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Good day, my friends and brothers in arms. I took a hiatus from the forum for the better part of this year. Lots of reasons, none really worthy of detailing or complaining about here. A few know some things, but that's not relavent to this commentary. Just say I'm getting better and am attempting a "comeback" of sorts.

So I'm sitting here today, just reading all the threads, past and present; when I stumble across the "Leaderboard" section. Of course I'm familiar with the daily and weekly scorekeeping. It's fun to watch, and lets us know the true diehard members here. But as I went deeper into it, I ran across thos older threads that I hadn't seen for a long while. It was illumuninating, to say the least.

Those that made me remember just what a tremendous place and experience TGO really is.

I read of new additions to family, and loss as well. Loss of wonderful people. Steelharp always come to mind for me, but too many others as well. Praise for good deeds that went unnoticed by some, and raved about by others. I saw the pride in childrens' accomplishents; like Links posting of his son's graduation, of Tercel89 telling of the pride in his son saving a life with CPR, the times we have all thanked veterans, bought meals and taken checks at dining places. The times that help was volunteered without being asked.

Several in particular had me in tears re-living the events. I won't mention names. It's not necessary. When a brother was in need and selling his weapons...help was immediate and plentiful. When some medical bills for some, and vet bills  for others were piling up...help came again. If you know...you know.

People here step up!  That is a constant. It's what makes this a great community. One that I missed and am proud to be a small part of. 

So as I make my way back, in many things; I just want to remind us all what a wonderous thing we have here. Something built by David, the Admin Staff, and each and every individual that comes in. A place for comfort and comaraderie, a place of knowledge sharing and humor.

A place to be valued and prized.

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56 minutes ago, Luckyforward said:

Very well said.  In many respects TGO is a great space.  I have had lots of great interactions here.  On the other hand, we are a reflection of American life.  If you are not a part of the predominant political culture, TGO can be a belittling place.


That's true, but I've had little negative response outside of the threads that sometimes get a little wonky. You've been here for a while and seen some of those. However, there have been some really wild ones in the past.

Politics, mall ninjas, FPS Russia, and a host of others have near incited riots at times. OK that's an exaggeration, but I do understand what you say.

Still, I give TGO high marks. It was a needed refuge for me at one time. Personal background...found TGO, TGO David, and The one Who Shall Not Be Named... just as I started my Cancer/Chemo journey. Gave me a lift with its people and sometimes humor. Helped me a lot, so I have some strong feelings for TGO.

Yes, we do seem to have a healthy cross-section of people and attitudes here, though I think pretty strongly weighted to "our" side. And we do see some strong opinions, frequently, on issues. 

Anyway, thanks for your comments.

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