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  1. DaveTN

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    Good Video. Pistol optics are the future. I suspect it won’t be long before most slides are cut, and drilled and tapped for optics. Optics will become tougher and lower cost. I Picked up an M&P 5” Performance Center 9L Pro Series C.O.R.E. a couple of years ago. It’s good to see that the new 2.0 C.O.R.E’s have been released and you can buy them without being Performance Center. That’s good, the extra money I spent on Performance Center was wasted. Mine had a terrible trigger, far worse than any of my other M&P’s and, I had to put in an Apex trigger before I could even use it. After a new trigger and a Vortex Venom optic; it makes a decent range gun. Meanwhile, I’m still emailing LPA trying to get them to make the white outlined adjustable sights with a post, like they make for Glocks. No luck yet though. Although I know plenty of you love them; three dots sights are worthless….for me.
  2. Sure, but it'd be a little rough in January and February.
  3. I should run for Governor. Of course then we would need a lot more jail space, so I don’t know if I could get elected.
  4. I have a Venom on an M&P. Two factors made me pick the Venom over the Viper. 1. I wanted a 3MOA, the Viper only comes in 6, that’s too big (for my application). 2. The battery can be changed in the Venom without removing the sight and losing zero; on the Viper it can’t.
  5. DaveTN

    AR15 for dummies?

    Most places ship free if you buy 1000 round bulks packs or spend over a certain amount.
  6. I read on the World Wide Web they are giving 40S&W’s away for free because no one wants them. Maybe one of those 40 guys will give you a gun. Then all you have to do is buy a new barrel.
  7. I need my knives to be pointy on the end.....I think.
  8. I have thought the same thing. But whatever I invest in, the next day, it will become obsolete, and they will be handing it out on the street corners for free.
  9. Just drop a .357Sig barrel in, everything else is the same.
  10. I put this in your New member thread. But I don't think you will find anything reliable in a laser for $80. You might find something in a Red Dot that is useful for close to that. Good Luck ************************************************************************************************************** I'd check here at Optics Planet and then check cost at Amazon. One of those two will usually be the lowest. Does it have to be green? Green will cost more. https://www.opticsplanet.com/green-laser-sights.html?_iv_sort=lowest-price
  11. I'd check here at Optics Planet and then check cost at Amazon. One of those two will usually be the lowest. Does it have to be green? Green will cost more. https://www.opticsplanet.com/green-laser-sights.html?_iv_sort=lowest-price
  12. Oh my gosh...... Best drummer ever.
  13. That’s nice Photography. Did you do that? If not, who is that SIG in the corner, I can't make it out. The barrel and cylinder on that look nice; I don’t want a case hard frame.
  14. I’ve been to a lot of guns shows, but I’ve never seen anything close to having 500 or 1000 tables, unless they were Barbie Dream House Tables.
  15. DaveTN

    AR15 for dummies?

    It appears you need an optic or a rear sight. Did you that you can use IMGUR.com and we can view your pics without having to click on anything or be redirected to another site?
  16. Welcome. You don’t glow in the dark do you?
  17. I saw a video the other night of a store owner in San Francisco; it was crazy. He said the city decriminalized minor theft and he is constantly fighting with shoplifters; the cops can’t do anything, they are overwhelmed. He can’t sell his store and move because due to what the city has done’ no one will buy it. What is going on in California, especially San Francisco can’t continue. At some point the criminals will be climbing over the fences at the gated communities. The liberals don’t seem to understand that criminals will kill them and eat them. And it’s not just CA, States Attorney Kim Foxx and Mayor Lori Lightfoot won’t prosecute violent minority offenders in Chicago because they say the cops are prejudice against them. Absolutely the cops are prejudice against violent offenders; but it has nothing to do with race.
  18. Politicians are more afraid of seeing voters there than they are of guns. We shall see how it turns out.
  19. I’m not sure... around $700 for 2 months. But its not buy a month, get a month free, like they are advertising. Unless maybe you find the highest possible price known to man.

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