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  1. Sorry to hear bud, we've lost one this year and it sucks. There is truly nothing like a dogs love.
  2. You aren't alone. My personal information is not required by law and is no one's business. I passed on a higher end 1911 I really wanted here recently because buyer had the "Bill of Sale required" BS on his ad.
  3. Digging on Jason Isbell these days. Fantastic songwriter. https://youtu.be/TZKzW-ASP_Y
  4. After a two minute phone conversation with Vortex the correct screws are being shipped free of charge. What awesome customer service!
  5. The model is the M4 Rebar. Cheapest online place I found them was the Boot Barn website. They were on sale for $35.
  6. I carry a knife everyday, typically my damascus TGO Magic. In an effort to minimize scratches on my favorite knife I don't typically put anything else in the pocket I carry my knife in (keys, change, etc). I've been TDY out in Oklahoma for the last couple of months and I came across these jeans made by Ariat (the boot company). They have a built in knife pocket that allows me to carry my knife and use the pocket without fear of damage to my knife. A small thing I know but it's made me pretty happy. Merry Christmas y'all.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  8. Is anyone running a Vortex Razor red dot sight on a Glock MOS pistol? Vortex says to use the #7 plate that comes with the MOS but that just doesn't look right.
  9. 3.5", right? Does this one have the blue anodized titanium side?
  10. Every time I watch one of your videos it makes me want to build another AR.
  11. Exactly what Gordon said. Plus, I typically have an email or PM trail of our initial contact should it become necessary. I passed on another one in the classifieds just this morning because it said BOS required.
  12. Exactly this. My personal information isn't required by law and is none of your business. I'll show my HCP and/or driver's license but no more.
  13. That's the plan. I let 41f creep up on me and didn't get it in on my trust. Figuring out how I'm going to proceed with suppressors from this point on.
  14. 7.5oz buffer and a .308 spring. We'll see how it works this week and tune from there.
  15. So, slight change of plans. I was able to get a 45acp bolt but the 40cal bolt is still out of stock. I had already bought barrels for both so I decided to go ahead and build the 45 first. Here it is, built as a pistol until my Form 1 comes back: QuarterCircle 10 GLF lower CMT UPUR 3 upper QuarterCircle 10 45acp bolt KAK Shockwave stock Kaw Valley 8.5" barrel BCM Enhanced LPK Kaw Valley Linear compensator Matrix Arms Charlie KeyMod Handguard Aimpoint Comp M3 w/American Defense base SGM Tactical 26 round magazine Working this weekend but wil
  16. Been looking at the Gibbz Arms one for an upcoming build. Seem to get good reviews.
  17. Agreed, no tacky rollmarks and no FCS. That's gorgeous!
  18. Not handled that one in particular but I own a few Dan Wessons and I am a huge fan. That longslide is dead sexy.
  19. I've ordered a couple of these: http://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-extension/g21-25rd-45acp-extension-for-glock--prod55111.aspx With a little bit of modification they will work with the Glock 20 magazines.
  20. This is the one I went with: http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/KVP_Solid_Stainless_Steel_Blowback_Buffer_7_5oz_p/kvp-buffer-7.5-9mm-ss.htm If I have any trouble with it I'll look into the heavier ones. I'm hoping that this plus the heavier spring will do the trick.
  21. Me too Mac! it will be a couple more months on the Form 1 so it'll have to start life as a pistol.
  22. I'm building a 10mm AR SBR on a QuarterCircle 10 lower. My intention is to use one of the QC10 40S&W Glock-cut BCGs with a heavy buffer (7.5 oz) and a .308 spring. I can't imagine that the extra pressure of the 10mm would cause any problems with the bcg but I can't seem to get a straight answer from either QC10 or the interwebs. Anyone have any experience with this situation?
  23. I've shot a couple of boxes of it from both a 1911 and a Glock. No issues with either. Great value in my opinion.
  24. Is it possible to have PMs autosave a draft of your message every minute or so? I spent a decent amount of time this morning writing out a PM to another member regarding a trade. Between the time I started the message and the time I hit send the maintenance break started and I lost everything I'd put together.


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