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  1. I have a Dillon 550B with very low mileage for sale, includes power case feeder with one feeder plate/caliber conversion bushing set, one 550 cartridge conversion kit and one set of dies (Dillon or RCBS). Choice include 40, 9, 45, 38/357 one one caliber included. others “may be had” for additional funds. has original box and most original packaging. Memphis area, no shipping due to case feeder. $450 firm, no trades at this time. w/o the case feeder I’ll take $375 firm. All other parts and options apply. pm me for pics or other details.
  2. dillon 550 tool head with Dillon dies (40s&w) dillon 550 conv kit in 40 s&w dillon case gage in 40 35 bucks for conv kit 65 for die set and tool head 10.00 for gage with any purchase buy all three parts and get them for $100 (dies, conv, head, gage) Shipping included! For those on the other end of the state. (Added 4/9/19) all are in like new condition. im in Memphis area but won’t travel much of any distance past Collierville, Bartlett, germantown, cordova. I can ship if your a distance, on your dime, priority mail flat rate thanks for looking mike
  3. Sent a pm requesting pics but so far haven’t received any. Please send me pics, unless it’s all sold, I’m after the lot not pieces.
  4. Sorry Chris, totally forgot to ad a price last night. Send me an email and I’ll forward pics
  5. Hey somehow I got stupid and listed in gear and not firearms, albeit it’s not a firearm.... if if there is a “proper” place for this air rifle, mods please relocate. Sorry if I have mislocsted the post.
  6. Sold Call it an air hammer Hatsan AT44-10L (long barrel) in 25 cal, has TKO LDC as well, open sights (factory) Walnut stock 200 BAR PCP, less than 2500 rounds fired. Its bone stock, unregulated and can be turned up HUGE. Includes 2 mags and all accessories that are typical for shipping. NO SCOPE or RINGS NO PELLETS Not getting out of airguns, just liquidating one of TOO MANY Hatsans PM or email for pics. No idiot marks, no damage, accurate as heck. corerf@verizon.net
  7. Has less than one box of ammo down pipe. Comes with 1 box factory WIN 300gr ammo Stainless Steel TC Encore Katahdin Carbine with fiber optic front/rear (peep rear with post front) Excellent condition, essentially UNUSED ( 1 box used!) $250.00 FTF in West TN (Memphis area) (for reference they are $389 plus tax/ship new)
  8. I picked this rifle up in 2011/12 while CA still allowed C&R trade freely. Was planning on using for a CBA postal matches but I never got involved in postals so it has sat in the safe in a sock. With no qualms about saying so..... it is unfired and the only bolt closures its had were from me and the prior owner, there are no operational marks on the gun. The bore is as a new gun would have that was only proofed. DWM Chilean Mauser converted to 7.62N by the military and then stored. It's 100% blueing (like a new gun would have), the stock has a scratch and a sliver missing, both were refinished over by arsenal. No idiot marks, no damage, no safe dings, etc. The crest is unaltered, all roll marks are as fresh as "yesterday" as well as the crest. Bolt matches receiver, floor plate and stock don't match anything. It's exceptional, sorry it's not all matching but if it were I'd be asking a bit more for it. $550 shipped and insured to your FFL or "your FFL" as may apply. $500 FTF in the Memphis area (Collierville, Germantown, Bartlett, etc) I'm scheduled to make a monthly Nashville run so the family can have something to eat other than BBQ (I know, heresy) so there is a potential for heading a bit east with good scheduling on a firm deal Email me for pics, you can PM but I'll likely not see it sooner than an email. corerf@verizon.net A few to show the action, the sliver missing from the loading port and the only scratch.
  9. Uberti Cattleman 7.5 inch 44 cal percussion revolver, brass grip frame, cased frame, blue barrel. Complete with functional ejector, post war base pin release. also avail is an extra cylinder. Unfired, has been spun sufficiently to leave drag lines. They haven’t made the 7.5 inch in an long time, and the new ones recently released again after a good 15-20 year hiatus are only 5.5inch barrels. They also don’t make the new ones nearly as nice as this. IMHO Grip frame has minor dulling from oxidation. Rust free, blew free, idiot marke free. Had it in a display case for 15 years now. There were two, a steel frame and a brass frame. Steel frame sold 1/29/19, brass remains., $425 each shipped and $40 for cylinder. Loading block was Sold as well (gone) thre new models are listed at 450-500 plus shipping. THey are not ROAs in strength but Uberti is building 44 mags on the same frame and guts, so I would have no qualms with altering them to behave more like an ROA by reaming/boring cylinder for more capacity (if possible) to squeeze a bit more juice from it. email or PM for pics.

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