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  1. Garufa

    Recommendation on safe movers in Knoxville

    If it’s big enough a couple of friends can’t do it maybe these folks could help: https://knoxvillesafehouse.com/
  2. If you shoved a .45 brush through a .30 bore that many times I’d say that’s enough. Personally, I’d go through it a couple of times with an 8mm brush, then continue as usual with a .30. There is no magic solvent. I’d just push a sloppy wet patch through the barrel of CLP or Kroil and let it sit for a day. Wipe clean, then repeat. I’ve fussed with mil-surps long enough to know they will never be clean.
  3. Sounds like it might have been put away after shooting corrosive ammo without proper cleaning. Keep scrubbing but don’t be too aggressive. It will probably be ok.
  4. Garufa

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    Kinda like saying the Hi Power is a modernized 1911. The CZ is a 45 year old design.
  5. Garufa

    cwd CWD in TN, Near Memphis

    This could be the catalyst for the zombie apocalypse...https://www.foxnews.com/health/deadly-zombie-deer-disease-could-possibly-spread-to-humans-experts-warn.amp
  6. Garufa

    Emojis locking up mobile browser

    Occasionally on Safari/iPhone they do hang up, especially when trying to switch categories.
  7. So it appears what Dickerson has introduced is a bit different from what is currently being discussed. Rep. Johnson (D-Knoxville) and Sen. Kyle (D-Memphis are behind HB1049/SB0943) http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=HB1049&ga=111 Here is what Dickerson's behind. It basically covers an extreme risk protection order in which bars firearms ownership for a year. It does not address disposition of the arms during that year (at least I didn't see anything during a quick read) : http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/Default.aspx?BillNumber=SB1178&ga=111 The Democrat bill is far more involved. 19 pages vs. four.
  8. Garufa

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    Most reviews I've seen are fairly positive.
  9. I hope you and everyone else takes note that it is a republican driving this bill.
  10. Garufa

    Brownells email advertises Hi-Power clone

    Maybe, but nearly everyone make 1911’s, no one is making the Hi Power anymore...until now.
  11. Garufa

    Best cleaning tools?

    This goes back to my earlier comment. The tools are one thing, the cleaning juices used in the process are an entirely different matter. I’ve come to the conclusion no one knows what they’re talking about when it comes to that.
  12. Garufa

    Best cleaning tools?

    Cool. I can see how that would come in handy.
  13. Garufa


    I hear the black helicopters. How long is something like that going to last? /sarcasm
  14. Garufa

    TWD Season 9

    Season 9 resumed last night. I thought it was decent. Dirty Darryl may need to take a bath if he starts becoming a leader, lol.
  15. Garufa

    Best cleaning tools?

    The only thing I can swear by is a one-piece coated cleaning rod and Hoppe’s #9 with cheapest bronze brushes from WM. Q-Tips are an indispensable must, along with an old toothbrush. Pipe cleaners are very handy as well. One thing I can assure of is every person is probably going to give a different opinion.

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