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  1. NAGR -- Much talk, much demonizing of other RKBA groups, much claiming credit for work done by state-level groups, little genuine action. My opinion, and worth what you paid for it, Whisper
  2. I shot a little more than 7,700 rounds in 2019. This year I'm just slightly over 2,000 due to an illness (not CV) that restricted my shooting for several months.
  3. I saw this yesterday myself. Woman behind the checkout counter was defending the price to a customer who commented that it seemed mighty high. As a defender of the free enterprise system and the open marketplace, I don't hate gougers for taking advantage of the law of supply and demand when it's in their favor. Neither do I have sympathy for them when the tide turns and customers remember their friends.... Cheers, Whisper
  4. Garufa is correct. When S&W started giving their guns model numbers in 1957, the Model 32 was initially an I frame, but the .32 and .38 S&W switched to the J frame in 1961. The .22s have a different history. S&W didn't ever do things the easy way.... Cheers, Whisper
  5. Whisper


    I had one 10/22 that I bought mainly for the receiver, and I put on a new stock and ultralight barrel and had the bolt and trigger worked over. I think bought another used one that came with two stocks, and I gave that one to my youngest son some years ago and still had one stock left over. But I may be misremembering; I've worked on a lot of guns over the years and keep finding parts turn up in various places.
  6. Whisper


    My cleanup is continuing and I've found another 10/22 stock. Can't imagine where I got it. Wish I had found it before I sent those others out your way.
  7. That's the best reason for selling a safe. However, you might consider an alternative -- just keep it and buy another one. That way if anyone ever does try to steal your guns, he'll have to break into two safes rather than just one. Cheers, Whisper
  8. Buying a handgun from a resident of another state requires transfer through an FFL. As with all laws, enforceability depends on the awareness of relevant officials.
  9. My prediction: If Biden is elected, no one will ever see ammo prices lower than they are today.
  10. Thanks. I love the old Bodyguard revolvers and would probably have had to jump on one.
  11. You're talking about one of the new plastic .380 semiautos and not one of the .38 revolvers, right?
  12. I'm in the third season now, and I'm really liking it. The subplot about the Phantom, the masked murderer at the film studio, is highly melodramatic, but that mirrors the actual cinematic world of the 1920s -- films then were intentionally melodramatic. I think it's a clever bit of writing. Rath's fight with the Phantom in about episode 6 is...remarkable.
  13. In case you're looking for some TV with interesting firearms content, I'd highly recommend Babylon Berlin, the German detective show now streaming on Netflix (first three seasons are available; fourth season is in production now). It starts out a little convoluted but the various threads start coming together in a fascinating way. It's set in 1929 so you get some of the Cabaret nightclub vibe, plus some of the noir sensitivities of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. There's also an interesting look at Weimar Republic society and politics. And 1920s-style psychotherapy and PTSD treatment. Plus blazing shootouts with .25s and .32s, communist agitators, Nazi scum, German-style riot control, political intrigue and assassination, etc. Equal-opportunity male and female nudity. This is the most expensive TV show in German history, and it shows -- the sets, costumes, props (especially the guns, cars, and trains) are fantastic, and there's little CGI. Most of the guns are European, so you'll see things that are uncommon here. The main character carries a Dreyse, and you'll also see Ortgies, Tokarev, Lignose, Sauer, and Nagant handguns, plus Mauser, Mosin, and Steyr rifles. And some I didn't recognize. But of course like all crime shows set in this period, there's a Thompson 1928 (used effectively to hose down some commies) and a Colt 1911. For music fans, the nightclub scenes have some elaborate productions, and there's even a guest appearance by Bryan Ferry as one of the performers. Some of the other performers are apparently European music stars not known to me. My main criticism - the show is in German, but the dialogue is dubbed. If you want to hear the original sound and watch English subtitles, you can, but the subtitles are somewhat simplified from what characters are actually saying, and metaphors aren't always conveyed accurately. I recommend watching with both the dubbed dialogue and the English subtitles...unless you speak German, in which case you should just watch with original sound. Cheers, Whisper
  14. Man, if I had known that flu shots contained pork, I would have asked for seconds.
  15. Dirtshooter, it looks like it was the hospital that had extra people stand in the line for testing. https://factcheck.thedispatch.com/p/did-cbs-news-stage-a-fake-testing
  16. Weaver D6 scope with ring mounts for grooved receiver. .22 rifles with scopes like this have accounted for lots of tree rats since the 1960s. This one came on an older .22 I recently purchased; I needed the rifle desperately but don't need the scope. Great for beginning shooters or for someone wanting a vintage scope for an older rifle. One scratch on the tube as shown; there's also a gouge on the side of the eyepiece. Lenses appear unscratched. $25 face to face in Nashville or I'll reluctantly ship by USPS for added shipping costs. Thanks for looking, Whisper
  17. For sale: Ruger 10/22 .22LR standard barrel, blued with sights. Previously unused; this is a takeoff from a new rifle on which I mounted a Kidd ultralight. $45 face to face in Nashville, or if you pay extra I'll ship by USPS.
  18. SOLD: VP9SK magazine, 10 round, perfect condition. I sold the gun some time ago and in doing some recent decluttering I found this unused magazine. "Unused" as in "unfired;" it's possible the mag may have been inserted in the gun, but I'm not certain of that. UPDATED TO ADD: I've now found another one; this is a 13-rounder with the finger rest baseplate. Same condition as the first. $50 for the pair FTF in Nashville, or I'll reluctantly ship by USPS for added shipping costs. I'm not updating the photo since there doesn't seem to by much interest, but if someone would like photos of both magazines, let me know and I'll send.
  19. I see a lot of news, and this story has been everywhere. It's even getting some coverage in the UK. But the cops treated it seriously, were on the case full-force immediately, and made an arrest within 24 hours. The murder is terrible, but this is exactly the way the system should handle homicides. This does a lot to reduce public outrage.
  20. GOA will have problems with reaching NRA-levels of political clout. First is that the NRA has an extensive organization at the state level, and conducts highly visible lobbying of every state legislature. GOA has nothing like that, and doesn't indicate that it even intends to try. Second is that the GOA has some significant leadership problems of its own -- it's not governed by its members, and its hereditary leadership is not focused on the gun rights issue, but on various other political topics that will limit GOA's appeal to other potential gun rights allies.
  21. The SAF is eager to drop lawsuits on deserving targets, as is the FPC. More power to them.
  22. Answer the phone and tell them you're not giving until Wayne is gone and the bylaws are amended. They'll stop calling after hearing that a couple of times.

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