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  1.   Depends on how well the safe stops the current I guess.   If it arcs between the safe wall and a gun or knife or whatever with a keg of powder in the middle, it could.  If the safe stops it, its fine.   Loaded ammo I would think is going to go if it arcs.     That brings up the 2nd issue with making one.. there really isn't a good way to test it.
  2.   It could be, depending on the safe, and whether you grounded it or not, and how far from the metal the electronics are stored, and whether there is any powder inside (its gonna spark, bet on it).   This is expensive solution if what you are protecting is commonplace items like a couple of phones or a laptop etc.   If you already have one and there is room ... it can work.
  3. if its on and not cold, is it outta Freon or whatever they use now?
  4.   Yep.   The civil unrest caused by the masses who go 3 months without power is a bit of a concern.   But honestly, I can't see it happening.. the countries that CAN are not likely to do so.  To emp on a grand scale you need a second or third level of nuke tech.  And if the idiots had the first level, they would have blown something up by now just because.   Its pretty far down the list of things to worry about for me.
  5.   if its online and able to send signals, its probably not protected enough.   therein lies the real issue...  its exceedingly difficult to protect a live system.  Its aggravating but not difficult to protect a backup unit esp for small items.   The company I was with worked on the issue for a while.   Fixing a live system is *extremely* expensive -- almost every wire and indeed, almost everything made of metal has to be examined. 
  6. Ill buy a cheap knife.  I can beat it up using it, lose it, run it through the laundry, you name it and not worry about it.  I don't need collectables or military paratrooper grade folded steel.   I have the nice stuff, but I don't use or carry any of it.   One of the best I ever had was a 25 dollar buck ... it cut what I put it to, and it was well made, and it was cheap, and it even stayed sharp for a while.     The last knife I bought was $10 at a gunshow.  It does exactly what I wanted it to do.   Im sure I am not alone out
  7.   Hopefully its a family drama issue and not a child molester.   
  8.   the survival guide you downloaded onto it.  Your backup external hard disk with all your cool info.   Your antique watch.  A ham radio.  Whatever it is that YOU think is worth saving for when the lights come back on (assuming it is  a terrorist attack and not a total meltdown, of course).     These things are hard to build right.  a big metal (conductive..!) box with a plastic box inside that with your stuff inside that with at least 6 inches between your items and the outside walls, and ground the box.  That will stop
  9.   It really depends on how bad it is.  I use dremel polish, diamond dust, and very fine grit sandpaper for most jobs.  Once in a while its bad enough that I use something rough...  but that should be avoided in general.  You should be able to drag whatever you are using across your skin without being scratched for most jobs...  and avoid power tools for most jobs (tempting but they make things uneven).
  10.   A rental car and costs covered would be more than fine, agreed.  Adding on a warranty extension wouldn't be amiss either -- because if they did it right, that will never be used or cost them anything more --  its a way of saying "we screwed up, we fixed it, and we stand behind that fix".  
