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LONG range shooting class: Bass Pro Shops,-Sevierville, TN Sun, FEB 6

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Long Range Shooting Class

Sunday Feb.6 2011, 9AM - (plan on being most/ all day)

Bass Pro Shops conference room, Sevierville, TN

$85 (preregistration) $100@ the door



Mil & Moa

All associated math

Exterior Ballistics:

Line of sight

Line of Departure


Air Density:

What effects it, how and how it effects trajectory

Density Altitude

Standard Day

Inclined fire


Reticle ranging &

All associated math

Others means & tips


Speed determination

Determining value

Associated cosine



Range Card:

Producing your own

Typical lay-out & themes

Various information

Manipulating results

Interpolating information

Moving targets/ Movers

Typical target speeds

Common ways of leading

Math associated w/ Movers

Cosines of direction


Types & Magnification

Reticle style

Turret/click values

Calibrating the reticle

Measuring the actual click value

Reticle subtends

Testing the tracking

Torque specs for mounts

Lapping rings

All associated reticle:turret math

Focusing & eliminating parallax

Correcting Vs. Holding

Data Book:

Usage & value

Various tips tricks & more.

Everything will be covered to put you ahead of the curve for going out and gaining positive, solid long range shooting experience.

We'll break & disperse for lunch. (The store has a nice restaurant, and other in the immediate vicinity.) Bring notebooks, writing utensils, and calculators. Be ready for math, math & more math.

nativemant@yahoo.com for registration & info

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sounds like a great class , busy day for sure !

surprised that Bass Pro allows a class like this, when they won't even sell a scope that has mil-dot reticle ?

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I'm the instructor.

If their is enough interest I will take the show on the road including memphis.



Please do. I would love to attend a class like this.

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Per the flyer, Register with me @ my e-mail:


This class I'm holding @ the E. TN Bass pro is a interest feeler as well. If there is sufficient interest I'll contact Bass Pro in: Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and perhaps beyond & do the class at those locations as well.

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I have no idea As to the availability of the Bass Pro facility there but how many people would plan on attending if we can get it together?

No response the above means Nashville is no longer interested?

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No response the above means Nashville is no longer interested?

I think that Nashville would be more interested in the class if they knew something about the instructor. How about posting your shooting/teaching resume?

I looked at your public profile, but it tells me nothing about you.

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I have written a 40 page textbook for the students of my class. I'm quite busy with it and need to get back to editing and finally printing it. But off the top of my head:


I shot my first 1000 yard match @ age 12, at ORSA- Oak Ridge Sportsman's assoc. Seems like yesterday but it was over 20 years ago.

Been shooting rifles off & on competitively ever since. Heck I have even shot 2 perfect scores @ 1000 yards with a 20" barreled AR-15 in .223. (With many witnesses)

I have shot nearly every style of competitive venue out there that involves powder based weapons. I have competed in Archery as well, even a- believe it or not formal spear throwing compete twice.

I have been competing in some format with a firearms since I was 7. I was in the NRA Junior competitive program as a kid.

The last few years I have participated in "1000yd league" @ ORSA; We meet every monday evening during daylight savings time months and practice @ 1000yds weekly.

I'm mostly into 1000 yard NRA F-Class and tactical matches right now. "F-class" is a form of bench rest shooting, but instead of being fired off a heavy cement bench, it's fired from the prone position off the ground, making it, (to me) the next best thing to a tactical match.

Per "field" shooting or UKD (unknown distance): It used to be called "sniper matches" but that seems taboo now so it's called tactical matches or UKD.

I of course hunt at long range. Not the longest shot, but my favorite was with a girlfirend. We were sitting under a cedar tree over looking a LONG field. She noticed a deer at the tree line on the other side, at the narrowest section of field.

I told her to range it with the laser. She got several readings and we averaged it to 413 yds. I dialed the proper elevation, held .2 mils into the wind and squeezed off the round. The wee little AR barked. The deer jolted, ran 20 yards straight towards us and crashed, with not so much as another quiver.

That shot was with a little AR wearing but a 16" barrel, shooting (HOT!) fine tuned handloads. I hit within 2" of where I was aiming with that little rifle.

The girl firend kept looking at me, back to the deer, back to me- I was "da man" that day. ; ]

Most of my training experience has been one on one teaching/coaching a shooter right there at the gun. So I have a lot of real world experience in teaching.

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