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  1. Hi and welcome to TGO from West TN! Ed
  2. Hi GN! There is an extensive thread on the Cast Boolits forum regarding Hi-Tek. In the thread, they caution about the number of incorrect videos on YouTube, but recommended these two as being very good, and accurate. I don't use Hi-Tek, rather I either Powder Coat or use traditional lubes on my cast bullets (depending on the application.) Hope this helps. Ed https://youtu.be/RnBVfGzwyuM (commercial caster how to coat). https://youtu.be/svu6oHcd7d0 (Gremlin how to coat) ETA: BTW, welcome to TGO!
  3. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. With any of the progressive agenda items (i.e. climate change, physiology/biology, gun control, etc.,) facts and statistics are irrelevant, especially if they don't sync with their narrative. Too often, it's a case of "I believe what I want to believe, don't confuse me with truth or facts." Ed
  4. That button sure looks stressed. Ed
  5. Hi. I own several single shot rifles in .45-70 Govt, though they are mostly traditional 19th Century rifles (Trapdoors, '85 Highwall, '74 Sharps, etc.) I just looked up the Scout on Bud's & GB, and for the price, it seems like a really good way to get into a single shot .45-70 rifle. The possible downside is the lack of iron sights (if that's what you want,) but does come with a scope rail. The other choice might be the Henry single shot which is only slightly more expensive, but it's not SS and comes with iron sights. I own an Henry original in .45 Colt and can speak to their quality and craftsmanship. I don't own a CVA Scout, but the reviews I've seen are generally positive. In any event, it seems like a very reasonably priced option. As you probably already know, the really nice thing about the .45-70 cartridge is you can pretty much load it as mild or wild as you want. I shoot a really mild load at our monthly gong shoots at 200 yards, and they're accurate enough that I'm competitive. Hope this helps. Ed
  6. Hi Swang! I can't help with a shooting location, but wanted to welcome you to TGO from west Tennessee! Ed
  7. Hi all! I guess I take a different tack than most of you. When I go to the range, it's to shoot, not to clean. So I take the bare essentials in an easy to carry/move package. My softside Husky has lots of pockets to keep things organized as well as a larger center portion for ammo, pasties, muffs, glasses, etc. I have enough tools to fix/tighten most things, a bore-snake for each caliber, a good old GI cleaning kit for a rod if needed, and a bottle each of Ed's Red, CLP, and Moose-milk (water and Balistol for black powder.) I clean up at home in the garage on a table using a Tipton's gun vice where I can take my time and not worry about taking up a firing bench and keeping up with stuff blowing around. My cleaning supplies are kept in a tote, with caliber specific items (jags, brushes, mops, etc.) kept in small tackle boxes. Cleaning rods are hung at the end of my SS shelf, and I keep patches, spray cans, and bottles (e.g. Balistol, Eezox, Patch-out, Kroil, etc.) in a cabinet.
  8. Welcome to TGO from West Tennessee! Ed
  9. Hi Shane, and welcome from just down the road from you! Ed
  10. Hi Justin, and welcome from West Tennessee!
  11. Welcome from West Tennessee! I'm just a ways down the road from you. Ed
  12. Hi all. I just got back from watching the movie. In one word...fantastic! It was beyond incredible how they restored and enhanced original footage filmed in 1943 by William Wyler (who flew five combat missions to Germany himself,) then integrated that with personal interviews and recollections of the men who actually flew the missions. One of the center-lines of the documentary was the Memphis Belle and her crew. I highly recommend this movie and hope you all have the opportunity to see it. Ed

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