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  1. walthermitty

    Attention Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    I wish I had attended a motorcycle show (like Biketoberfest,) and ridden a bunch of different bikes, before buying my 96c.i. Dyna. But, I'm happy enough with it. The stock bike has the same power to weight ratio as the stock HD 1200 custom, but it can accommodate much more power in mods. And, it is better on the superslab (I had a 1200c for a few years.) Wish I could afford a sport touring, a Buell, Hyabusa, Versys and every other bike that I have tried and seen videos of. Most of the comfort will come from suspension and seating. You may get a really good deal on an old Victory. Parts will be around for another 8 years. The bike is a little longer than the HD Dyna, which makes it even better on the open road, if a little more difficult in parking lots. Good luck, and Happy Trails.
  2. walthermitty

    Dead Zero IDPA

    I'm signed up. Starting a little later in the morning, for future matches, would be nice for me.
  3. walthermitty

    Best Gun Grease?

    Maybe worthless, but my new V-BOB came with a sample of TW25b with recommendations to use (lightly) on the rails. Now, it is certainly marketing, but a high end production 1911 manufacturer is endorsing the product. At the very least, I would think you could rest easily that it won't hurt anything (used as directed.)
  4. walthermitty

    which do you think is better

    Both are great. Klarus has a sterling reputation on flashlight forums.
  5. walthermitty

    i searched and found....

    Soooooo? What's the answer?
  6. walthermitty

    Scandium/Ported Experience?

    S&W details that feature as "ported lighting cuts." Are you thinking about compensators? Any input on recoil? Thanks
  7. walthermitty

    Scandium/Ported Experience?

    Anyone have experience with the S&W Scandium Frame 45 acp with Ported Lighting Cuts? The model # is 170344. I am specifically interested in whether the recoil of the light frame is countered effectively by the lighter slide (due to the porting cuts.) Thanks for your assistance.
  8. walthermitty

    Free weekly Law of Self Defense

    Thanks for posting this. I've been watching the long versions (live show,) and I will get the short version from now on. This case was an important lesson. The guy's leaving the scene and posting that crap is probably what doomed him. But, one never knows what will drive prosecutors, police, judges, jurors, etc. Seems to be alien to anything that would happen to me, but I have witnessed road rage a couple of times recently. I'm glad I got the DVDs, and insurance. It would be great to have a TN prosecutor doing 5 min recaps of TN cases, but I'm guessing they wouldn't do it for fear of divulging info that might be misused.
  9. walthermitty

    ISO SD9VE Parts & Knoxville Machine Shop

    I have a great shooting, 500 round SD9VE that I'll sell for $200, but that may be more than you want to put into it. It has Talon Grips, extended take down lever, an extra (ss 20lb) recoil spring and 2 mags. You may be able to sell those to recover some money. Message me if you're interested.
  10. walthermitty

    Poor man's EDC X9?

    I have been looking for a P01 Omega. I like the 1911 trigger, and I want an all metal gun. The P01 Omega is the only non 1911 alternative that I have thought about. I saw a new Performance Center SW 3" 1911 advertised, that looks interesting.
  11. walthermitty

    Poor man's EDC X9?

    Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
  12. walthermitty

    Poor man's EDC X9?

    I really, really like the EDC X9, but can't afford anywhere near the price. Do you know of anything that would get close, and be affordable? STI maybe?
  13. walthermitty


    I have a ThruNight 1000 lumen light that meets all the same drop (I've tested that) and water resistance as SureFire. It's been a great light for 4 yr at a cost of $69 (4 yr ago.) Also, it is neutral color which I like much better than the cool white that most LEDs have.
  14. walthermitty

    John Farnam Training

    Good info. I like this particular way to respond to cops on scene. It is also represented in "The Law of Self Defense." There are, across several different authors, some differing opinions on what to say. There is also, what to say to the 911 operator. I even made myself a credit card size, laminated assist card. Some authorities may use that against you, but it can be defended.
  15. walthermitty

    Med kit?

    I just viewed the 1st aid classes on Personal Defense Network. Good for someone like me with no experience. Jan 8 & 9 Nashville Armory will have a 3 hr gunshot 1st aid class. And, On Target has had a 4 hr class that I want to attend ($150,) but they don't have any currently scheduled. This is definitely a worthwhile thread that I will continue to follow.

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