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  1. walthermitty

    Electronic ear muffs

    Don't go cheap and get the Peltor 300s, IMHO the 500s should be the minimum. They are OK outdoors, if you are standing away from other shooters. But, if I'm in a bay next to someone, I have to wear plugs, also. IDPA indoor matches are a place that I feel I'd like better gunshot protection, but I don't have to double up. Hearing conversation is really good, though. On the other hand, I'll sell you my 300s, so I can get the 500s. :>}
  2. walthermitty

    New job

  3. walthermitty

    New job

    Remember: All sales are emotional. We come up with all sorts of logic and justification, but the decision is emotional. Personal vehicles may be more indicative of this truth than most examples. If someone WANTS to buy something that they can't afford, I'm not going to talk them out of it, as long as they qualify. I don't know if it will be the motivation for them to work harder, get a better paying job, etc.. Know the buying signals. Once a customer gives the buying signal, SHUT UP, they will sell themselves. That is the time to try an assumptive close (like sliding the contract over to them) or get the finance guy involved. And, remember that buyer's regret is a very real thing. You must keep in touch with customers. I know it can be time consuming, boring and you'll have to help with some product complaints. But, past customers, along with family and friends, are your very best source for referrals and new sales. Good Luck.
  4. There is an uproar from the local black community over a recent shooting. A newish cop shot a guy that was running away from a car. The runner, however, had just been involved in a shooting (from that car.) The cop had to assume that he was still armed, and a danger to him or the community (I thought.) Is this uproar another black "selective enforcement" ploy, or was the shooting justified, as you intimate above?
  5. The suspect fled. Store owner would definitely be charged for shooting the perp in the back.
  6. walthermitty

    What level of NRA membership are you?

    Are you guys also members of the Tennessee Firearms Assoc.? Read about the "self defense immunity" law in the news lately, from FL? TFA has tried to introduce legislation in TN, to keep (truly) defensive shooters from having to get involved with the "system." They need more members, influence, etc.
  7. I have had excellent results with 18625 rechargeable batteries. I like Panasonic, Fenix, Olight and others. Any flashlight manufacturer that makes their own batteries is a good bet. I also use rechargeable 123 alternatives (18350?). No problems, so far; there is a difference in power and duration with the really cheap ones, so I stick with known names.
  8. walthermitty

    for-sale FOR SALE 22TCM/9MM Combo

    Yep, still available, and cleaned up, now. Sorry for the delay, in my reply.
  9. walthermitty

    Outdoor Magazines. Is it just me?

    If you want to read a good outdoor writer, check out "Jaguars Ripped My Flesh," and several other books by Tim Cahill. He has recently been published in "Outside" magazine. But, I'm totally with you on the advertising. I subscribed to Recoil Magazine which seems to be 99 ad related to every educational page.
  10. walthermitty

    Law of Self Defense

    Andrew Branca is also doing an in depth analysis of the new show "Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story." Branca followed the whole trial as it happened. His draft analysis of the first episode is pretty good. TheLawofSelfDefense .com/Trayvon for more info. Branca is a little too full of himself, and too self promoting, but he knows his stuff.
  11. walthermitty

    Gerber Covert Auto vs Others?

    No update, so, if you haven't purchased a knife yet..... I would suggest you go to one of the gun stores to look at any knives they might have. I know they just about all carry Benchmade. I have a Griptillian, but for carry, I like the mini-Barrage spring assist. It is small enough to be easy to carry and accessible. My arthritic hands like it even better than the Griptillian. Knives are like everything else (to each his own,) and they can be expensive. Good luck in your search for that special knife.
  12. Branca's 8/1 show had a really good explanation of the difference between Stand Your Ground and Self Defense Immunity, (which often get conflated or misused.) You can watch the 30 minute production for free at The Law of Self Defense Patreon page for about 24 hrs. Stand Your Ground was misused by a lot of media, and even the Florida sheriff in a recent shooting that made the news.
  13. walthermitty

    for-sale FOR SALE 22TCM/9MM Combo

    I wanted to go ahead and post the sale. So, I just added a couple of pics without cleaning up the gun; I'll post more pics, if needed.
  14. The item for sale is a 5" Rock Island Armory 17 +1 round tactical ultra 1911 A2. The RIA model number is 51947. It comes from RIA with one magazine (no base pad) 9mm barrel, a spring for that barrel, TCM barrel and spring, two fired casings, trigger adjustment tool and owner's manual. All these are with the purchase. I include an additional RIA TCM HC mag with base pad that retails for $44.95, and three 50 round boxes of U.S. RIA 22TCM rounds that retail for $20 ea. The price is $700. Gun shows slight wear. Buyer must be a TN resident, preferably with carry permit, and sign a bill of sale confirming address and statement of eligibility to own a firearm.
  15. Anyone know how this came out? Some time back, a lady pulled a firearm on a black male at a Murfreesboro Walmart. The guy said he was going to ask for "a light" for his cigarette, I think. The lady was arrested.

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