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  1. walthermitty


    A house bill is going to be introduced to provide Self Defense Immunity, similar to the one in FL. I hope they will tweek it, so that it doesn't have the pitfall of the one in FL. Write your representatives. Ask your state senator to sponsor a sister bill in the senate. And, follow progress at TFA.
  2. walthermitty

    Woodsviking Predator Hunt

    Hunting cats and dogs?
  3. DaveTN, you mentioned that you wouldn't be allowed to leave until you gave a statement, or you are arrested; that caught my attention. I hadn't thought about it exactly that way. So, if witnesses or evidence attest to your innocence, you would still be arrested, if you choose to wait on a statement? I would not want to issue a statement (even with atty present) for 48 hours, to make sure my senses were recovered, like LEOs. See "statement," below. And, some concealed carry programs only have you speak to a trained rep that is not a lawyer, at the scene. This could have a big impact on which carrier to choose. And, arrested and charged are two different things. So, how does that play out? If covered, your bail is paid. How much discretion does TN give the responding officers to not arrest? I guess I could see that for a homeowner (in his home) after a shooting where there was evidence of a break in. BTW, It was mentioned to point out witnesses to the LE responders, but I don't think it mentioned evidence. Make sure any evidence is preserved, and made known, too. And, I've heard to tell 911 that there was a shooting, not that you had to defend yourself? And, to either hang up on 911, put on hold, etc. to call your cc program. Most can't avoid wanting to talk and protest innocence, after an event. And, most are in a crazy kind of state of excitement, confusion, fear, etc. Again, I want 48 hours before I have to give any detail; and that means not talking to 911 operators any more than necessary. Then, to LEO, only say that you were in fear for your life, and had to defend yourself (pointing out witnesses and evidence.) Would that be enough of a "statement?" There are so many different solutions by so many different sources that I have listened to as many as possible, and crafted my own list to rely on, if there is a sd event. I stay ready to learn and amend, so I appreciate discussions like this.
  4. What is your take on the TFA opinion? Act globally, act locally? https://tennesseefirearms.com/2019/01/tennesses-firearms-owners-better-be-prepared-as-bill-lee-starts-next-week-as-tennessees-next-establishment-governor/
  5. walthermitty

    Wilson Combat magazines model 47D

    Seems you've already decided. But, I have had problems with ejection of empty CMC mags. Wilsons have always worked very well. I understand that Wilson now owns CMC. I don't know if that will have implications. The one thing I make sure of, is to get mags with followers (no tilt,) like Dan Wesson mags, and the Wilson ETM mags.
  6. walthermitty

    Entry level 1911

    I found the Ruger for $629. He was looking to spend about $500. Soooooo Sure, get a 10mm. You also get more recoil and higher ammo cost. OP mentioned using only for range. I'm thinking 9mm is the go to for range use (taking all into consideration.) Plus, it would make a good backup, in case his EDC is out of the picture for any reason. I can't see a 10mm, with the over-penetration possibility, being a carry gun (YMMV;) The heart wants what the heart wants, however. Just an opinion.
  7. walthermitty

    Entry level 1911

    You should go just a little more, and get a Ruger. You'll be happier with your purchase (out of the box.) RIA is good, but totally unrefined.
  8. walthermitty

    FFP or SFP scope?

    Going to 600 yd, 1-8 would satisfy me. FFP is great. Several really good choices in LPVO; seems to be the "new" thing. Make sure you get a true 1x, if you'll use it in competition.
  9. walthermitty

    Self defense while intoxicated?

    Want better laws? Support Tennessee Firearms Association: https://tennesseefirearms.com/
  10. walthermitty

    Over Gassed AR15 - What Does it Cause?

    There is a lot about over gassing online. A suppressor can cause over gassing. There are adjustable gas blocks from Seekins, and an adj from Superlative that also has a bleed off system. There are charging handles that cause gas deflection forward (away from the face) that also reduce over gassing issues and there are gas adjustable bolt carrier groups. The effects of over gassing, like additional recoil, can be partially mitigated with a heavier buffer spring. And, there are BCGs that withstand tougher usage, like from Sharps Rifle Company. Or, Simethicone! (;>)
  11. walthermitty

    SI Training Day 11/3, some musings

    Sorry I missed it. It's really difficult to regulate my schedule for early (to me) classes. One of these days, maybe …..
  12. walthermitty

    Need input: M&P9 Shield v1.0 versus v2.0

    I have a Shield V1, and a 4.25" 2.0. The 2.0 trigger is really better. The grip of the 2.0 is fantastic, as long as you wear a T-shirt. Some people have thought the texture to be too sharp. I like it a lot, especially after some use. I never carry the shield unless I'm wearing summer type clothes. I wish I had waited for the 4" 2.0, but the 4.25" stows fine IWB and good enough OWB (with a slightly higher chance of printing.)
  13. walthermitty

    Small gun safe for vehicle.

    You may be able to get a "Console Vault" to fit, if your car has a console.
  14. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Seems you got a reasonable deal. This is where having an insurance adjuster pays off. They can strong arm contractors.
  15. walthermitty

    How much for a new roof?

    Thanks, Garufa. I did tell each of the 5 (so far) contractors that it was a non-insurance replacement. Your idea of buying the materials is a good one that I have tried on other things. But, usually, the vendor makes some $$ on mark up, and they ding you on all the other crap to make up the difference; plus they get perks from their vendors that they don't want to forfeit. Often, any warranty is void, without the contractor making the purchase. So, it winds up a wash.

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