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  1. I have a Hoyt pro defiant that I have been tossing GB around the idea of selling. PM me if you are interested.
  2. I got a 20 pounder this morning before the wind got up. 1" spurs and a 9 1/2" beard.
  3. SALK

    Shotgun help!!!!

    I haven't changed the stock. I'll look it over in a bit though. I don't think this one came with shims
  4. SALK

    Shotgun help!!!!

    The only thing I haven't tried is off of a bench. The gun sits in a safe in the off-season and I am the only one that has used it. Time to upgrade I guess..
  5. SALK

    Shotgun help!!!!

    The barrel is tight as I can get it. I can still however twist it some left to right. The first year I dove hunted with the gun I was hitting the birds real good. This year I could hardly hit them. When we patterned the gun two different people of different body types shot the gun.
  6. SALK

    Shotgun help!!!!

    I have a 2 yr old stoeger p350, no matter which choke tube I put in it the pattern shoots low and left. I patterned the gun at 20 yrds on a 10" circle and the majority of the pattern was barely touching the circle. The gun didn't do this the first year that I dove hunted with it. Any thoughts?
  7. Thank you for that hilarious encounter at your expense!!!!!!
  8. If I knew I would be home that date I would commit to help, but at this time I can not commit to help comfortably. Best of luck and let me know closer to time if you still need help.
  9. Going to the shake moments, it is nice to see Joe on here...
  10. One of the new 4" springfield emp's. A emp in 9mm for my better half. Browning maxus 28". Think I'm good for awhile if I can pull them 3 off this year.
  11. I'm with David on this one. I bought both of my EMP'S from the outpost and their otd price was the lowest I had seen on that weapon both times.
  12. That's true on the wait.
  13. The cool factor is DEFINATELY there..
  14. Just like the topic states. Does anyone have experience with a savoy leather holster? Some of their designs look absolutely amazing! The EMP would look good in a few of them...
  15. SALK

    New EMP.

    My first emp was a 40,this one is also. My only complaint is I want some g10 grips for it.
  16. SALK

    New EMP.

    I forgot how heavy it really is. But to me it's worth it. like you said, good belt and holster goes a long way. I have the belts but now I have to get the.holster again.
  17. SALK

    New EMP.

    I had an emp before the shield but was offered a really good trade on a shield and a stag mod 3. I realized after the trade that I no longer really care for polymer guns. I had a shield .40 and had no complaints about it.
  18. SALK

    New EMP.

    After a year of carrying a shield I am finally back into the 1911 platform! My question is, does any one remember who it was that was modifying the factory mags to make them flush fitting?
  19. SALK

    Open sight question?

    Thanks for the input guys.
  20. SALK

    Open sight question?

    On my front there is just a post. No dot of any kind and that is what throws me off on my elevation the first few shots
  21. I'm in Pensacola right now. Unfortunately for work but it beats the ice at home for now. Be in the keys this weekend and that will not be for work!
  22. I would like some more options for my 301
  23. I currently have Magpul BUIS on my ar. I do not like the front sight post. Makes it hard to judge where to hold the post at for elevation. I was thinking about switching to diamond head sights and was wanting opinions. I can hit out to 300 yards with my current sights on a 12" plate. It takes a few rounds but I can, the problem for me is when it is precision within 100

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