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  1. Anybody who works alongside the Impossible Missions Force is ok by me.
  2. Higher Pursuits in Columbia was always excellent.
  3. Check out the Mazda 6. I have the last body style. I'm 6' 260 and have tons of room. The 6speed is slick and it's fun for a 4 cylinder. I get 29 mpg, but shift high and drive too fast. 128,000 with only oil, a set of brakes and a headlight or two and had it since 30k miles. Good luck!
  4. I think your're worrying about it too much. As for your friend's mags, different magazines will feel differently, it only matters if it functions reliably. I have magazines that I can barely fully load with many rounds through them and I have magazines that a child could load and are 100% reliable. Downloading a magazine can be helpful if a fully loaded magazine is difficult to seat on a closed slide or bolt. Grab at least one other magazine, especially if you are carrying it. The vast majority of semi auto pistol malfunctions are magazine related and the quickest way to clear some of those malfunctions is with a fresh mag. Have fun!
  5. 870 Wingmaster, Winchester 1300 and High Standard Flite King are the smoothest actions I've had the pleasure of owning and shooting. The 870 is hard to beat for how ridiculously easy it is to switch from HD to skeet length barrels.
  6. Walls of Jericho. Best after the leaves have fallen.
  7. Though technically in Brentwood, Judge Bean BBQ. Another vote for Rotiers and how about Paradise Park for burgers?
  8. If your anywhere around Nashville or Wilson Co, I've got some bottles to get you started so long as you don't mind a mix of bottle styles.
  9. I went in 1/3 with two other friends and for a total investment under ~$300 we had a great set up for brewing five gallon extract kits. The extract kits were good more often than not, but my two friends soon lost interest. I however, went off the deep end switched to all grain by purchasing the extra equipment (mash tun, propane burner, 15 gallon pot, ect...) and built a five tap keezer giving me 25 gallons on hand. Making cheap drinkable beer and even the occasional outstanding beer isn't rocket science and takes little effort. Rebel Brewer is in Goodlettsville and they are outstanding.
  10.   I have thin grips, a short trigger and am thinking about adding an arched mainspring.  I shoot thumb over safety.  I shoot with an extremely high grip so much so that my Glock 22 slide loves to railroad my hand and I have a permanent mark from my Hi-Power.   I've only been shooting for about ten years, always wanted a 1911 and got a Colt Commander as part of my ever expanding collection.
  11.   I can't remember, it's been about six months since I was in there, cause I blew my budget to hell when I got that knife.
  12.   Yep, Green Military Nashville has a nice selection.  l got my BM there.
  13. I prefer the thin grips. I have this set of what I believe are standard thickness off my 1911, they measure ~.25" thick. I'll trade you or if your looking to keep your thins you can just have these. I can text or email a picture


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