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Guest jmoe816

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Guest jmoe816

I'm a new member and hoping there would be a forum dedicated to EDC, but alas, I think I will post this here.

I have a pretty mild EDC kit. (phone, wallet, keys, pocket knife, mini flashlight, watch...CCW often) However, I'm thinking about building a more aggressive kit. I bought a small Maxpedition backpack that I can load up with more than just the basics. Problem is that I wouldn't just carry this backpack into work or a restaurant. So it stays in the car, at which point it becomes more of a car B.O.B. than an EDC pack.

Just trying to see everyone's thoughts on this.

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Guest bkelm18

Lot's of people have car kits. Either as a BOB or a Get Home Bag. I've been procrastinating putting a car kit together. I've got a basic BOB but it's too big to permanently stash in my truck.

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I have a car kit that is very extensive, but I also have a small carry kit. My small carry kit has a few essentials: 1 trash bag, small pocketknife, magnesium bar w/ striker, 12"x15" aluminum foil, 25ft of paracord, 25ft high strength fishing line, 2 or 3 safety pins. It's not much, but it all fits in a small leather pouch I have and can be easily carried in a pocket or hung from my belt. The items are fairly self explanatory and are really used as a last resort (like if I got separated from my car). In addition, in my pockets I also carry: chapstick, a lighter, a extra pistol magazine, a flashlight, wallet (which can be used to hold several cool items such as razor blades, paper for tinder, and bobby pins), a clip on pocket knife, and as always: a pistol. At any given time there may be other items present that could be useful in certain situations. I figure this combination of "stuff" would be sufficient if I had to "bug out". Of course I'd try to get to my car first, but we aren't talking about car bags...

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There was a recent notice to NOT have guns stashed in your car when combined with buckmark stickers, glock stickers, etc. IE if you choose to do this, do not advertise on your car that you are armed, pro-gun, or similar which has been causing a number of break-ins in various parts of the country (TN was not yet mentioned, but the key is YET).

Daily, I carry a small gun and second magazine for it along with my wallet in one pocket. I have a knife and keys in another, and that is all I have. There is a phone in the car. If I were actually worried enough to put a backup weapon in my car, I would take the PLR and at least 2 loaded mags (30 each). While things have gotten out of hand in my town, I am not yet paranoid enough to haul that thing around daily, only when forced to go into rougher areas.

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@jmoe - I keep a "get home kit" in the trunk. It's got medical basics like OTC medicines, bandages, quickclot, and moleskin. Also land nav stuff, extra ammo, a Swiss Army knife, some granola bars, a couple bottles of water, flashlight, handkerchief, neck gaiter, long sleeve shirt, gloves, and an empty camelback. All that and some more fits inside a Camelback HAWG backpack. I keep a gortex jacket with it, and a pair of worn in boots.

The idea is, if for some reason I can't travel by car, I can grab this kit and be all set to walk home. In a pinch it could serve as a bug out bag, although in reality there's some pretty important bug out type stuff that isn't in there.

I think your Maxpedition is a good idea for a lot of reasons.

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I am a man. I have a purse. There, I said it. :rolleyes:

I have a Maxped Versipack. I keep several key items in it, so I can grab it and take it in the house, in the truck, in the car, or any other place I might need it. Items from my man purse have come in handy more times than I can count. Super Glue, lighter, sharpie, ear plugs, first aid kit, multi-tool...

One challenge I will make is to not just shove everything you can think of into a bag. Examine each item and make sure that it has real value. If you end up with an excessively heavy bag, you are more likely to not carry it as often. I started with way too much, but have slimmed way down to the a lot less after several years of man-pursing.

Accept the man purse, carry the man purse, OWN the man purse way of life. :)

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i keep a small/medium sized back pack in my vehicle. the outer pockets are what most would keep in a versipack or similar but the main compartment has a change of clothes, goretex rain gear and layering clothes in the winter. mine is definitely more of a 3 day pack or get home bag.

i do carry enough stuff in my pockets to almost require a man purse as well though. wallet, smart phone, lighter, swiss army knife, folding kershaw knife, keys have p38 can opener and fire steel, i ccw a glock 17 iwb with a bug in my pocket and a spare mag.

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I am a man. I have a purse. There, I said it. :)

I have a Maxped Versipack. I keep several key items in it, so I can grab it and take it in the house, in the truck, in the car, or any other place I might need it. Items from my man purse have come in handy more times than I can count. Super Glue, lighter, sharpie, ear plugs, first aid kit, multi-tool...

