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  1. Is there something in the TCA that says its only good in this state?
  2. That's the average gun owner. But I'm not that person, and me not wanting to join a group on FaceBook has nothing to do with that. The content should be available without me having to join a “special group” or have a secret handshake to be able to see it. My trust in FaceBook is Zero. Make the site available without FaceBook being able to put us on a terrorist watchlist. Some people have jobs that could take action against them for something like that.
  3. Yes, what are you going to do, shoot Carpenter Bees? Just kidding…just kidding….just kidding.
  4. Just because it’s good for someone that wants to carry; its not a good law. It’s a thug government. Florida, like Tennessee, does not recognize the 2nd amendment as an individual right. Therefore; they don’t (or shouldn’t) have squat to say about how a private individual, or a private business allows gun possession on their property. Of course the whole thing with firing people is that once an owner or manager wants to fire someone; they can. If a law is in place, they just don’t give that as a reason. My first question on these type cases is “How did a gun secured in a vehicle become an issue?”
  5. Its as good as an HCP in Illinois. Can’t carry, but can have a gun in the car.
  6. Are there some states that are accepting our HCP that won’t accept our CCP? My guess will be that he won’t hit any stumbling blocks, but that he will pay the full amount. But that just a WAG. Let us know when he finds out.
  7. Things must be different here, than where I was. Our Traffic Officers knew far more than the defense attorneys; and it showed in traffic court. All the College classes on the vehicle code was taught by cops; not attorneys. Also, most cops knew more criminal law than attorneys; unless the attorney specialized in that field. Which most don’t coming out of law school. Many attorneys (not all, there are some good attorneys out there) will give you the answers to legal questions you want. Cops will give you the answers you need. Its possible he got pulled over by a cop not knowing the law. But other than a rookie, how can a cop not know a traffic law that basic? But hey, maybe the driver will see this thread and fill us in on why he did it, or how many times he has been stopped. carry on.
  8. Tennessee is an “employment at will” state; they don’t need a reason to fire you. Unless you have an employment contact that spells that out. Carrying a gun in this state is a privilege you buy from the state; not a right. So no, you won’t find anything in the law to protect you from getting fired for violating your companies policies. That statute is a requirement for arrest under criminal law. Your company is not subject to it.
  9. DaveTN

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    What’s the SKU number on the end of the box? I don’t see anything except PC models listed on their website.
  10. You are very welcome. I think many here will jump on-board to help one of our own.
  11. I ordered a Ruger Mark IV Competition. I still don’t have a “Cowboy Gun” so I’m trying to decide between a Vaquero or a Blackhawk Convertible.
  12. So they load and eject just like a rimmed cartridge, without removing the cylinder?
  13. If that would happen in Tennessee violating our rights would not be an issue. Unfortunately, those that live off the government or want the government to run their lives, are more likely to vote than those busy working and supporting a family.
  14. If it has to be a semi-auto, I’d give him my insight about a full size target gun for his application, with an optic, and recommend the M&P C.O.R.E. It would be a keeper he could use for many, many years to come. He can pick out his own carry gun when that times comes. If he is into guns he will probably either go through a bunch of them, or have a bunch of them.
  15. Thanks, but that’s not an option. If someone is going to tell me you have to take that cylinder out every time you reload; that’s not an option either.
  16. Dang it man...the 40/10 only comes in Stainless. EDIT: And they can’t use a moon clip, how do they hold the round?
  17. Last night on Netflix I watched the Movie “Walk Ride Rodeo”. It’s the true story of Amberley Snyder who was paralyzed after a wreck, and her battle to get back in the saddle. She is now a popular motivational speaker. Huh, imagine that. I wish I had known as I was watching it that she performed all the post-crash horse stunts in the film. And her younger sister Autumn performed the pre-crash stunts. It’s a good family movie.
  18. Possibly changing my mind! Don’t you hate it when that happens? Now I might want this… https://ruger.com/products/newModelBlackhawkConvertible/specSheets/5240.html
  19. DaveTN

    M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E.

    Good Video. Pistol optics are the future. I suspect it won’t be long before most slides are cut, and drilled and tapped for optics. Optics will become tougher and lower cost. I Picked up an M&P 5” Performance Center 9L Pro Series C.O.R.E. a couple of years ago. It’s good to see that the new 2.0 C.O.R.E’s have been released and you can buy them without being Performance Center. That’s good, the extra money I spent on Performance Center was wasted. Mine had a terrible trigger, far worse than any of my other M&P’s and, I had to put in an Apex trigger before I could even use it. After a new trigger and a Vortex Venom optic; it makes a decent range gun. Meanwhile, I’m still emailing LPA trying to get them to make the white outlined adjustable sights with a post, like they make for Glocks. No luck yet though. Although I know plenty of you love them; three dots sights are worthless….for me.
  20. Sure, but it'd be a little rough in January and February.
  21. I should run for Governor. Of course then we would need a lot more jail space, so I don’t know if I could get elected.

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