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  1. dawgdoc


    The Stampede had cursory bag checks, no metal detectors, and signs that used to be considered legal postings when I went last year. Dollywood had bag and stroller checks when I last went, but that was 2 years ago. At either place, a determined person could have brought multiple weapons, even a bomb, with just a little planning.
  2. dawgdoc

    Oprymills/Opryland hotel?

    Went to Ice! this weekend (way overpriced) After leaving, I saw the large (3 ft long) sign on the brick wall that used to comply with the posting requirements. I think the sign is visible on Google street view, but you cannot read it. Even though it was large, I had to get right in front of it to read it because the whole thing was dark without good contrast. It was also not obvious that it was a posting when approaching from a direction opposite the sign. Until I read it, I thought it was one of those plaques commerating the history of the location. There were no new signs on the actual building itself, and there was no obvious security screening. An off-duty LEO asked about carrying, and some type of security guy told him he could as long as he was concealed. I suspect that non-LEO would not get the same response.
  3. dawgdoc

    Any sightings of big cats in Cheatham County?

    I think wildlife officials in many states do not want to admit to the possibility of big cats because as soon as they admit a population exists, then the Endangered Species Act comes into play. It doesn't just protects the animals; it requires protection of their habitat. Large cats have large ranges, so an acknowledged breeding population would give them huge headaches. It is much easier to deny for as long as possible, then blame confirmed sightings on cats just passing through from some other known population. In Georgia, for years the DNR would basically say you were mistaken, a liar, or crazy if you reported a cougar of any color. Then a guy shot one, and they had to acknowledge the far-ranging lone cats. They also charged him under the Endangered Species Act even though he said he was in fear of his life. Maybe it was a message to future hunters to shoot, shovel, and shut up.
  4. My son's allergist merged (or was otherwise acquired) by Galen Medical Group in Chattanooga. They have put up signs inside the offices stating that guns are not allowed on their property (8x10 paper with a gunbuster and wording to that effect). They are not legally-compliant postings, and they use the same sign at one of their Georgia locations. At the Georgia office, you don't actually see the sign until you are leaving, which seems dumb. My wife had previously called the Georgia office about the sign (which was posted very recently), and then I wrote to the Galen Medical Group after I saw a sign at their Chattanooga (Gunbarrel Road) location. I sent (what I think) is an articulate letter informing them that although they have the right to prohibit guns, it offends people like me without actually increasing the overall security. Today, I received an actual letter in the mail from the administrator, Charles Lathram. The summary is that they are not trying to be political or deny anyone's rights, and they implemented the policy after someone left a loaded firearm in one of their restrooms, and then it was found by an adolescent. The kid notified a staff member, which is probably why I did not hear about it in the news. He did not give any other details. I guess they are acting a little gun shy now. Based on the letter, I assume that all other Galen locations nominally prohibit guns, but I cannot be sure. At the allergy clinic, they are not legal postings as of now, but the sentiment is clear.
  5. dawgdoc

    TWD Season 9

    I was confused which side of the River Darryl and the others were relative to Rick. I know which side they were supposed to be on to make sense (the walker side), but it looked like they were on the same bank that Rick would have been on. They need a map like the Lord of the Rings and Song of Ice and Fire novels. Probably someone on the internet has tried to map out the main locations. I know that they have to film where they can, but it was a little confusing how they filmed it.
  6. dawgdoc

    My dog has diabetes...

    I forgot to add, all dogs with arthritis should be on a glucosamine supplement and an omega fatty acid supplement. The specific brand of glucosamine I would use would be Cosequin or Dasuquin because the manufacturer uses quality control methods equal to a drug manufacturer. The fish oil-based omega fatty acid supplements have the most research validating their use. With both supplements, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to see an effect. If arthritis is severe, then we add a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication (many different brands). With long-term use, the liver and kidneys need to be monitored. There are several other supplements which each act on a different part of the inflammatory pathway. There are other pain medications that can be used. Also, acupuncture can help many dogs.
  7. dawgdoc

    My dog has diabetes...

