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  1. wareagle

    CZ-75 type pistols

    My dad has same issues with reloads in his CZs.
  2. Where can one find a 20 gauge pump with wood stock?
  3. I shoot a BM vmatch with 16x SWFA SS and a Mossberg MVP with a 4-16 Monarch. For heavier varmints, I have Ruger M77 mk I and Kimber 8400, both are in .25/06.
  4. My wife had a Bersa CC. She liked it a lot, but she sold it to her sister when she bought a Pink and Chrome Sig 238. The Bersa seemed to eat anything, Sig 238 will not eat steel case or Monarch Brass ammo,
  5. What's your experience with surplus m9 mags. Years ago, I had very good luck. I am hearing other results these days.
  6. I need at lleast 3, but would like more depending on costs
  7. We have a Weimaraner named Mercury der Jaeger.
  8. Guys, I need to picked some spare 9mm mags for Beretta 92 and Sig Sauer P226. I hoping to pickup some police trade ins. My usual sources are out of stock. Anyone have a lead on these things. Thx, Mark
  9. I picked up a MVP a few months ago and have never fired it. It feels nice enough and uses AR mags, which is great. That said, I think I'd be better off with a CZ long term .
  10. I have heard that Tractor Supply has attended SHOT show and is talking to gun manufacturers about adding a gun bar.
  11. I will mention that my 938 will eat any ammo that I've tossed at it. My wife's 238 will not chamber steel casings and will not fire most primers in European brass ammo.
  12. Wow.  I had no idea member count was so high.  I have a new appreciation for management of this forum.    Hats off to you all!
  13. I run the dragon a couple of times per month, but I prefer many other roads. Below is a pic of my mazdaspeed. It's the low grey one with huge intercooler. ;)
  14. I like mine a lot, but it does have issues with cheapo dove loads. No issues with decent shells or high dram loads.
  15. I stopped in Dalton Ga Academy tonight. They had several dozen boxes of 50 at the service desk.
  16. I have a modern scout. It's your typical ruger Scout, aka GSR, with a Burris MTAC on Warne QD rings. Scope is mounted over receiver rather than barrel. Action is still fairly accessible. The 1power scope illuminated reticle affords wide field and quick acquisition. Magnification is good for reach. My other "scout" is a SOCOM with leupold scout scope mounted with Warne Non-QD rings. It's heavy, but quick as hell and a lot of fun. Here's a pic:
  17. Tim will be missed. Truly a nice guy. We saw him a few weeks ago. We talked and laughed for a while between shows. Edit: here's a pic of him and the wives. He didn't want our ugly mugs inthe pic. :) G
  18. I have hit a couple lately. One was a couple hundred yards off Kingston Pike. Luckily, I was driving land cruiser with an ARB bumper.
  19. Guys, my sons are showing interest in hunting, so I am looking for a family friendly deer lease near Knoxville. If anyone has any leads, please send my way, thanks much, Mark
  20. It was just a matter of time. Them things been messing with me for years.


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