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  1. My wife has a 90's S&W Ladysmith with the rosewood grips and I had to put a set of Pachmar grips on it just to shoot .357 in it....this Rock Island revolver would be a handful in .357!
  2. Beautiful Model 60...wish I was in the market for a collector revolver right now.
  3. A buddy of mine had his AR re-barreled with one last year and it is very accurate according to my pal, He would do all his AR's but alas is limited by the money tree.....
  4. I order stuff from them all the time. Yes the shipping is sometimes a bit slower but it always arrives and is what I ordered and never damaged so.....Thanks for the shipping tip on Brownell's Edge....Capbyrd!!!!!
  5. Gen 2 for those who don't click the link!!!!!
  6. I have a Strike Eagle 1-6 on my Stag Arms AR (yeah yeah a 1-9 twist but it is as accurate as my old 1-7 twist AR's I carried in the Army) and I love it. I am a gun abuser as I think of guns as a tool and it takes a beating and keeps on ticking. The glass is nice and as my eves age I would definitely get the 1-8 if you can afford it now. The lighted reticle is super bright when you need it and works great in low light. My 66 year old father shot it for the first time last year before the COVID stuff started and he is itching to do it again.
  7. That is a real family beauty!!!
  8. I had to Google him to see who he was. Damn, I have seen many of his gun videos and never even knew it. Now I am disappointed he lived 40 miles west of me and I never took the time to try and meet him. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen!!!!!! I have a ported Taurus 38/357 revolver I love...have to look up one of these GP 100's
  9. My life would be on the Glock and I'm don't even own one. The laser (in my opinion) shows a potential bad guy immediately where you are. Just last weekend I was watching a what I assume was a new shooter with a Glock shooting at an indoor range with a large integral laser and a light combo hanging below the pistol. Was not hitting anything even close to possibly protecting himself or others. I waited until he was frustrated and no longer shooting before I suggested removing the light/laser combo unit form the pistol. Then we worked on stance, grip/holding the pistol, breath control before
  10. New in box from old stock as they have been out of production since 2019. Will join the family of P229's in 9mm, and 40 S&W/357SIG....now the wait begins as it is coming thru FedEx out of Las Vegas and they are backed way up with the winter storm from last week thru their Memphis hub. Will post some pick when I finally receive it...... Now to find some 10 round magazines.....have read that the 14 rounders are a bit less than reliable and I don't need it to stick out below the mag well like that....
  11. My father was looking into something like this for his 9mm Glocks...I purchased an FX-9 from Freedom Ordanance in November 2020 and shot it on his backyard range.....he is still looking for one today....pur a 2.5x red dot o it and out to 50 yards it is more fun than should be legally allowed with a 9mm pistol that can occasionally...snicker...yeh right....find your way to your shoulder when shooting....but damn it eats 9mm ammo fast!!!
  12. I own a Ruger Mark IV 22 and a Walther P22 which have taught my wife and many teenagers the joy of shooting. Recently had a chancce to shoot a Glock G44 and I am not a Glock fanboy but it shot well and was accurate and fun to shoot. My buddy has a Ruger SR 22 and his kids ages 8, 10 and 13 love it. Plus in our times of expensive ammo....plink all afternoon on $100......


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