  11. Looks like "machining" marks to me.  A lot of guns don't polish the insides of unimportant areas and so it looks just like it did when it came off the cutting machine that made it.   Its harmless, if ugly.    I'd check that shiny streak on the right... that slides across each round and it looks (could be dirt, or whatever) like it has a rough spot.  If so, polish that out.    After shooting, some guns will have that area of the slide rubbing the barrel a bit and youll see the wear marks.  If its rough there, polish it.  The gun will tell
  12. 1) the pins are designed to slip if you use too much force, but they also may need to be tightened.  I dunno about your brand but most brands you have to tighten them a LOT before the pin will work.  I am kind of a wimp, and it takes all I can do with 2 wrenches to get it right on MY dies.    Yes, you should resize.    3a:  get a standard commercial 9mm.  Put in your press.  Jack it up into your seating die.  Set it so that the die touches the bullet but does not seat it any deeper.  Try that to see where you are (measure your OAL a
  13. This is just indication of the idiot left gone to seed.  Its the kind of thing you get when people haven't had a course in logic, lack common sense, and have been raised in a vacuum.    Its like a millionaire politician trying to explain how in touch he is with the common working man, only on a grander scale because the author has a triple helping of head-up-assedness.   I could write just as senseless a paper explaining how a violent criminal that is stupid enough to attack armed victims (which should be all of em) is simply committing suicide, just like suicide by
  14. Hmm well, Ill stick to my recommendation then.   If you love the 1911 and the 10mm, combination of the 2 seems like a fit.   The M&P is just going to feel like a popgun after a 10mm.    Again, though, I am assuming you actually want the recoil and blast and all.   If you want something on the tamer side, it might be just the thing.   I was a big noise recoil guy for a long long time,  and still am at heart, so keep that in mind :)
  15. I'd rather have that 1911.   The M&P is a fine gun but 40 means another caliber to deal with, and it will be less exciting (recoil).   I'd say that 10mm is a lot like my desert eagle which is hands down one of the best guns I have ever bought.     But that begs the question of whether you have shot either model.  1911 and glock have very, very different grip - bore angle ratios and many people find one or the other odd.    The M&P is more glockish.     I have more confidence that you might like the 40 due to it b
  16. Looks like we are stuck with him though, now.   If he can beat granny or grampa.
  17.   1) qualified no.  Ive never smeared a big gob in a primer but I have had it get inside my cases and all up in the powder.  It stinks bad, but it shoots just fine.  I tried (once) to lube cases with heated to liquid lanolin tossed in a bag and that's how it got inside.   It wasn't a good technique.   2) I don't.   I lube the bullet instead.
  18.   Liberal tactics turned back on em LOL!   Typical liberals love to provoke until attacked then play victim.   Trump is all over that strategy.     W started a war.   W sr started a war.  Obama continues the war he said he would stop.  The difference is that if Trump gets into a war, he might actually try to win it.   The only thing worse than getting in a petty little war with some pathetic little country is losing it.
  19.   Busted!   I would just bite the bullet and drive down there.  I personally would try to get a LEO to come with me when I went in to claim my stuff.
  20. this is easily solved. 1) write laws that give the police 5 shot .22 short revolvers. 2) Listen to their counter arguments that they would be outgunned or have too slow a reload time or whatever.   Nod and agree. 3) Explain that when the police are not around, citizens face the exact same situations (with less gear, training, and backup) and need the same (or better) firepower as the cops.   4) Dare them to say another word.   .
  21. was there anything in the stock?   My trapdoor had a place for 2 rounds of ammo.  
  22. If talking for fun shooting, rig out a nice target pistol with 1) a red dot sight and 2) a single action usable trigger.   This solves both problems nicely... red dots are often mentioned by older shooters as easier to use than irons when your near vision starts to act up.   And a gentle trigger will prevent carpel tunnel burn and fatigue.   Hand shakes are often a sign of weakness and can be overcome with exercise IF that is actually the issue.  If you are starting to get parkinsons or something like that you will need to see a doctor.    Try just
  23.   Yes, and the generals actually thought the single shot would prevent the men from wasting ammo so  they didn't need to carry as much of it!   The 45-70 trapdoor was a POS that was behind the curve.  Its probably one of the top 3 reasons Custer got his butt kicked -- the natives had lever guns.   I have a trapdoor in serviceable condition but have not shot it.   Its heavy, it shoots a ballistically challenged round (modern know-how can correct this somewhat, but at the time it was about like a catapult), its slow to reload,  and was a total disaste
  24.   He might get a stern talking to about it but nothing more.  Its one of those where you gots to tell the kid where he went wrong in public while pinning a medal on him in private.
  25. I am not aware of any toxic trees in the USA.    for flavor, its generally considered OK to use any "hard" wood.  Smoke is more or less smoke.  Cherry, for example, isn't going to give your food a sweet cherry taste -- it gives it a smoky taste same as oak or anything else.  A lot of places that sell the chips make much of what type of wood it is, but they all taste like smoke to me.   It will smoke a bit more if fresh cut.   I kind of like that -- I want a strong smoked flavor on my stuff.   Dry wood burns better and smokes less.
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