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  1. So…if you shoot more than one bad guy, do you just put a notch on one side of the sack or the other? Or do you have to start lining those up on the rail?
  2. Seeing kids hurt is hard on even the most seasoned Officers. I’ve seen plenty of bad violent things committed by what people call “real criminals”, but I’ve never had a nightmare from them. I’ve had nightmares from things I saw traffic offenders do while working traffic; most involved kids. BTW...12 hours is too long for a street cop or dispatcher to work. Its dangerous for everyone involved.
  3. I made the mistake of volunteering to go to go to LEADS (Law Enforcement Agencies Data System) school at the U of I for a week, so I could party. Little did I know that meant I could be used to fill in for dispatchers when necessary. It gave me new respect for the dispatchers. It also made me drink a lot after work on the nights I had to do that. I’d take dealing with the crazies on the street any day over taking calls and trying to keep track of a bunch of cops. It was a very stressful job.
  4. I remember when someone here wanted to know why dispatchers send Officers when someone calls in about a man with a gun. They do it because it is there job to go find out why someone is calling. Our Chief would have fired a dispatcher for that. I’ve heard several times when an Officer was quizzing the dispatcher about why one of our frequent flyers was calling, and a Command Officer get on the air and Say “Go find out!”. Some people, sometimes have to be reminded what their job is.
  5. But that’s just it, once we start using the threat of violence to get what we want; we are no better than the dirt bags that are doing it now. “Do what we say or we’ll burn it down!” The only thing that can stop those type of threats is to put them in prison. I have no doubt some looters will get shot if they move out of the cities. But I also have no doubt if they are white and the DA is a BLM or antifa supporter; they will get charged whether the evidence supports it or not. This isn’t about justice. Sheriff’s are elected, they don’t answer to anyone but the people. Police Chiefs answer to a Mayor or City Council; that needs to change. I’m waiting for a Police Chief or Mayor to be fired or brought up on charges stemming from Nonfeasance or Malfeasance. Officers involved in not putting out the calls that come in, are violating their oath of Office. I don’t know if Dispatchers take an oath or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see some of them sued civilly as this progresses. We have talked many times here about the military or cops saying they were “just following orders”. Politicians telling the Police to “stand down” while citizens are being attacked and killed is not a lawful order. Officers will not be able to hide behind it when the dust settles.
  6. Shooting from the hip doesn’t make much sense. If she can’t shoot a shotgun from the shoulder; she has the wrong weapon, or at least the wrong gauge. There is a lot of controversy over pellet size in a home defense load. 00 is more common than 000, both work fine if a person can handle them. I’ve seen people make an argument for smaller shot, because apparently they are worried about shooting through a wall. But most any self defense round, shotgun, handgun or rifle will go though drywall. Point instinct shooting is how I train with a handgun, using sights is target shooting. You may not have the time or lighting condition to use sights. But again, there are plenty of people that don’t agree with that. She needs to first get time and experience with different weapons and then do what is comfortable for her, and that allows her to put the rounds on target. A group of us went shooting a couple of weeks ago. My daughter can outshoot us all.
  7. Are they sick, or did they just test positive? Hope all is okay.
  8. I use motorcycle chain. It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for and it lasts a long time.
  9. This sounds like it has the potential for serious injury, so I thought I'd post this in case any of you have these jack stands. https://em.harborfreight.com/pub/sf/ResponseForm?_ri_=X0Gzc2X%3DAQpglLjHJlYQGozgB4qza8034KtzaIXJY7STAc2bnFzfbEWgPDzbipFzbgmfKsF6PazdyKzdVXMtX%3DAQpglLjHJlYQGozgB4qza8034KtzaIXJY7STAbTyzdljPFdzcg5mzftKrtkzeqzfMzezgzazaeCq&_ei_=EsP3GgKzsMuo4ewWzz-31KXmB7pC8cYGZp9opkRvT_QjGNJMpJfmZMF0vf0BBzFgjgqY&_di_=nvrm10o7qg1o7d2nfmf0om8mogcjee638njfkgk65n0co6icql60
  10. You are fine with what you are doing in this state. How the recorded conversation is used is sometime more important that who knows its being recorded. Under federal law, its only illegal for you to record your own conversations if they are used with criminal or tortious intent. Here is a list of state laws on the subject. https://www.justia.com/50-state-surveys/recording-phone-calls-and-conversations/#:~:text=Federal Law&text=If you are not a,with criminal or tortious intent.
