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  2. A friend has 3 boys and we have 2, all similar ages. His wife says when boys get together, the collective IQ doesn't multiply, it divides. That's funny but also not entirely untrue.
  3. Hello, I'm new to this, thought this might be the place for answers. Are there any east TN organizations that specialize in helping people of color get licensed/trained/etc with firearms? I saw some national gun clubs online, but was curious if there were specific local shows or groups focusing on helping POC get open carry permits, discussing laws, purchasing, and so on. Seems like a smart move for a program like this to exist for defense against law enforcement especially. Any info is appreciated. Thank you!
  4. I've no idea how people manage tiny trailers they can't see. I should probably learn to use my mirrors more than I do, but my utility trailer is 4ft wide and hard to see in the side mirrors until it's already headed the wrong way. Its got a rear ramp gate that I can more easily see when looking over my shoulder.
  5. I learned to use the mirrors when I got a CDL. Turns out the view ain’t real good out the back glass of a dump truck.
  6. I have the same issue. When I put it behind my flatbed I can't even see it. On a serious note, I've done a lot of towing over the years with loads of all different sizes. Learning to back using my mirrors was the single best thing that I ever learned to do to help backing a trailer easier.
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  8. Keep the rest of the state from Constitutional carry because one particular people group is massively overrepresented in gun crime stats? Political correctness is a religion to these people.
  9. I like to say, as the size of the crowd increases, the IQ decreases. Even smart individuals can get caught up in the herd.
  10. I didn't know about West Virginia that's where my Fiance's family lives...good to know if I ever found myself without my permit for some odd reason.
  11. I might disagree with you on the stupidity of the American populace. Some individuals are intelligent and discerning, a mass of people seem to lose all thinking ability and fall to the level of the least among them.
  12. Could not agree more. I have a log splitter that is very short, I would say less than 4 feet from the ball of the log splitter to the axel. I cannot back that Thang up to save my life. I have to get out unhitch it and move it around.
  13. Someone grab this. They don’t make them like this anymore.
  14. @pop pop, couldn't you still report the incident at your house and your suspicion that they might be connected to that assault (and possibly murder)? At the very least, you have a vehicle description, which might be better than what the police currently have...
  15. So, dug this one out too. These 1st Gen SS are bringing astounding prices online now. I’m seeing them from 1000-1800.00. Mine is extremely nice, books in the bottom, except for a ding in the right side grip frame. I couldn’t get it to show up well initially so I did the unthinkable (a coat of Mother’s Polish on the specific area to bring out the dent) to make the spot easier to photograph. The right guy could work this ding down to near nothing and of course dull the area again easily. I just wanted to make sure it was visible in the Ad. BTW, I’d like to get $750, and it’s a 1991 manufactured date.
  16. Dave, the man I was speaking of lived on Factory Road (3 Mi long). It is a road that runs between Richland Road and Halls Hill Pike. He was actually an acquaintance of mine and he had a disease of the eyes and could only see a little peripherally. He was in the Hospital for 3 weeks and his son told me the beating he took, he never really recovered from it. The punks robbed him, ransacked his home, then just beat him for fun. He lived 1 week after his discharge from the Hosp. I feel sure it was the same 3 that I had problems with, here in Lascassas, on that same morning. They drove down our road, turned onto Browns Mill road, and across Guy James to Halls Hill, then turned on Richland road then on Factory. They spied him walking back up his driveway, on Factory Road. His house is only about 5 miles from ours. He never seen them following him to his house, of course he was legally blind and had very little vision. The thugs were just driving country roads looking for trouble. I do wish I would have reported them. As far as I know they have not been arrested. One can not be too careful, in this time.
  17. Very very nice. I am looking at another collection at the moment. If these are still available in a week or so I might be interested. GLWS
  18. We haven't had any complaints.
  19. I am intrigued, but fear we may never know the outcome...
  20. Sounds like it's a really gray area like some of the other laws they have.
  21. I have not encountered that problem. I've found the short lawnmower trailers and four wheeled cotton wagons among the hardest trailers to back. I haven't found one vehicle any more difficult than the next. Different, but not more difficult.
  22. Utopias exist only in books and Bartlett does have crime, but I find it extremely hard to believe that 10 people have been shot in the same Bartlett neighborhood in less than a year and no one knows anything about it and the news folks never picked it up. Nextdoor, Facebook, and local news would have erupted.
  23. Individuals can be smart; people are dumb.
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