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  1. Thanks for posting. I avoid amazon at all costs. I've had used items sent before. Not to mention their political agenda, which is enough for me personally. YMMV. +1 on Kenzie and Primary Arms. Had great service from both. I'd rather pay more and support a small company than save a few dollars and feed the machine. My 2 cents.
  2. So sorry to hear. Prayers for comfort and peace.
  3. I have a two portable units like yours but different flavor. Also have a transfer box wired to run the ground floor of my house. While they have not been needed for emergencies at my 20, they have done duty during the flood at my parents and just recently at my sister's after the last tornado. Plus I use them on the farm for various duties. I start them every month with a load for 30 minutes each session and don't run ethanol fuel. Looking to add an up grade to a more permanently installed solution now that I'm older and we just installed an lp tank out here in the country. Saving up th
  4. https://fox17.com/news/local/state-rep-sponsors-bill-that-would-make-tn-a-sanctuary-for-2nd-amendment Apparently it's in the works. Don't know how many sponsors. Your calls need to go to your STATE representatives. Doubt any good will come from Blackburn or Hagerty at the federal level other than letting their state level contacts know their position. They are too busy with comrade buydin et al. As far a bucking the feds, the feds will only blackmail the state by withholding federal dollars. If the feds can't get local help, doubt they'll try the door to door stuff.
  5. What everybody above me said because I can only think of one word. Wow ! ....... great job! Okay three words.
  6. brat


    I'll take the defensive rounds. PM on the way.
  7. I've had terrible results with USPS. Lost two packages completely, had one (a gift for Christmas) delivered to Nashville and routed back to Wisconsin and made another migration south. Delivered three weeks late. It never gets any better, so for the last four months, I just pay extra for better service. Piece of mind insurance knowing stuff will get here on time. Has really helped my anger management and psychological outlook. Need to check and see if spending extra money on FedEx and UPS is deductible as a medical expense.
  8. Another +1 for GT. Have bought blue labels on line. I just emailed them a copy of my papers, waited for confirmation, picked out a pistola, paid and they sent it to my favorite local FFL. Easy peezy.
  9. Nashville is encrypted, but others are not yet. Big expense going trunked, not all counties can afford. I listen almost daily to Rutherford SO, Boro PD and county EMS on my Beofeng with a J pole. Live in Rutherford, here's your radio dope. You'll notice the leo/fire/ems mid way or so. https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?tab=reports&ctid=2502&rpt=1
  10. Try Echo Three Armory. They're in Chapel Hill, don't know what part of Middle Tennessee you need.
  11. If you're looking for kydex, I've been real pleased with Bravo Concealment. I have a couple of ALS Safariland and the son loves the GLS if you require some type of mechanical release. For leather I'm old school and just get Bianchi.
  12. You can also likely find what you want at Bailey's logging and arborist site. https://www.baileysonline.com/forestry-woodcutting/axes-mauls.html I like to shop the antiques stores and pawn shops. Surprising what good steel people throw away.
  13. To the OP If you have Baofeng radios, download CHIRP software. Easy way to program what you need/want. Spend less than $35 for an Ed Fong roll up J-pole antenna for at least one radio. Go here and see that somebody already has a band plan and procedure. You can develop your own for your group/neighborhood. Depending on your programming, even if you don't talk on it, the radio is a source of intel from others broadcasting. You can likely program your local PD and SO, plus Fed agencies and some military. IF it becomes a true shtf and power is out, so are repeaters unless backed up. Easy to
  14. Sure, but most likely a year round effort......
  15. Good for you. Yes it is comforting to drive by the grocery and gas lines knowing you don't have to mingle with the herd.


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