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  1. Same here, but deer are eating my tomatoes. I put some stuff out and it seems to be keeping them away so far. That and lead poisoning. I also picked the first bucket of green beans earlier in the week. If it don’t rain soon, though, we won’t get much else.
  2. If you can’t see a power like this being abused, I’ll say you aren’t being very honest. I’m quite certain you aren’t that naive.
  3. You need to be outside city limits and shoot in a safe direction, backstop, etc. As a good neighbor, you should be as respectful as possible to your neighbors. Several of my neighbors often show up to shoot with me. Otherwise, I’m on my own property, and I am holding a loaded gun. I’ll shoot if I want to.
  4. The red flag law will be a favorite weapon of an ex wife or jilted lover. “I’ll show that SOB!!!!” I also imagine the litmus test for a liberal judge for crazy is that you desire to own a “weapon of war”. Others here have much more faith in .gov, and people in general than I do.
  5. My and my father went to Defeated Creek this morning. I caught 1 bass, and he didn’t a thing. I’m gonna need fishing lessons I guess.
  6. It weren’t you, sir. I agree that this doesn’t sound all that devastating, except for the pushing of red flag laws. I don’t think they will stand up to a court ruling, however.
  7. I recall a fellow member not long ago stating “ain’t nothing gonna happen”.
  8. I bought them for my kids. My grandkids will get them too, if and when I get some. They’ve already paid for themselves, and my kids aren’t very old yet.
  9. If it works, it’s hard to argue against, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.
  10. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten boiled country ham. It is heavenly!
  11. The inside looks like when my wife boils a country ham. I always wondered if the wild hogs were edible. I’ve read mixed reports. Looks like you’ve figured it out. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Built mine out of 2x6 lumber. Works great. You can go as simple or as fancy as your heart and budget allows.
  13. Snooker was my game. Haven’t played in many years.
  14. I carry a lot more than I shoot. Ease of carry and comfort trumps a lot for me. Stick a speed strip on your off hand front pocket, and you now have 10 rounds: 11 if you choose.
  15. Unless they were stored in a pond or fired with corrosive ammunition, I doubt you’d even need to clean them before firing. Have you looked in the barrels? I think I’d start there before buying replacements.
  16. 357 5 shot would be smaller and more versatile since it will also fire 38 special ammo. I can’t recall ever needing more than 5 shots from a revolver.
  17. Now I’ll say this. I’ve put together quite a few AR pattern carbines and rifles using everything from bargain basement parts to all top end stuff. A little extra money usually makes a better build. A LOT of extra money makes a bit better build. In my experience, every one I’ve assembled worked flawlessly and exceeded accuracy expectations. All in all, the AR15 is an excellent design. The fact I haven’t been able to screw it up is a testament to it’s simplicity and superior mechanical design.
  18. LOL! I don’t have any answers, but keep coming up with more questions. You didn’t state what rifle you are loading for, but I’m thinking the standard projectile for a 7.62x39 is .312? Is there such a bullet as heavy as you are wanting? I wouldn’t think you’d get satisfactory results with a .308 bullet. I’ve never reloaded for this cartridge, mainly because I haven’t ever found any brass for a reasonable price.
  19. That wouldn’t leave much room for powder would it? Would a bullet that heavy stabilize in a standard barrel?
  20. What have you seen get cheaper and more available lately? Get what you can get when you find it.
  21. Split the difference and get a 280 Remington. 30-06 case with the 7mm projectile.
  22. I agree with you on the upper and lower receiver. They are either in spec or out of spec. The important parts are the barrel, trigger, and bcg. I would recommend spending a bit more to get better quality on these parts. I’m not saying you can’t get a good, cheap barrel, but the odds are more in favor of it if you buy a pricier model….usually.
  23. You’ll never regret buying quality and condition. You have both here in spades. Congratulations!


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