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  1. I've read enough by now to be convinced that relocation won't be my policy. I have obtained a Havahart trap and any coons I catch in it will not need relocation above ground. Thanks for the discussion, Whisper
  2. Actually, I hadn't thought of that. I guess I'm not very imaginative. And buying a Havahart trap would probably be cheaper than a new large-caliber air rifle. Although I have nothing against buying a new large-caliber air rifle.... Thanks, Whisper
  3. I need to shoot some destructive raccoons around my house and would like to do so quietly. My RWS Diana has proven handy for dispatching squirrels but I'm concerned it's too light for raccoon work. I want the coon to be dead right there and not to linger and die a painful death. Can anyone recommend an air rifle that's stout enough for raccoon elimination duty? Thanks, Whisper
  4. If you don't need magnification, it's hard to go wrong with the Aimpoint PRO. Cheers, Whisper
  5. Welcome. There's a ton of useful information here for new shooters. Enjoy. Cheers, Whisper
  6. Non-residents can carry concealed in Mississippi but there are many restrictions on where you can carry (similar to TN's laws regarding permitless carry and enhanced carry). Look at some MS state government websites for more details. Hope this helps, Whisper
  7. While you're mentioning the price, knowing calibers would be good, too. These things were made in .22LR. .22WMR, .222, .223, and .410, 20-ga, and 12-ga, and maybe more I'm not thinking of right now. Thanks, Whisper
  8. Looks interesting...and somewhat like that new Savage straight-pull bolt action, the Impulse.
  9. I listened. It's worth your time. Cheers, Whisper
  10. This is a commonly used legislative tactic -- pass state laws so that if the related federal law is overturned, the state is ready. It's been done in many states with abortion, daylight-saving time, and probably other things that don't come immediately to mind. I think there's no chance will get the NFA amended anytime soon to eliminate SBRs, but if it eventually does happen, there won't be any existing TN laws to bar their possession.
  11. The .357 Sig and the 10mm don't use the same bullet, even if they both are 125 grains. The bullet diameters and their profiles and ballistic coefficients are different.
  12. Just relocated to Chattanooga myself in January, and as far as I've been able to tell, every place that runs pistol classes has plenty of instructors already -- at least I can't find any that are interested in me. Dead Zero Shooting Park has a 1,000-yard range and 100 yards for zeroing. I believe they have occasional night shoots also. For 270-degree bays you will probably need to go to Fort Bragg or Camp Lejeune -- I don't think there are any in TN. Different clubs and ranges have their own rules and RSOs to enforce them, so you may need to look around and find some whose policies you like. Have fun, Whisper
  13. Google Images identifies this photo as one of many taken by Burt Glinn in Havana in 1959. Glinn was famous for his photos of the Cuban Revolution. As for Celia Cruz...no idea.
  14. His answer to that last question is something I wish every American would read. There are a few good politicians around, but only a few.
  15. Maybe. But killing three people, loading up 40 guns out of the display, and removing the surveillance cameras still doesn't sound to me like something done by a single robber.
  16. That's good news, but I'm thinking there's no way this little a**wipe did a triple homicide on his own. He must have had accomplices. Here's hoping they get him to rat on the other vermin who helped him.
  17. Interesting question. I've shot 1000 yards a few times with an HBAR but have no experience with an 18-in barrel and I'll be watching this thread to see if anyone has experience to share.
  18. Location is Chattanooga. I have a tentative deal set for Friday. If for some reason it doesn't work out, I'll send you a message. Thanks, Whisper
  19. Last April I sold a Sig P365XL on this forum because I had two and figured I didn't need both. Now I have realized I made a mistake -- I do in fact need two. So, does anyone have one in good condition they'd like to sell? Must be the XL model, but color doesn't matter to me. Thanks, Whisper
  20. Yep. His gun store was robbed one night by a gang of seven guys in two stolen cars. Beckwith, whose home was next door to the store, had a legal S&W 76 9mm subgun and a full-auto AR and fired 105 rounds against the gang, who tried to run him down with the cars. One car was disabled by Beckwith's gunfire and the other car escaped but was found later with the driver dead from a .223 round. This incident happened around 1990; Massad Ayoob wrote an article about it, perhaps in American Handgunner.
  21. 1,000 yards for me, on the Stone Bay range at Camp Lejeune. Never shot at a living target at that distance.
  22. Same here. I've been interested in shooting one since they first came out, but no one I know has ever bought one, which is unusual -- I know a lot of shooters and it would seem like somebody would have it.
  23. I hope that any members here who are in Brandon Ogle's district will start lighting up his phone and filling his email box over these comments. He needs to feel a lot of heat over these comments.
  24. We don't even want him in the House. If ever anyone needed an opponent in the primary, it's him.


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