One challenge I will make is to not just shove everything you can think of into a bag. Examine each item and make sure that it has real value. If you end up with an excessively heavy bag, you are more likely to not carry it as often. I started with way too much, but have slimmed way down to the a lot less after several years of man-pursing.

Accept the man purse, carry the man purse, OWN the man purse way of life. :lol:

I find it funny how people in our society look askance at the idea of a man carrying a pack (calling it a man purse, etc.) After all, some of the toughest men in history carried what they called 'possibles bags'. Sure, they used them to carry gear for black powder firearms but they also stashed other items that they might need in there. I doubt anyone ever called Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett a 'sissy' because they carried a 'man purse'. Well, not to their face, at least.

Traditionally, the men of the Highland Scots - also a group of people I would consider 'tough' - not only wore kilts (skirts) but also carried a belt pouch/fanny pack/purse (called a sporran.) I doubt anyone would have wanted to make fun of them for it - especially when the Highlander in question had a basket dirk or claymore in hand - and certainly wouldn't want to do so twice.

I like having things I might need with me. Conversely, I hate having a bunch of stuff crammed in my pockets. Drives me nuts. I kind of like 'messenger bags' but honestly those are a bit large for the things I would need to carry. Likewise, I have a couple of small backpacks (I like the kind that have one strap that goes across the chest) but those are also a bit much for daily carry. Belt packs (aka fanny packs) are okay, sometimes (I don't really give a crap what other people think about how they look) but they get in the way a lot when sitting down, etc. Along those lines, I have been considering buying or (preferably) making a frontier-style, leather possibles bag to daily carry things I might need. I'd still carry my wallet, pocket knife, pocket flashlight, cellphone and such small things in my pockets but there are other things I would like to carry (maybe a different knife, slightly larger flashlight, lighter/steel and striker, first aid supplies and so on) that I don't need to have in my pockets all the time.

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I went thru a few man purses, Versipacks were pretty good but just too small for me...I finally ended up with a Maxpedition Malaga Gearslinger, Maxpedition Malaga Gearslinger Shoulder Sling Tactical Messenger Gear Bag - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR Tactical Nylon Gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Concealed Carry; Tailored to Perform Tactical

that works well for me. It has a single padded back strap that can be worn diagonally across the shoulder or just over one shoulder for shorter trips...holds a BUG or two, spare mags/ammo, knives, spare glasses, pens, paper, water bottles, multi-tools, can opener, matches, my pipes and my nook, lol, along wioth some spare chargers for my electronics. ..I couldn't care less what people think of me carrying it, EXCEPT I hate that it looks military enough that perhaps some would make me for being armed. Only one Ive seen that I might consider over this one is possible one of Maxpeditions tactical attaches.

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Thank you for bringing this to discussion. Everyones' response has made me evaluate my own preparedness for the unknown and I sadly admit that I'm way behind on where I want to be on being prepared for the worst case scenario. This will be corrected this week.

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Hey, I get a chance to let my prep flag fly!

I have a system for my EDC where I try to have as much as I can available while having as little as possible on my actual person.

This is actually what I carry.

On my Body


This is what I have when I walk out the door Monday-Friday. The PF-9 has to go into the car safe while at work and I keep my keys in my bag. The Leatherman Wingman and iNova flashlight both fit in the Leatherman sheath with room to spare. I switch out the ankle holster for a Crossbreed Mini-Slide on weekends.

Somewhere Close


Next is the bag that goes inside whatever bag I am carrying at the time be it work backpack, bicycle bag or gym bag. It also has a quick attachment that straps to my BOB. I think it is called the Condor Rip-away field medic bag.


It folds out into 3 sections From left to right

Section 1 – Ace Bandage, Zip Ties, Duck Tape, Allen Keys (for bicycle and firearms), lighter, stylus, Sharpie, Mini Screwdriver set, poncho, Leatherman Kick, Gerber pocketknife, button compass, 4 Sevens Flashlight, AA and AAA batteries.

Section 2 – Ipod, headphones, thumb drive, headband for flashlight, Velcro straps, carabineers, iphone case, sanitizer and heart rate monitor.

The reason this section is empty is because I use it to store my pocket stuff when I am at the gym or bicycling. This also means the iPod and Heart Rate monitor comes out.

Section 3 – Basic first aid items to treat bleeding or breaks, super glue, medications (prescription and OTC), baby shampoo and chapstick.

