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  1. Hi, Here's some interesting information from Gun Broker. Hope this helps. Ed
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the .45 185gr, PM inbound with question(s). Ed
  3. Dave, You have hit the nail on the head with that observation. I find myself yelling at the talking heads on Fox, telling them to "shut the h*** up and let the guest talk!" No sooner does the question leave their mouth and the guest starts talking, when the host(s) start the prod or interruption to either get the answer in six seconds or just to interrupt for the reasons you stated. Why bring an expert on if you won't take advantage of their expertise? My dos centavos. Ed
  4. Hi Greg, If it's a normal 1911, I believe you have to remove the firing pin and the stop to remove the extractor. Here is a detailed explanation. Ed
  5. Hi all, At first, I thought a lot of this COVID-19 hype by the politicos and media was just a bunch of hysteria and it couldn't possibly spread this easily. Well, a friend sent me this video, and after watching it, I'm going to be a whole lot more careful about hand washing and social distancing. Ed
  6. And yet another COVID-19 song! Ed
  7. Hi Ric, Thank you for your service and welcome to TGO! Ed
  8. Hearing and eye protection...check ballistic vest...check reason and sense left at home...CHECK!
  9. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
  10. Hi all! I've used my new 3D printer to make a replacement lid for the Lee Hand Priming Tool with the round tray, which you can't buy anymore from Lee or FS Reloading. Mine got broke, so I designed one that fits the round Lee tray and thought there might be a few others that may need one, so I'll be happy to print one up for you. I'm asking $5.00 to your door, and $2.00 for additional lids if sent in the same shipment (up to 4 total.) If you already have a 3D printer, I've posted the files on Thingiverse so you can print your own. I prefer PayPal Friends & Family, but I'll also take a check or cash (if you trust the PO and/or me.) If you live in the Memphis area and we do this FTF, it's $2.00 for the first, and a $1.00 each additional lid (up to 4.) Please send me a PM if you're interested. Regards, Ed
  11. Hello Beau and welcome to TGO from West Tennessee! I’m sure you’ll find this group a great bunch of folks and thank you for your service. Ed
  12. +1 what @DaveTN said. Not collectible, but why spend a ton of $ on something you s/w/couldn't shoot? I guess it's all about what you want to do with the rifle, and if it's to own one and take it to the range and shoot it, it's a great way to go, as would be the sporter you are considering. One of the Garands I have is a CMP "Special" where they fully rebuilt an M1 in .308 using an original refinished Springfield receiver and everything else is new, or unissued old stock. No, it's not collectable to a real Garand purist, but I didn't have one in .308 and for $750, I got a brand new M1 Garand that is an absolute joy to shoot. Ed
  13. A Garand’s full barrel is 24” long, so really the only way through pictures would be to ask the seller for a better photo of the full barrel to include gas cylinder and operating rod (op rod,) preferably with a yardstick or ruler for scale. I’d also ask for some good pictures of the receiver. Unless you can put your hands on it, it’s really kind of a crapshoot. Can you do face to face sales in MN? That’s where the seller is and if you’re not to far away, it might be worth a drive to look. Could be a good deal if everything else is in good shape and you’re not set on an M1 in its as issued configuration. Even then, if someone hasn’t bubba’d the metal, you can get a military stock relatively cheap. Ed

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