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  1. I think I remember her starting this a couple of years ago. I doubt they will get a court to dissolve the NRA; but they might. I doubt that would withstand scrutiny by the higher courts; but who knows. If they have spent this much time on the investigation, they need to indict the players in both the NRA and the agencies working for them that have violated the law.
  2. I agree; “white privilege” is preposterous in 2020. But of course it’s something that can’t be proven; so it will be argued from now to eternity. People are going to believe what they want. Money privilege absolutely exists. Money not only gives you power, but it allows you to hire the best when you need them. Poor people, regardless of race don’t have that power.
  3. It won’t affect them at all. (other than possibly needing parts) It could affect future pricing if they lose. However…it’s China. If the lose they will probably just be banned from import into this country.
  4. I remember when that happened, so I know how it ends. But I’ll have to watch it.
  5. Here is an explanation of what can happen. The “The longer it is left, the more likely it will get contaminated with items such as fuel oil” statement doesn’t make sense to me, but who knows. https://www.bbc.com/news/explainers-53664064
  6. Good grief! That's a lot of devastation.
  7. None. I usually keep an extra mag in the car. If I let myself get into something one mag won’t get me out of; I’m hosed…. hasta la vista
  8. Another case of a gun discharging, due to mechanical failure, without someone pulling the trigger. Also another case of where no one would be injured if common sense safety precautions were followed. Good thing they are addressing it.
  9. I find it has little to do with where you were raised and everything to do with how you were raised. I’ve had left wing liberals from Tennessee give me grief about where I’m from….I just smile.
  10. I have a small carabiner that I put stuff on I may need to release quickly. (This light and a tiny USB drive.)
  11. I’d rather have it that way. I don’t want to pay shipping back and my transferring FFL shouldn’t need to deal with the drama of something I didn’t buy from him. If it needs to go back they can send me a shipping label and refund my transfer fee. But that’s just me.
  12. I never carried a knife as a young man. But as I got older, either I got weaker or packaging became much tougher. Some of these packages is like trying to rip a phone book in half. For years I carried the GERBER F.A.S.T. assisted opening below. I’ve never been disappointed by a Gerber product and the assisted openers may be something you might want to check out. They aren’t very expensive; but the quality is there. A couple of years ago I decided to go to an auto knife, because they finally had something that meet my requirements. I didn’t want a safety. Using a safety on an auto knife didn’t make sense to me; an assisted would be faster than messing with a safety. (But that just me). But I wanted to be able to put it in my pocket without worrying about it opening. For that I chose the Pro-Tech Magic BR-1 "Whiskers" shown below. I slide it in my pocket and clip over the edge of the pocket. I don’t think this knife would ever open accidentally (it never has being carried daily). It takes a very deliberate action to open it. Most people that aren’t familiar with it can’t open it when they are trying, until they are shown how it works. I think it’s a very cool idea on a release. When I ravel I can’t carry an auto-knife. For that I have my little Gerber Paraframe mini. I know you said you have trouble opening manuals, but you might want to check this out, it opens pretty easy. They have an MSRP of $14.00, but I picked mine up at Rural King for $9.99; they sell them most everywhere. I was surprised at how sharp it was and the quality for the price. I figured when it got dull or wore out I would just replace it, but it been a few years and still going strong. GERBER FAST assisted opening: Pro-Tech Magic "Whiskers" BR-1.7 Gerber Mini Paraframe
  13. So those guys in the UK are going to be saying “What the bloody heck is going on in Tennessee mate?”
  14. I’m not sure because I have an AR10 chambered in .308, so I can use either. What’s stamped on your barrel? It’s my understanding some 91’s are stamped 7.52 NATO, and some .308 WIN. I wouldn’t worry too much about using .308 in a 7.62 rifle made in the 80’s. The difference in pressure is not a big issue. The possible issue could be head spacing. If you have a 7.62 with the max headspace, there is a possibility of rupturing a .308 case. A way to check is to get a 308 Field Gage. If the bolt will close on it; don’t use .308. As you have probably already found, most folks that have the HK91 shoot .308 without a problem. However, in normal times, NATO ammo isn’t hard to find.
  15. Sweet! I have rifles of all types for all applications. But If I could only have one it would be a magazine fed .308 Semi-Auto. They can do anything. (Well, they aren’t great for killing squirrels if you want to eat them, but you know what I mean. )
  16. Are these test done at the school? Are they free? How long does it take to get results? Where is the lab?
  17. From what I can tell, rifles (bolt action) aren’t registered in NY State; they do require a permit in NYC. There is a “disposition form” she will have to fill out, although I couldn’t find it. To transfer that rifle she has to use a New York FFL. If your Mother gave you that rifle when you were living in NY, it appears to me you could bring that rifle to Tennessee, without an FFL transfer, and without violating any Federal, NY State or Tennessee laws. However, the unknown here is the NYC laws. Since I can’t find the “disposition form” its hard to tell how she is legally required to transfer it. If she is required to use a NY FFL (I would guess that is the case), They will need to transfer it to a TN FFL. You might do better asking this question on a NYC gun forum.
