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  1. Garufa

    Working the Ammo Deals

    I submitted Deer Camp Cash rebate that started this thread off on 11/12. Received a Qualified notification on 11/26. Other than that status still shows as processing. Submitted the Black Pack rebate on 11/25. Qualification shows as Pending Review.
  2. Garufa

    Rural King

    If you knowingly lie on a 4473 it is a crime.
  3. Garufa

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Spike it into the trash. Egg nog is nasty.
  4. Garufa

    Snow tomorrow ??

    It might be fun up the the tri-cities but Knoxville sucks. It’s a wet, slushy mess that will probably be gone by this afternoon. At least two inches of it. Just heard two transformers blow so I guess there’ll be no power for a while.
  5. Garufa

    Rural King

    What is a CCDW? Was this at an RK in TN or KY?
  6. Nice shooting @Capbyrd, especially with @Chucktshoes‘s rifle. I can see the pasties covering up the holes from where he was shooting.
  7. Garufa

    Good News

    Just paid $1.93/gallon at Weigel’s a couple of hours ago. That was down 5 cents from this morning at the same store.
  8. There is a fairly clean hole in the glass where it entered. Not so sure that it hit somethings first. Here’s some news: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wbir.com/amp/article%3fsection=news&subsection=crime&headline=glass-shattered-after-gun-unintentionally-discharged-at-kingston-pike-restaurant&contentId=51-620993096
  9. These types of things are to be expected at a place that serves nachos in dog food bowls.
  10. https://www.tennessean.com/story/opinion/2018/11/30/red-flag-laws-curb-gun-violence-and-protect-second-amendment/2150449002/ A Tennessee state senator explains why he is introducing a "red flag" bill to remove firearms from people deemed by a court to be dangerous and why it can be a bipartisan win. Gun violence plagues all American communities – including those in Tennessee – and cannot be ignored. We need to come together across political divisions and formulate policies to curb the number of senseless deaths while still protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Often, following mass shootings, people who knew the shooter indicate there were warning signs. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, for example, reports surfaced that the gunman’s mother had called the police regarding his behavior on multiple occasions. Similarly, following the shooting at the Capital Gazette newsroom, a woman who had been stalked by the gunman said she told police officers that he would be the “next mass shooter.” Those in crisis and considering suicide may also exhibit warning signs and in the past five years, firearm suicide has claimed the lives of approximately 3,000 Tennesseans. With nearly 22,000 Americans dying every year, firearm suicide is a public health crisis in our nation. Unfortunately, the people who notice warning signs, most often family and law enforcement, lack the tools necessary to intervene before it is too late. Passage of the law could be a bipartisan win Many states have addressed this shortfall by passing “red flag laws.” Red flag laws allow law enforcement and family members to seek a court order to temporarily remove guns from potentially dangerous situations. Red flag laws empower us to be proactive in preventing gun violence while containing robust due process protections to ensure a person’s access to guns is limited only when a court finds there is clear and convincing evidence these individuals present a risk to themselves or others. Since the Parkland shooting, eight states have passed new red flag laws, all with bipartisan support. Half of these bills have been signed by a Republican governor. This is exactly the type of bipartisan, common-sense gun violence prevention policy we need in Tennessee, which is why I will introduce a red flag bill when the Tennessee General Assembly reconvenes next session. Sen. Steve Dickerson, R-Nashville (Photo: Submitted) As a lifelong Republican, gun owner and avid shooter, I respect and know the importance of the Second Amendment. I also know reducing gun violence in Tennessee will require leadership from people with a variety of backgrounds. I look forward to working with leaders from both parties and our new governor to pass this important bill. This policy can save lives while protecting our Second Amendment rights and that is why I hope my colleagues will join me in supporting this critical public safety tool. Steve Dickerson, R-West Nashville, represents District 20 in the Tennessee Senate.
  11. Garufa

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    Not the greatest book but it's worth reading just to finish the series up. They have it at the library.
  12. Garufa

    Shades of "One Second After" (book)

    You’ve got one more to go. The Final Day makes it a trilogy.
  13. Garufa

    Force not with Luke

    or even having them.

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