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  1. Yeah, yeah. Rub it in. ;).
  2. Exactly same here. CCA called me on Monday, I picked up on Tues. I bet it still shows in shipping.
  3. The polymer make a huge difference. The AI steel mags wiggle and Cycle roughly. The Ruger polymer mags are much better,plus they are much cheaper.
  4. Drifter offers good insight. Tactical 223 for $500 is Mossberg. Handy scout iin .308 is the GSR.
  5. I have one. I live in Knoxville near Gander Mountain PM me if you are in area. FYI, my biggest gripe is the steel mag. It makes action feel gritty. Honestly, I have not fired yet, but the setup feels really good. I added a leupold scout scope with warne lever throw rings. PS: if you plan to make this a tactical platform, look for something with a rear mount scope. I see lots iof guys messing these up. Mine has a SA socom 1 with walnut stock as a twin. The light weight of ruger is really nice. Really handles well.
  6. I agree with OS. PayPal is nothing compared to most banks, credit card and EFT exchanges. Read the terms of service on the accounts that fund your PayPal accounts. We are all sleeping with the enemy.
  7. Same here, I was processed for 20 days, then placed into shipping for last 3 days.
  8. Not sure what shipping means. Mine has been in shipping for a couple od days.
  9. They staff between 9 - 5 EST
  10. No, I'm not a VIP. It may be driven by date of order.
  11. Log into buds, then go to Contact us, then select critical issues. There should be a dialogue box for you to send a note. Here's a link https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/contact_us.php?printForm=exception
  12. I sent a note to Buds, and within 30 minutes that had moved my order to shipping. Not sure what that means, but it looks like I moving again.
  13. No way yours shipped. I ordered mine two weeks earlier.
  14. David, I remember when you kicked off. What was the URL to site that a lot of us used to talk guns? I kow it was TN and speed related, but I am no longer member of any such sites.
  15. Just noticed tomorrow is my 6th year anniv on TGO. Seems like Tnspeed forum sub-forum brought me here. How'd our end up here?
  16. I don't disagree with much of what has been said. What caught me off guard is this occurred around 11pm in a very affluent area within a mile of my home. Aside from not carrying, I was equaly bothered that I briefly lost my situational awareness. As we pulled into parking area, my wife made the comment that one of the guys looked "like a hyped up cookie monster". As I stepped out of car, my teenage son texted me that we were out past curfew. In reading this text, I totally lost awareness of situation. I regained awareness when lady yelled that she'd been robbed at gun point. FYI, I want to clear up that I was not driving and, we hadn't been out partying, it was just dinner with a few other couples that live in a nearby neighborhood.
  17. I stopped in Outdoor Junction just befor panic became widespread. Two guys behind the counter were fanning the flames harder than any other shop that ive visited. One of the guys "had the ban list" and was telling folks that "this one is one, don't put it down because next person will grab it". guys were buying quicker than they could be taken off the rack. On the positive side, I picked up a bunch of ammo cans for 12.99. ;)
  18. Last night, my wife and I attended a dinner party. I had consciously placed my carry pistol in the safe, since premium wine was involved and I wasn't driving. :) On the way home, we stopped in a local convenience store, but something did not feel right. Location was a bit too quiet with exception of three parties leaving store. As I attempted to checkout, I was informed that two patrons had just robbed store at gun point. LE arrived immediately, but I am still a bit bothered that I was not adequately prepared.
  19. I like the 44mag 1894. Also, I know you said Marlin, but the Rossi model 92 is really neat. It's not as nice as aMarlin, but feels very authentic to me.
  20. I am sitting at 17 days with not tracking numbers. Firearm should have arrived 10 days ago, but still hasn't shipped. That said, i have been happy with service until this last order
  21. Are ou familiar with the SWFA Super Sniper series? It's the best $300 sniper scope you can buy. http://www.snipercentral.com/ss1042.phtml


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