the bullet hole in the seat?
  21. wow thankks for the replies. what about ACA? do we need any forms to prove coverage?
  22. Hey guys, Which tax software would you suggest? Ive always done my taxes myself, on paper. but bought a house last year and am thinking about using turbo tax or something like that. As far as ACA ( obamacare ) is concerned, do we have to prove medical coverage this year? if so how? what form? Also  im pretty cheap so dont realy want to spend alot on software. what have you paid for it if youve used it ?


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