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  1. Right now I'm TDY in a hotel room having a cocktail and thinking about the friends I've lost in 22+ years of military service. Sadly I've lost more to suicide than enemy fire. Think about the people in your life, look out for them, love them and always be there for them. You could be the difference between them being here tomorrow or not.
  2. Yes, my understanding is that with a registered SBR lower you can have as many uppers as you'd like.
  3. Thanks for the review. I like the idea of a dedicated press. I've been using a Rock Chucker single stage for years but wouldn't mind using that solely for rifle rounds and picking up a couple of these also.
  4. I assume the hazmat fee would still be waived if you bought powder in addition to the required amount of primers. Anyone test that theory?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxks8YILzdU
  6. So, pretend I'm a dumbass. How do I embed a youtube link?
  7. Hell, I'll give you $200 sight unseen for it.
  8. Yes, I'm thinking about a large frame lower with interchangeable 45acp and 10mm uppers next. Plenty of ideas, not enough spare cash.
  9. Yep, I did. Looking forward to getting all these parts in and put together.
  10. Oh, the dust cover comes already installed on this upper (VLTOR MUR) so I don't need one of those. Paging Gordon :)...
  11. Help me out here, I'm building a 9mm AR based on a Quarter Circle 10 lower. The upper I bought has no forward assist and and I have no need for gas block and tube since it's a blowback system so it seems a full upper parts kit is a waste of money for me. What parts (springs, nuts, flux capacitors, etc) do I need to buy to finish the upper?
  12. I have a nice O/U 20 gauge that I have no intentions of ever parting with. It's the high volume shooting previously mentioned that makes me want a semi-auto also. Thanks for all the inputs everyone.
  13. How about Franchi's? Anyone have experience with the Fenice or the 48AL?
  14. Anyone have a favorite mid-priced semi auto 20 gauge? Used mainly for busting skeet and dove hunting. From internet searching I like the Benelli M2 and the Beretta A400. Anyone have a preference between the two or something different I should look at in that price range or cheaper?
  15. I meant were you selling them as a dealer but I get why you love them :)
  16. How a person treats an animal is a pretty good indicator of how they treat other people.
  17. CTD can choke on my capitalism. They haven't received a penny from me in years and won't receive one in the foreseeable future.
  18. Damnit, now I want one, and I didn't even know they existed til just a few minutes ago...
  19. ZT-0350. Best bargain out there for a hard use folder. Welcome back home, by the way.
  20. That's unfortunate to hear. I just put a Viper PST on a rifle and would rate it on par with much more expensive optics.
  21.   If you haven't been to Prone Shooter on Kingston Pike yet I'd recommend checking them out. Good selection of powder and primers. I picked up a pound of Reloader 15 for $22 and a pound of IMR 4166 for $28 today. Friendly folks too.
  22. I picked up a pound today and will be trying it out for 308 and 6.5 Creedmore. More options are always a good thing.


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