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  1. dawgdoc

    My new puppy!

    Just a FYI, peas and vegetables may not be as good as we used to think. This is literally a new thing just this month: http://www.aaha.org/blog/NewStat/post/2018/07/13/280457/FDA-warning-Dont-eat-those-peas!.aspx
  2. dawgdoc

    Fear The Walking Dead (Los Angeles spinoff)

    For anyone who stopped watching, they essentially rebooted the series this season. New location (Texas), a time jump, many new characters, and getting rid of old characters. And somewhere they acquired actual military weapons.
  3. dawgdoc

    Riverbend Festival

    I just saw a live shot on the news showing the wanding. First, the wanders do not appear to be LEOs, but officers are nearby supervising. Second, if what I saw is typical, they aren't trying very hard. A determined individual might be able to conceal on the ankle or small of the back. Potentially appendix carry behind a large belt buckle might work. A real motivated person could probably use a fake medical device to get a large gun past security. I am not advocating this, just pointing out the obvious flaws in their security.
  4. Georgia has very similar laws to Tennessee, with some major differences being that carrying without a license is an element of the crime (so LEOs can't just stop and demand a license), signs do not have the same force of law, and differences in campus carry, bar carry, and church carry (the latter being worse, in general). We still have some major things to change, like courthouse, polling places, and removing the weasel room for government buildings, but they are a lot better than they were before 2007. So in just over a decade, Georgia went from some really terrible carry laws to much better ones. Some of the most important changes have been within the last 5 years.
  5. dawgdoc

    Riverbend Festival

    Well, that didn't last long. http://newschannel9.com/news/local/state-law-changes-allow-riverbend-organizers-to-go-back-to-gun-free-policy
  6. Is a university hospital even required to use signs? I thought they were off limits by being a school zone. If so, then the sign would just be a courtesy.
  7. dawgdoc

    Porn star gives up her gun

    Someone needs to tell this woman about Rebecca Shaeffer and Dorothy Stratten. I would think anyone who works (or worked) in such an occupation would be extra vigilant about stalkers. There are probably literally multiple sickos that want to rape her in particular just because they saw her on video.
  8. dawgdoc

    House bill 508

    I need to correct my self in this thread. Previously, I though Erlanger hospital had the new signs. Today, at Erlanger East on Gunbarrel, one of the major entrances (going into the surgery center near the valet parking) definitely did not have a statutorily compliant sign. They had a tiny (1-2 inch square) gun buster symbol along with the "no smoking" symbol. I think they have a much bigger sign at the ER, but not sure if it has the exact required wording. The surgery center is part of a new wing that was built recently, so when making their decisions about posting, someone chose a sign that did not meet the new requirements.
  9. dawgdoc

    TWD Season 8

    I inferred that they were going to wait a bit since Negan was going to be put in some "jail," and then one day they would form a lynch mob and take care of him. They'll let Rick and Michonne get complacent with the idea that everyone is OK with Negan as a prisoner, and then spectacularly disagree with them as he is executed. "Revenge is dish served cold," "never forget," etc. type of thing.
  10. dawgdoc

    TWD Season 8

    Eugene seemed pretty ticked and determined, like Rosita had cut all chances of him going back. He picked up a priming tool, possibly because he saw how seating the primers could be screwed up.
  11. dawgdoc

    Buffalo wild wings

    My local Buffalo Wild Wings (Ft. Oglethorpe, GA) must have recently taken down their sign. They used to have the same large sign as other locations, but it was gone this morning.
  12. dawgdoc

    TWD Season 8

    In the Woodbury scenes, they went through a workshop with reloading equipment, so at least the Governor had some sense. Until recently, none of the Virginia groups had to use a ton of ammo. As the four communities picked clean the relatively small geographic area, supplies have become more limited, hence the need to start making ammo now. Coupled with a war, the need for reloading is more critical than it would have been when they were first building walls. As someone who only recently started reloading, I would say the task would be daunting with just books and no YouTube or internet forums. I know that is how it was for years before the Internet, but having some type of demonstration first was very helpful.
  13. dawgdoc

    Teachers and guns

    I prefer to think of it not as arming teachers, but rather we should stop disarming teachers who otherwise carry in their daily lives.
  14. dawgdoc

    TWD Season 8

    Jadis said she used to wander around the dump before the apocalypse; perhaps she lived at (or knows about) an adjacent doomsday bunker. The reference to solar panels and shelf stable apple sauce suggests such a place. The helipad would seem a little ostentatious for a secret bunker, though. When Rick saw the helicopter this season, wasn't it while he was walking to the dump? Jadis was trying to make a new society at the dump. Perhaps she had a separate secret base from which to prop up her fledgling society? Like a back up plan or insurance in case her people couldn't figure out how to survive on their own. Or perhaps they were like Terminus. They might have had a public facade of scrounging for leftovers while actually living in a comfortable underground bunker. It might explain how Jadis could have such a unique hair style.
  15. Apparently his wife is an Everytown supporter also.

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