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  1. Hand loading or 44 Special are your answers. A 200 grain lead bullet atop a small load of Bullseye powder will turn that kicking mule into a docile plinker.
  2. Old Hickory is my kitchen knife of choice, but they don’t come with stainless handles nor serrated blades.
  3. I’m more a fan of realistic movies…you know…like Machete.
  4. Marijuana sloth is the one I’m holding out for.
  5. Sir, I would purchase the entire lot, as would many other folks. The thing is, I would not give you retail price for them. To get that, you must put n some time and effort in determining what that is and who you can find that would pay retail for each individual piece. If you have the time, that is where the money is. If you just want them gone, there are folks like me out there who would be willing to accommodate you.
  6. NCIS recently had an episode with the same plot. This was the name they called the bear.
  7. Young lad, this was no ordinary celebrity. She was one of the seven wonders of the world!
  8. What little I could find to read about Mr. Creighton stated he was a small bore fan and an accuracy nut. That is a very nice looking rifle.
  9. No. You’ll never see a potato bug until you plant potatoes. I don’t know if their eggs come on the seed potatoes or where they come from, but they sure come.
  10. We rednecks call them hedge apples. Bodock works too. Osage Orange is the proper name I think. Cut it down and burn the saw! I hear they make pretty good jelly.
  11. You may find you'll need to leave your handgun with a holster maker for a few days so he can use it as a mold/pattern. I've no idea where you're located, so it would be hard to suggest a maker.
  12. Sure. Kennebec potatoes will keep from year to year and you can replant them. We put them in milk crates and store them in the basement. Good luck keeping potato bugs off your plants!
  13. I’ll bet that thing is a shooter! Do you have scope mounts for it?
  14. Oh, I am well calloused. At least it won’t be long til baseball season.
  15. They didn’t do anything! Nothing!!!
  16. Thanks to google, I learned his first name is Harry. Search Harry Creighton gunsmith, and you’ll find a bit of reading. Sounds like his work was pretty highly regarded. I’ll be interested to see your rifle.
  17. Same to ya, brother! I surely appreciate your efforts in keeping this place running so we have somewhere to hang out.
  18. gregintenn


    I always thought the 22bb and 22cb were of French origin, while the 22 short came along with early Smith and Wesson pocket revolvers.
  19. Finally got a crack at this 9 pointer I’d been hunting. A good season! I may still get a doe sometime for meat, but that’s all for the bucks. I hope you all get some good ones this weekend. They sure are chasing does heavy right now.


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