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  1. If you are going to engage in 2A discussions you might want to get your facts straight. Both of those statements are incorrect. The NFA of 1934 restricted ownership of fully automatic weapons to those who choose to pay the tax. The Gun Control Act of 1968 regulated the interstate transfer of all firearms. They was no more sending of guns to your doorstep from dealers after that.
  2. I just did some more digging through the book. Your Model 32-1 was most likely made in 1968/1969. The listing is on a different page from the rest of the J-frames, thus the confusion. It also says R prefixes for this model started in 1969 and as diamond grips were eliminated in '68, this one is on the cusp so to speak. .38 Regulation Police and Models 32,33 1949-1969 54475-122678
  3. Yeah, The Book leads me to believe all J-frames of that era had a J or R prefix. It specifically lists the R prefix for Model 32’s and as we see it is a 32-1 with matching grips so that rules out a 1957 model as you already know would be correct for that number with no prefix. J or R, would still make it a ‘73 gun IMO, according to what The Book says, but it is not always right. Rob, you might want to go over to the S&W forum (the blue one that sucks on mobile) and let those guys figure this out.
  4. I doubt it. Probably R. Editing post now.
  5. That puts it in the 1973-77 range. Serial number range for those years are R100000–R190000. That model was discontinued in ‘74. I’d say it was made in ‘73
  6. Through out the first few digits of the serial # on the butt and I’ll look it up in The Standard Catalog. You might as well get some ammo while it’s available. I think it’s kinda seasonal. https://aimsurplus.com/ammunition/38-s-w/
  7. I don’t know but they hold cosmoline very well.
  8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that coming.
  9. DDI was a Knoxville outfit as was Waffen Werks. Neither means doodly-squat now, but DDI did make some quality AK’s. Never buy a used PSA AK. They mistakenly started out with cast parts, like many other American makers, and is typical of them, they go through a couple of “gens”. Looks like they are now using forged parts, at least if you pay a little more.
  10. And now for the rest of the story... https://www.syracuse.com/crime/2019/08/cny-homeowner-who-shot-killed-2-intruders-has-charges-dropped.html The charges were dropped and the house was condemned because it was a dump that had no electricity or running water. No doubt charging him for possession of the gun was just plain wrong, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed.
  11. Those were they days. We also had windows that rolled down all the way, no stupid-ass electronic sensors that cost too much and don’t work, and far more intelligent people going about life. I used to stand up in the passenger seat of mom’s VW Squareback riding around town, lol. But she sure as hell did not leave me in the car, ever, especially with windows and doors that won’t open.
  12. Google the Christian-Newsome murders in Knoxville from 2007. You might get an idea of why some deserve death as a penalty. The family of those two kids just finished the latest trial of an entire series of trials that has been going on for 12 years.
  13. Have you ever heard of “swatting” where someone calls the law on someone else they want to screw with claiming they are going crazy with a gun in their house? Imagine that going mainstream.
  14. Can’t help with recipes but that’s kind of a rare gun isn’t it? Not many K-frame M&P .32’s were made. Not saying you shouldn’t shoot it, I’m just impressed you have one!

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