    Is the cost estimate for Vetsulin, which is a veterinary-specific insulin? It is also a 40 Unit insulin rather than a 100 Unit insulin. So if it is a 10 ml bottle of Vetsulin, then a dog getting 18 Units twice a day would go through that bottle really quickly (11 days). If it is a 100 Unit per ml human insulin, there are more choices, but they may not work as well. The two types of human insulin I have used are both NPH insulin. The two brands are Humulin N and Novolin N, the latter being the cheaper option at Wal-Mart. In general, in an average diabetic dog, Vetsulin tends to work better in both terms of potency and duration of action. Occasionally a dog can take Vetsulin once a day, but the majority of patients take it twice a day. I have never seen a dog take NPH insulin once a day and be controlled. Some dogs can do fine to adequate on the NPH insulin, but I would only use those if cost created a decision of any treatment vs. no treatment. Dogs get the type of diabetes that requires insulin, so diet and weight loss helps control the blood sugar, but they generally always require insulin. Other things to consider are that the starting dose is not necessarily the dose that the dog will be on for life. We usually start low and work up to the final dose using glucose curve to guide the dose change. Also, other causes of inflammation, such as dental disease or urinary tract infections, will affect the ability to control diabetes. One last thing--all diabetic dogs get cataracts eventually, no matter how well the diabetes is controlled.
  8. dawgdoc

    My new puppy!

    Just a FYI, peas and vegetables may not be as good as we used to think. This is literally a new thing just this month: http://www.aaha.org/blog/NewStat/post/2018/07/13/280457/FDA-warning-Dont-eat-those-peas!.aspx
  9. dawgdoc

    Fear The Walking Dead (Los Angeles spinoff)

    For anyone who stopped watching, they essentially rebooted the series this season. New location (Texas), a time jump, many new characters, and getting rid of old characters. And somewhere they acquired actual military weapons.
  10. dawgdoc

    Riverbend Festival

    I just saw a live shot on the news showing the wanding. First, the wanders do not appear to be LEOs, but officers are nearby supervising. Second, if what I saw is typical, they aren't trying very hard. A determined individual might be able to conceal on the ankle or small of the back. Potentially appendix carry behind a large belt buckle might work. A real motivated person could probably use a fake medical device to get a large gun past security. I am not advocating this, just pointing out the obvious flaws in their security.
  11. Georgia has very similar laws to Tennessee, with some major differences being that carrying without a license is an element of the crime (so LEOs can't just stop and demand a license), signs do not have the same force of law, and differences in campus carry, bar carry, and church carry (the latter being worse, in general). We still have some major things to change, like courthouse, polling places, and removing the weasel room for government buildings, but they are a lot better than they were before 2007. So in just over a decade, Georgia went from some really terrible carry laws to much better ones. Some of the most important changes have been within the last 5 years.
  12. dawgdoc

    Riverbend Festival

    Well, that didn't last long. http://newschannel9.com/news/local/state-law-changes-allow-riverbend-organizers-to-go-back-to-gun-free-policy
  13. Is a university hospital even required to use signs? I thought they were off limits by being a school zone. If so, then the sign would just be a courtesy.
  14. dawgdoc

    Porn star gives up her gun

    Someone needs to tell this woman about Rebecca Shaeffer and Dorothy Stratten. I would think anyone who works (or worked) in such an occupation would be extra vigilant about stalkers. There are probably literally multiple sickos that want to rape her in particular just because they saw her on video.
  15. dawgdoc

    House bill 508

    I need to correct my self in this thread. Previously, I though Erlanger hospital had the new signs. Today, at Erlanger East on Gunbarrel, one of the major entrances (going into the surgery center near the valet parking) definitely did not have a statutorily compliant sign. They had a tiny (1-2 inch square) gun buster symbol along with the "no smoking" symbol. I think they have a much bigger sign at the ER, but not sure if it has the exact required wording. The surgery center is part of a new wing that was built recently, so when making their decisions about posting, someone chose a sign that did not meet the new requirements.

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