Work Bag


I carry this Monday-Friday and it usually sits next to my chair in my office.

Hat, gloves, glass cleaning kit, sunglasses, 15” MacBook Pro, iPad, Crossbreed Mini-Slide, Sharpie, toothpaste, toothbrush, Pocket Constitution, charging cabes for all electronics, spare keys, utility scissors,.

The are also to slip bags that are carried inside the main bag

Orange – is a larger first aid kit capable of treating multiple or more serious injuries.

Silver – is a tool bag with simple hand tools, tape measure, paracord and duck tape.

In The Car


This is where my emergency bag lives. It only comes out of the car when there is an emergency or I need to change out water, batteries, etc. Along with this bag I also keep a spare set of cloths, a more complete tool bag and car emergency kit.

This is a HUGE 5.11 3-day pack. It has just about anything you have seen from other BOBs. Only thing I don’t have in it is cookware and cooking fuel. The food I have does not need to be cooked.

You can also see the attachment for the Condor bag.

If anyone is really interested, I will try to go into them in more depth.

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Guest ochretoe

I always have a gun, leatherman, pen, lighter, basic meds, keys, weather appropriate cloths on me at all times. In my BOB is another gun and ammo, change of cloths, rain gear, 10x10 poly shelter, zip-locks, big garbage bag, paracord,two lights, two knifes,glow stick, water, food bars, water pure tabs, first aid kit, tape, lighter, fire started bar, pen and pad and a few things I can't recall. I like full pockets whether I'm in uniform or not. If I'm not in my patrol truck I'm in my Bronco, both are set up for overnight stays and my wifes van has tool kits and basic food as well. I never have less than a half tank of fuel in any vehicle. An EDC bag makes sence but I don't really need one the way I work and live.

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Guest RebelWithACause

I always have a laptop bag with me. (Freebie from a Dell conference I attended. Ogio brand. Not a backpack style. Has a nice shoulder strap.) It does not contain a laptop.

During times that I have my laptop with me, I use a laptop backpack by Case-IT that is designed to hold two laptops. It contains the exact same gear as my "laptop bag" plus has room for my actual laptop.

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@Barewoolf, I have the Maxpedition Aggressor Attache and I love it. Got it fairly recently but I take it to the office everyday. It definitely has room for your computer and everything else you could want. I personally keep a knife, light, glowsticks, quick-clot (or whatever you want to call it), ifak kit, safety glasses, and earplugs. Occasionally some other things as deemed necessary like water bottle and what-not.

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Glanced over the responses and in a quick scan I did not see anything about Altoids tins. Unfortunately, I have not built my EDC altoids survival/medical kit yet but I have been setting stuff aside for a while. The altoids tins offer the advantages of being compact, non threatening, color "codeable", and they even have a mini altoid tin if you want to get really small. I plan to one day have a dedicated medical tin, a dedicated survival/hiking tin, and an EDC tin which would be a combination of the other two with maybe a little everyday "social" survival added in. On Survivalblog.com I have seen an article detailing one preppers tin entitled "The Ultimate Altoids Tin Survival Kit, by J.C.R" where he goes in depth on what to carry and why and it is pretty amazing what you can fit in there. There are also many other articles on the site (including one by myself), that detail different advantages and uses for the tins.

I don't know if it has been mentioned already or not, but there is a flashlight by fenix (fenix eo1) that is very small, very bright, and takes one AAA battery. If you go to the gun shows in Knoxville, Knoxville Tactical has these for about $10 each (which beats amazon right now), and they are great people to deal with. I keep one with my leatherman wave, one on my key chain, one in my tool chest, one in my truck, one in my truck tool chest, and have extras to spare. Another Knoxville Tactical gun show find is 5.11 Rush 24 bags. After taking a Rush 24 on a family weekend trip (with a condor attachment for a toiletry bag), I now have 3 black Rush 24s and red/reflective Rush 24. I looked and the only one I found cheaper than Knoxville Tactical was the red one that I bought used off craigslist. The red one is designed for emergency personnel and would work great for them and for hiking, but right now, i have allocated it as my car emergency bag (not B.O.B though), to keep jumper cables, some water, first aid kit, etc.

I would like to thank UncleJak for the suggestion about the leather pouches. I bought a few, realized they were too small for what I planned on using them for, but just might make a great EDC pouch.

I am not new to TGO, but until now I have mainly stayed in the trading post section. I say that to say that if I have somehow violated a policy by posting other sites and/or businesses, that I was unaware and will make changes if so informed.

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