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  1. Edley's Peg Leg Porker Martin's   In that order :)
  2. My wife's favorite gun is her XDm9c ... She absolutely loves it.   With that said ~ I could never imagine her carrying it, and she is a relatively tall girl at 5'9"   We have an Pink LCP and Shield in 9mm for her carry duties :)  
  3. Here's the Video :ugh:   https://www.facebook.com/austin.burton.94/videos/10102961980689135/
  4. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Posted to the TN Deer - Where TN hunters hang their hats on Facebook. Here are a few trail cam pictures, supposedly taken in Humphrey's Co ... Facebook Post by Austin Burton "We have been hunting a farm in Middle TN my whole life. My dad and his buddy have hunted it about 35 years. Around 25 years ago my dads friend saw a mountain lion dove hunting and no one believed him. I just pulled my card out of my camera and look what I got! I have it on video but not internet at our farm except for my phone. I'm speechless. We all give my dad a hard time for always having a pistol on him and now we will all be taking pistols. Are mountain lions legal to kill? Unit L" EDITED TO ADD ~ Here's the Video: https://www.facebook.com/austin.burton.94/videos/10102961980689135/
  5. sgammo.com is who I normally use.   Haven't tried Freedom, but I've only heard great things about them.
  6. Yikes!  Praying for safe travels the rest of the way!  Can't wait for the full story  :popcorn:
  7. Good Read ... This is the #1 reason I went with a Fort Knox with Redundant Lock. You have the ease of Electronic assuming everything is good. But you also have the backup of the old school mechanical dial :)
  8. Thanks for the review Pete!  Like you, I carry a shield, and had checked out this holster several weeks back.   You may have just made up my mind to get one!
  9. WHAT ?!?!?!   So sad to hear about.  Surprised they went after it due to where its located.  Police Station is pretty much caddy corner to it behind the post office, and the amount of LEO that travel up and down New Shackle/Gallatin is pretty crazy.   Hope they catch the thieves and recover the stolen inventory!


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