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  1. My thoughts as well. I have an older version, model 39, and love it as well.
  2. It’s for salesmen. I do not have a high tolerance for them.
  3. Thanks. Ol dad had the ammo situation covered.
  4. My younger son turns 18 on Saturday. He’s getting a Smith and Wesson 915 for a present. I guess that explains my position on this matter.
  5. I’ve always wanted to ride a BMW. I wouldn’t do it with no intention of buying one, however.
  6. I know I am in the minority, but there is a soft spot in my heart for sporterized milsurp rifles. They represent a time in America where folks did what they had to to feed the family. I love ingenuity born out of necessity.
  7. Mystery solved! I’d scope and shoot it before I sunk much money and time into it. Looks like it would make a decent truck gun as is, or it has the potential to be a very nice sporter.
  8. Ya just never know. Can you think of another .300, or thereabouts bore chambering?
  9. Everything is about money. You don’t find value in it, don’t use it. Photobucket hijacked everyone's pics stored there sometime back, and wanted them to pay a subscription. Their site, their rules, but I can’t imagine it was a good business move.
  10. I’ve driven by it several times, but for some reason or another, never stopped. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Have you ever been in the museum inside the Dixie Gun Works building? I think they charge a dollar to tour it. It hasn’t been maintained as it should have been, but there is some really cool stuff in there.
  11. Painted my cat this weekend! Whatcha ya think?
  12. I would love that, but it’s a bit far for me. Thanks for telling us though!
  13. Stomp them and you can feel them vibrate under your boot. They’re surprisingly hard to kill.
  14. Ask every woman you see. You’ll get slapped some, but you’ll also he surprised.
  15. Na, that ain’t the case. I’m also not sure how they’d get down in my boots.
  16. Looks like it. Wouldn’t you feel them bite? This just shows up and I never know when or where I got it.
  17. If we have fire ants, I was not aware of it. Hmm… Looking at google images, it appears to be a match. You’d think one would feel that at the time.
  18. You’ve never sat in a box and been cross examined.
  19. There is some chit I get, about once a year, that I haven’t figured out what it is. It happens roughly this time of the year, and doesn’t happen again for 365 days, give or take. Dozens of itchy bumps show up. After a day or two, the bumps develop a small blister on top. Once that blister is scratched off, that particular bump quits itching and goes away. This is different from the usual ticks, chiggers, poison ivy/oak. If anybody knows what causes this, I’d sure love to know.


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