  18. They can’t, the patents have run out. They can however make some changes, get a new patent, and charge an arm and a leg for it. My guess is that’s whats in the works now. They just need time. Exactly! We both believe what we believe. But neither of us need social media protecting us from having the information.
  19. I don’t know what NY will require, but there is no registration in Tennessee. All you will need to do is have it shipped from an FFL there to an FFL here. You may find a FFL here that will accept shipment from a private person but I wouldn't count on it. Of course I have absolutely no idea what NY requires her to do if they have that gun registered there.
  20. I took the press conference in that video serious. If it turns out to be a hoax; shame on me, I’ll carry on. My point, for those that couldn’t understand it, was that this information is being censored on social media. I’m not a Doctor, I don’t pretend to be one, and I don’t play one on TV. I don’t base my judgements about medical issues on what a President that spent his life as a contractor repeats. I am a grown intelligent adult that would like all the information about a subject I can get. So that then, I can make informed decisions about the subject. When it comes to medical information that may impact me, and is being touted by thousands of medical professionals; I would like to hear it. I would then like to hear what other medical professions ae saying. So far, I haven’t heard any medical professional that treats Covid patients say that these drugs have zero impact. I know there are some that desperately want that to be the case, so they can blame it on Trump. Trump has nothing to do with this. Unless he is calling your Doctor, or unless your Doctor is making decisions on treatments based on what is said in a press conference. If that’s the case you might want to find another Doctor. It’s a shame that some find this funny. I hope they never need this information to make an informed decision and can’t get it because the social media they use censored it. Thankfully this forum hasn’t censored the political and medical information that had eclipsed everything else in our day to day lives.
  21. And you are happy to jump right onboard with that. That’s okay with me, but you should be able to hear what she was to say; wouldn’t you agree? I watched her and I thought she was very passionate. She claims to have treated 350 patients with treatments that include Hydroxychloroquine and has not lost a single patient. I have no idea if that’s true, but it shouldn’t be hard for the CDC to check. I know if I were in Houston I would want to go to her if I had Covid. I wouldn’t care anymore about her opinions on Extraterrestrials and Witches than I care about my Doctors (or any Doctors) opinions on guns. What is it you want him to do? I understand that you are afraid of this…so am I. But if there is a drug that can help in the early stages, instead of waiting until the patient is near death; that should be a choice between me and my Doctor. Donald Trump isn’t a Doctor and I could care less what he has to say about it; he is repeating what he is told. The six people I posted above appear to be medical professionals that are treating patients. You picked one and decided her beliefs about things not related to this virus make her unbelievable to you. You based that on information made available to you by Google. That’s fine, but why is that information available and the left wants desperately to censor what these Doctors have to say?
  22. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Changes to the law should require the legislature to make changes; not some ATF hack. Just like with AG opinions, the courts are not bound by ATF rulings. The ATF states that on their website. If a DA decides to charge you for using a brace as a stock; there is nothing to keep them from doing that.
  23. I watched the full video yesterday after it was posted. It’s hard for me to believe that people would rather see Americans die than admit that Hydroxychloroquine could help. I do not know any of the Doctors in that video, but here are their names, the media is quickly trying to assassinate their reputations and social media platforms are call them “non-professionals”. Dr. Simone Gold, emergency medicine specialist LA, Ca Dr. Bob Hamilton, pediatrician from Santa Monica, California Dr. Stella Immanuel, primary care physician in Houston, Texas 350 and counting, has not lost one. Dr. Dan Erikson, Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, CA Dr. Joe Ladapo, physician and health policy researcher UCLA Dr. James Todaro, Ophthalmology Specialist in Dearborn, MI. The above video was removed from Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Twitter suspended Trump Jr. for posting it. Tucker did a good show last night addressing how the media and sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter are determining what we see. It’s worth the watch.
  24. I hadn’t been to one in a while, so last year I thought I would go to the one in Murfreesboro. What a mess. The parking lot was packed over capacity and they were parking on side streets for blocks. They had a line out the front door and the inside looked packed to the gills. I wanted to get a cowboy holster rig for my Blackhawk, and that’s something I need to see in person, not online. But I’m certainly not going to go with this mess going on, masks or no masks.

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