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  1. I won the last two months, so I need to sit this one out.
  2. I went through same dilemma and ended up with both. I ended up selling the XDs and keeping the 26 and 34. BTW, I am a Glock basher, so I wanted to like the X'D more.
  3. Can TN residents purchase from them?
  4. Anyone planning to race or spectate this weekend's Dragon hillclimb event? If so, what re you driving?
  5. I can't seem to find any deals, so keep me in mind if you ever see a repeater the trade ins.
  6. Gone Ballastic, I love the skyway. My favorite run is the big loop of 129, skyway, 360, 129. It's great setof roads, but it's real easy to get a fat ticket on the skyway. BTW, is anyone going to the Dragon Hill Climb event next weekend? http://www.dragonhillclimb.com/general-course-map/ I am leading a club to spectate.
  7. Guys, today was NOT the right day for driving 129. There was a bicycle race down 129. Pace was really slow. Also lots lane crossing to pass bikes. Just as things clerared up, one of the local HD clubs showed up with about a hundred bikes. They were about as slow as the bicycles, so I made a run on 28. The fontana bridge is open between 8am-8pm. Also, the detour cuts from Fontana to Topaco. I am open for a dragon meet.
  8. We are meeting at 8 am in Alcoa. Group is headed to Franklin, NC, but I will be paying on 129 and moonshiner unti noon.
  9. Anytime. I drive it a couple of times per month. Leading a. Group in the morning. Dragon//Moonshiner/Wayah/Dragon. Here a pic from Bristol last weekend
  10. My wife loves her 238 with polished SS and pink hogue grips. Honestly, I live it too. I picked up a 938 after handling hers.
  11. The www.GTdist.com deal is what I am looking for, but I cannot find anything similar.
  12. Are 9mm p226 police trade ins still available? I am kicking myself for not picking up the nearly new models that were out the a year ago. CDNN has the .40 DAK fo r $499,but I want 9mm and DA/SA.
  13. I have a socom 16 that I dropped in a a wood stock that I picked up from a TGO member (thanks!). I love transitions from mini14 to socom-16. It awakens a firing line. ;)
  14. Guys, my 14 year old son wants to upgrade from a basic spring action to a nice electric model. His budget is less than $150. Any suggestions?
  15. I love falling blocks, but have never seen a rim fire. Congrats!
  16. Big fan of Academy. Aside from pricing,their employees seem to like their job and are knowledgable. My wife has picked up a Sig m400 and p238 for herself since the "great panic". The gun counter guy (I wont share name) took time to answer all of her questions even though both firearms would have sold well before the Nashville office opened to run background checks.
  17. I like the skinner a lot, but disliked all of the Williams I tried. As far as scopes go, I really like the 1-4x20 Leupold and Nikon Monarch scopes. In particular, Nikon made an illuminated reticle that was great on 1 power.
  18. I have a tracker 44mag and a snub .357 (605). I had a 66 and 85 as well. In my opinion, quality is excellent.
  19. I have had good luck with the wildview x8ir. I bought several and they have worked well. Color and IR emitters are a must haves. http://www.amazon.com/Wildview-Digital-Scouting-Camera-Infrared/dp/B004W2C4VA PS: I might know where you can get one for a decent price.
  20. I had a sparc, but much prefer my eotech and aimpoint. Quality is good for price, but it's it in same league as eotech and aimpoint. I had the sparc on my sig556, but I felt like it lost too much light in dim conditions. Also, the on off switch on two different models was inconsistent, I traded for an aimpoint pro for $150 more. I felt like extra $$ was well spent. All that said, I am a fan of the SPARC, but I suggest use to be limited for light duty.
  21. Thanks for review. I want one, but cannot seem to locate at a resonance price.


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