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  1. Bassoneer, My wife picked up a 238 at Academy today. It was the ESP with pink hogue grips and etched chrome slide. She's super happy. Thanks for lead!
  2. I hope to buy both, 238 for wife and 938 or myself. Unfortunately, pricing seems to be wayp. Cheapest price seems to be academy around $700. Ae the $500 238s a thing of the past?
  3. Here's a nice oe I hooked. Florida 13lb caught on a 12" wild shiner.
  4. I agree. The super sniper is awesome. It's a $700 scope or $300. It's great for target, but it is rather slow for target acquisition due to FOV.
  5. Watch the equipment exchange on ar15.com. There's. Lots of good stuff. PersonAlly, I like the LMT rear sight. It works well as BUIS for an Eotech.
  6. Can you tell me more? I was a Buds fan, but they messed up a couple of time since the panic. There pricing is up now, but not feeling good about going back to them when prices drop.
  7. $2099 for a sig716 seems high. For $200 more, I picked up a sig556 plus a sig400 over last 10 days. The glut appears to be breaking up. Edit, I was thinking 516. BPS price on 716 confirms glut comment. Ps: last night, academy in chattenooga had 2 SA m1a for $1600.
  8. Do ou have a shotgun? just walk out on the balcony there, walk out, put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house. I promise you whoever's out there is Not coming in.
  9. FYI, Knoxvill had 17 ARs this AM. I picked up a SIG556 Patrol SWAT . ;)
  10. Post your itenerary. We often setup "welcome stations" on both sides of GSMNP.
  11. FYI, I know nothing about the Sig design, so take this advice as an uniformed web blab. I have two friends that were in same spot with their über expensive 1911s. Both were fixed by cleaning and tuning extractor. In both cases the owners bragged how clean their pistols were. I removed extractor and cleaned out an incredible amount of residue, then repoloshed extractor with some Emory cloth, both pistols fired perfectly thereafter. Here's a link to the extractor tuning that I follow. http://www.m1911.org/technic2.htm
  12. Might want to heck PCV valve.
  13. Can you provide an address or general where about?
  14. Glad there is no Buds here. I'd be divorced. ;)
  15. I have a PPK and Bersa in 380. Quality of bersa is very good. I consider it a best buy, but I hear bad things about the 22s. No actual experience, so I'd love first hand experience.
  16. OS, I have always wanted one of those! Not the right spec for this application. ;)
  17. MurgTroy, Ideally, Id like PPK or clone, but I have heard reliability is bad without super premium ammo. Have you heard or seen differently?
  18. I love my SS .44mag vaquero. Trigger and accuracy are amazing. All of the single action pistol conneseurs that have tried it think that's it's a custom job. They are shocked to hear it was a ~$500 rack model
  19. Guys, I want to pickup a short barell 22. I have a ruger mk-ii and a couple of revolvers. Any recommendations on a non-plastic pistol sized between a PPK and Officers model thats accurate and doesn't jam on bulk ammo?? Thx!
  20. Honestly, i dont see myself buggingout. my land cruiser doesn't go far on a tak of gas, so I keep a couple of cans and a pump handy. My fear is an unexpected release from ORNL or a failure of a TVA dam. Needless to say, I want to get out of the way of water and/or fall out.
  21. Too bad. Battle trailer....I need one of those. ;)
  22. So what's your bug out vehicle. Mine is a 2000 Land Cruiser setup for expedition travel. Setup with 33" ATs, ARB bull bar, Warn M8000, Hella 4000 HIDs, IPFs, Old Man Emu 3" coils with N100/N101 shocks, Man-a-Fre 30mm coil spacers, Ironman torsion bars & snorkel, on-board CO2, www.BumpitOffroad.com diff drop/ skids / belly plate/ rock sliders /rear bumper / spare tire carrier, and SURCO low profile safari rack. Here's an unimpressive driveway pic. Can't see the storm and trail body rework.


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