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  1. Dad made the walnut grips. I made the holster today.
  2. I bet that'll be a big seller...NOT!
  3. At, say $40 a thousand, a man would need to produce several primers to recoup that investment. That's how money is made though. You either need to know something nobody else knows or be willing to do something nobody else is willing to do.
  4. Well, I tried to get you guys in on the ground floor, but the cat is out of the bag now.
  5. I'm trying to get you guys a reliable supply of primers set up, and you all just want to make fun of my motorcycle!Bunch of ingrates.
  6. Thanks. I’ll try and steer clear of those. Ugg!
  7. Yep. The Harley doesn't do so well in snow.
  8. I'm well stocked. I just see a market that isn't very well serviced. That's where money is made. The process doesn't look much more complicated than producing something like bottle caps. The safety issues and govt regulations look to me to be the biggest hurdles. I don't see all that much equipment needed other than some basic presses and tooling and such. Not unlike any other assembly line type factory would have.
  9. I've replaced an injector on an F150. Took 30 minutes and about $20. An injector on a Tacoma took about 45 minutes and $80. It ain't that complicated. Dealerships make their money in the finance and service departments.
  10. I’m seriously wondering if we could form a group here who could get it off the ground. The market is definitely there.
  11. ….to construct a facility to produce primers for public sale? Could it be made to be a profitable business?
  12. Looks good to me. This lefty appreciates inclusion of an ambi safety lever. That's my only gripe with the CZ75 I have.
  13. I guess I should be more observant.
  14. I’ve never seen a posted Waffle House. I usually see several guns in any I’ve eaten at. When did this happen?
  15. I just let nature take it’s course. I hate itching and burning in the winter. I hate feeling greasy even more.
  16. I dunno. What kind of Harley stuff do you have?
  17. Though I’ve never owned one, they appeared to me to be a high quality firearm.
  18. We got about an inch. It was mostly freezing rain. Roads were interesting this morning.
  19. Basically, powder for a magnum cartridge is slower burning, thus more difficult to ignite. Magnum primers are supposed to be hotter to help ensure reliable ignition of such powder. I would also strongly recommend buying a reloading manual or three, and adhering to published data. The 357 Magnum is a very versatile round. You can load anything from light target loads to large game hunting loads. I would recommend using the magnum primers with powders such as 2400 and H110, and regular primers for light loads using powders like Unique, Bullseye, and the like. The 357 magnum is simply a lengthened 38 Special cartridge. Folks were hotrodding the 38 in guns like the 38-44 N frame Smith and Wessons. While these loads worked in that big, strong revolver, it proved too much for many lesser guns. The new 357 was too long for the 38s chamber, and helped prevent these hot loads being fired in weaker revolvers. The main difference in loading for this and the 9mm is crimping. An auto cartridge headspaces on the mouth of the cartridge, so you basically just remove the bell from the case mouth. Most 38 sp bullets will have a crimp groove. This cartridge headspaces on the rim, so you can roll crimp the case mouth into the crimping groove. Other than that, it’s the same…size/deprime, bell, prime, powder, bullet, crimp.
  20. Man, you have a thing about jay walking!


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