  11. I don’t use Glocks. But I know we kid a lot about the .40S&W going extinct. That’s ridiculous. Many PD’s use it and a lot of us use it as our primary semi-auto carry round. 40,000 rounds would be a respectable number for any handgun. As pointed out, few will get anywhere close to that number. The cost of 40,000 rounds of ammo, even at range ammo prices would be approaching $20,000. People doing that can afford a new gun, or their agency will give them a new gun. But of course, the mighty .40S&W will wear out a gun faster than those weak little 9mm’s, how could it not?
  12. I’m sure Amazon is kicking their azz. They had ridiculous shipping rates for so long; prime members don’t have to play that game. I doubt it’s anything more than them needing added income.
  13. You can’t drink it in the store, they make you buy it first and then take it home to drink it. They have so many crazy rules.
  14. Please let us know what you think of the green when you get them. I don’t know if they still are, but they were charging more for the green. I question that green would be any easier to see than red, but I haven’t tried it. Or if it is, is it substantial?
  15. If you have to do time...do Federal time.
  16. Several years ago they used to have a pretty good inventory of some interesting stuff like S&W revolvers. I always wanted to stop by there on my way to Tunica, but my wife was always in a hurry to go gambling.
  17. This is really tough on the elderly, especially those in assisted living. I had to go to Illinois last week to put my parents in assisted living. They had to be tested and then quarantine in their house for several days waiting for the results. They were both negative. I told them I would not come to help move their stuff until they were in the facility. I didn’t want to kill my parents. I arrived the day they went in. They have to be in quarantine for 14 days. Moving from a 3 bedroom house in a retirement community to a 750 Sq. Ft. apartment and then not being able to leave for 14 days is tough. My mom is still in pretty good shape mentally, but my Dad has dementia. So its hard for him to understand what’s going on. After the quarantine, they are allowed to go out, to go eat, to the store, whatever, but if they do they have to quarantine 14 days again. I don’t suspect that will change until this is totally over, or there is a vaccine. My Mom could no longer take care of the housework, and they needed to do this. But I feel terrible for them. I wear a mask when I go in somewhere, to me, its common sense. I have hand sanitizer in the truck and use it whenever I get in or out. On a lighter note, I needed some beer and Walgreens was the closest place. When I pulled into the lot, I thought, they really take this stuff seriously in Illinois, everyone going in the store was wearing a mask. Then I saw the sign, I don’t know if its all Walgreens or just that one, but they required it to enter the store. I needed beer, so absolutely I wore a mask. My sister came up from Texas. I told her the folks in the retirement community were probably pretty nervous seeing Tennessee and Texas plates on the vehicles in my parents driveway. I hope a vaccine becomes available soon. Of course there will be a lot of drama over that. But as soon as my Doctor tells me he thinks it’s safe; I will be there getting it.
  18. This happens sometimes if you were ever arrested for anything, but there is no disposition shown. That happened to me. I had to contact the Circuit Clerk and get copies of the court filings that showed the charges were dismissed. They were dismissed 25 years prior, but that information never got sent to the Feds.
  19. If my math is correct 9.7% of the Tennessee population has a carry permit. 4.8% for Texas.
  20. If you work for a city, they probably have a firearms policy. My guess would be they have a policy against it, especially for those that interface with the public. But that’s just a WAG, you would need to ask your boss.
  21. Target Sports USA doesn’t have any 9mm range ammo in stock, they have 9MM quality SD ammo in stock at the regular price of $40 for a box of 50. They have range ammo in .40S&W for $17-18 a box and quality SD ammo for $40 per 50. Freedom Munitions doesn’t have anything in stock for either caliber.
  22. It appears to me Vortex claims to have an excellent warranty. I have no information on their customer support other that they have responded quickly when I have emailed them with a question. So it appears you shouldn’t have to pay to replace it. The pricing right now is crazy.

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