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  1. Poor man's EDC X9?

    I have been looking for a P01 Omega. I like the 1911 trigger, and I want an all metal gun. The P01 Omega is the only non 1911 alternative that I have thought about. I saw a new Performance Center SW 3" 1911 advertised, that looks interesting.
  2. Poor man's EDC X9?

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
  3. Poor man's EDC X9?

    I really, really like the EDC X9, but can't afford anywhere near the price. Do you know of anything that would get close, and be affordable? STI maybe?
  4. Flashlights

    I have a ThruNight 1000 lumen light that meets all the same drop (I've tested that) and water resistance as SureFire. It's been a great light for 4 yr at a cost of $69 (4 yr ago.) Also, it is neutral color which I like much better than the cool white that most LEDs have.
  5. John Farnam Training

    Good info. I like this particular way to respond to cops on scene. It is also represented in "The Law of Self Defense." There are, across several different authors, some differing opinions on what to say. There is also, what to say to the 911 operator. I even made myself a credit card size, laminated assist card. Some authorities may use that against you, but it can be defended.
  6. Med kit?

    I just viewed the 1st aid classes on Personal Defense Network. Good for someone like me with no experience. Jan 8 & 9 Nashville Armory will have a 3 hr gunshot 1st aid class. And, On Target has had a 4 hr class that I want to attend ($150,) but they don't have any currently scheduled. This is definitely a worthwhile thread that I will continue to follow.
  7. Holster selection help needed

    Finding a light bearing holster is a b!^@($. You almost have to go to the holster mfr, and see what weapon/light combinations they use, before buying a light. The TLR1 and Surefire X300 seem to be more common than others. I have a TLR 2G laser/light, and still haven't found an option. Go to the MFR sites and use the holster finder function. Dara holsters has some listed. Bravo Concealment has a couple. The other recommendations were good, too, Comp Tac, Safariland.
  8. I think USCCA covers civil damages up to limits of coverage. 10% is the "usual" fee; my point was that none of them cover more than that. Information from Branca's book informs that in rare cases the bond may not be enough. And, anything more than 10% of the bond would not be covered by any of the plans.
  9. Book Recommendations

    "Straight Talk on Armed Defense," edited by Massad Ayoob. Most, on this forum, understand the principles. But, I learned that using targets that look like humans actually helps overcome the reluctance to shoot someone (when required and under stress.) I liked most of the book, but was helped most by memory and decision making under stress. "The Law of Self Defense" Andrew Branca
  10. Used Vortex strikefire 2 and New Vortex spitfire

    The Spitfire AR is just slightly more than 1X. Not perfect for using back ups through the optic, but the reticle is etched, no usually no need.
  11. Just found a comparison. There is no date on this, but some of the info about USCCA seems wrong; maybe it has evolved. The biggest difference I see for myself is that CCW Safe seems better right after the incident. USCCA seems to cover "accidental" discharge (at least we will not say negligent discharge until proven negligent.) I didn't see where CCW Safe would cover that. And, you may chose a level of civil damages insurance with USCCA. Blast, it looks like one needs both! Or, just be vewy, vewy careful. CCW Safe vs USCCA2 - Illinois Carry
  12. CCW SAFE, I just read covers the cost of civil litigation, not damages from criminal or civil trial. And, CCW Safe only pays 10% of the bond, not any collateral, if required. Haven't gotten that far with USCCA, to see if they are better. And, CCW Safe only pays 10% of the bond, not any collateral, if required. Still CCW Safe stacks up pretty dog gone good.
  13. I don't see the answer in my searches, about his personal trial experience. But, it doesn't matter to me whether he was "attorney of record" on any case. Heck, I sold pharmaceuticals, and I wasn't a doctor or a chemist .... I just learned from doctors and chemists. I sold group medical insurance, but I wasn't an underwriter. So, I don't understand your question. What matters is that a whole lot of attorneys of record turn to him for guidance. His overwhelming positive reviews are enough for me. For you ..... Branca says that you don't have to listen to him. He, in fact, endorses Massad Ayoob and others. And, he is not my only reference. So, go out into the world, and find the answers that are right for you. I'm only providing an opinion. Seriously, are you just curious, or is there some other point to your question?
  14. Are you trying to say that he must have tried every one of the cases to know about the details? That doesn't sound logical. Research Andrew Branca. He is a consultant attorney that has spent his professional life on this stuff. He is referred to by USCCA, a lot of gun talk programs, etc. He gave a live Level 1 & 2 class at the Nashville Armory, which is how I heard of him. For pete's sake, don't just try to disparage something, without doing at least a google.
  15. Not sure on a cheap class, but tell him to sure to ask for the military/veteran discount when he applies for the permit (if TN.) No one said anything to me, and I didn't find out til the money was out the door.

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