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  1. walthermitty

    Self defense while intoxicated?

    Want better laws? Support Tennessee Firearms Association: https://tennesseefirearms.com/
  2. walthermitty

    Over Gassed AR15 - What Does it Cause?

    There is a lot about over gassing online. A suppressor can cause over gassing. There are adjustable gas blocks from Seekins, and an adj from Superlative that also has a bleed off system. There are charging handles that cause gas deflection forward (away from the face) that also reduce over gassing issues and there are gas adjustable bolt carrier groups. The effects of over gassing, like additional recoil, can be partially mitigated with a heavier buffer spring. And, there are BCGs that withstand tougher usage, like from Sharps Rifle Company. Or, Simethicone! (;>)
  3. walthermitty

    SI Training Day 11/3, some musings

    Sorry I missed it. It's really difficult to regulate my schedule for early (to me) classes. One of these days, maybe …..
  4. walthermitty

    Need input: M&P9 Shield v1.0 versus v2.0

    I have a Shield V1, and a 4.25" 2.0. The 2.0 trigger is really better. The grip of the 2.0 is fantastic, as long as you wear a T-shirt. Some people have thought the texture to be too sharp. I like it a lot, especially after some use. I never carry the shield unless I'm wearing summer type clothes. I wish I had waited for the 4" 2.0, but the 4.25" stows fine IWB and good enough OWB (with a slightly higher chance of printing.)
  5. walthermitty

    Small gun safe for vehicle.

    You may be able to get a "Console Vault" to fit, if your car has a console.
  6. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Seems you got a reasonable deal. This is where having an insurance adjuster pays off. They can strong arm contractors.
  7. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Thanks, Garufa. I did tell each of the 5 (so far) contractors that it was a non-insurance replacement. Your idea of buying the materials is a good one that I have tried on other things. But, usually, the vendor makes some $$ on mark up, and they ding you on all the other crap to make up the difference; plus they get perks from their vendors that they don't want to forfeit. Often, any warranty is void, without the contractor making the purchase. So, it winds up a wash.
  8. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Thanks for the Pitch multiplier, Navy Chief. I knew I was close. I did consider a metal roof, but the number I got was twice that of even architectural shingles. You are very correct about the worry part. All the big shingle manufacturers have had lawsuits over their products, and warranty. Turns out this is MUCH more difficult than the HVAC purchase. BTW, my 20 yr shingles have held up well for 18 yrs, but I'm trying to replace them before I have a leak or other problem.
  9. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    $11k for a 2,000 sq' house seems to be about $350 per square? If you multiply 2000x1.34(pitch) and add 10% for overhang and fudge factor, you wind up with aprrox. 2948 sq' of roofing (disregarding length or width.) 2948x$350=$10,318.00 That gives a premium for the more professional contractor. Sounds right to me.
  10. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Hey! I need a little help. I've been looking online for roofing cost, but the numbers are all over the place. How much should a roof cost on a ranch house in Rutherford County? 3$/sq ft is one estimate that I have seen. I've also seen $250 to $350 per square (100sq ft.) It would be great, also, if someone knows a formula for roofing sq footage based on a 6:12 pitch. The best figure I could extrapolate from an example on the net is a factor of around 1.3. Thanks for your kind assistance.
  11. walthermitty

    Law of Self Defense

    Sorry, but could you elaborate?
  12. walthermitty


    Not trying to crap on your sentiment; it is very valid! I'm giving a thumbs up to your post. But, I feel the need to add something. There is always a Yin AND a Yang. And, I hope implication is not that people would disregard a biker's safety, because of his/her appearance. I'm a rider. We should ride like everyone is out to kill us. People are not "tuned" to watch for motorcycles. It doesn't matter what someone thinks about anyone else, each individual has rights, but accidents happen; the outcome is just much worse for the biker. And, I gotta say...… seems like most motorcycle accidents that I've heard about, recently, are single vehicle (rider fault.) I've been in a truck, and had a biker cut so closely in front of me that it caused me to hard brake (trying to avoid the bike.) Younger people, whether in a car, or on a bike think they are immortal. I've also been on my bike, and had another motorcyclist create a dangerous situation close by. I have also been nearly compromised by 4 wheelers and even 18 wheelers. Fortunately, I have a decent survival instinct. I can almost feel the hair rise, on my neck, close to intersections. I avoid the blind spot of 18 wheelers, even if it means briefly exceeding the speed limit. I have had to give up my right of way to avoid vehicles encroaching into my lane. Let's get to the point that the public is "tuned" to watch for all vehicles, but let's not ride a bike as though we were in an SUV.
  13. walthermitty

    Electronic ear muffs

    Don't go cheap and get the Peltor 300s, IMHO the 500s should be the minimum. They are OK outdoors, if you are standing away from other shooters. But, if I'm in a bay next to someone, I have to wear plugs, also. IDPA indoor matches are a place that I feel I'd like better gunshot protection, but I don't have to double up. Hearing conversation is really good, though. On the other hand, I'll sell you my 300s, so I can get the 500s. :>}
  14. walthermitty

    New job

  15. walthermitty

    New job

    Remember: All sales are emotional. We come up with all sorts of logic and justification, but the decision is emotional. Personal vehicles may be more indicative of this truth than most examples. If someone WANTS to buy something that they can't afford, I'm not going to talk them out of it, as long as they qualify. I don't know if it will be the motivation for them to work harder, get a better paying job, etc.. Know the buying signals. Once a customer gives the buying signal, SHUT UP, they will sell themselves. That is the time to try an assumptive close (like sliding the contract over to them) or get the finance guy involved. And, remember that buyer's regret is a very real thing. You must keep in touch with customers. I know it can be time consuming, boring and you'll have to help with some product complaints. But, past customers, along with family and friends, are your very best source for referrals and new sales. Good Luck.

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