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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize they’d died off that much!
  2. I’ll second this statement! Thanks for sharing pictures of that rifle!
  3. rugerla1


    I’ll be heading to St Louis Sunday basically driving into the path of the storm as it comes to us. Hopefully the roads are decent and I can avoid at least some people who don’t know they can’t drive on snow
  4. I’ve been using a Lucky Duck Revolt for several years and really like it. I recently picked up a Foxpro X2S though and am looking forward to using it. So far I’ve only tinkered with it and had it out to call on one stand for about 20 minutes before we lost light. Had coyotes hollering all around us but no time left.
  5. Wow! I hadn’t heard this!
  6. In addition to those mentioned above add Southern Precision Rifles in Cookeville to the list to check with.
  7. Happy New Year my TGO family!!
  8. Merry Christmas Red and all of the TGO family!
  9. My season sure hasn’t been like that! Haha But I also haven’t been able to get out this year like previous years. Congratulations to your son on the super fast successful hunting!
  10. First off, glad he’s getting better! And yeah vets tend to not be cheap in most cases but glad they’re around for sure. Second, glad to hear your NV showed up and you’re enjoying it I’m not sure which IR comes with that but I didn’t realize mine had adjustment and had it on flood and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Tightened up the beam and BAM, huge difference. Hope you pop some yotes with it soon!
  11. Guess it would have helped if I’d actually pasted the link huh? https://outdoorlegacygear.com/products/american-defense-mfg-sightmark-wraith-qd-mount
  12. Glad to hear your dog is doing better! Congrats on the Wraith purchase. If you want to be able to take it on and off of your rifle check out this mount by ADM. An actual return to zero QD mount. Absolutely love it and it does what it says it will. I just ordered my first thermal optic a couple days ago and it’s delivering tomorrow. I’ll have it in hopes of TN passing it, but can also go to other states and hunt until the. I have family in Missouri and Texas so I have to plan some trips. Give your dog a pat on the head for me and I hope that he’s back to 100% soon!
  13. Man all of that sounds like a lot of fun! I will be celebrating when I finally am able to get a thermal. Night vision is fun too but whole new ball game with both. Post up some pictures after your trips, I’d love to see them!
  14. You’re in on that action though ain’t ya?
  15. Yessir, I totally understand that!
  16. Picked this up to use in addition to the Lucky Duck Revolt. This is the Foxpro X2S and I’ve been tinkering with it around the house. Can’t wait to get out and try it. You can definitely feel and hear that it’s a quality call!
  17. Yes, that’s the one I have. This is the newer version: Sightmark Wraith 4K Max 3-24x50 w/IR Digital Night Vision Riflescope, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0874X3BM7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_VC2BZTAT9WHG3890W3ZH I don’t know alleycat72 except for seeing him here on TGO. He probably has much more experience with the NV and Thermal scopes than I do. I just wanted to give you an option to look at until someone else that’s used them more than I have was able to add to the conversation. Good luck in your search, hope you find what works for you soon.
  18. Glad to hear that it looks better than it sounded. Full recovery is in my prayers! You would be happy out to 150 with the Wraith for sure and can always upgrade to a better IR. The factory works fine but there are much better ones available if you find you enjoy messing around with it. I’m going to get a thermal next, but it’s a big, big price difference to get into that game. The technology isn’t cheap so neither are the optics. They sure are fun though! Good luck in the hunt and hope you bust the yote that got your Boston!
  19. Wow! Hope you’re dog is okay and heals up soon. If you want to get a NV setup without breaking the bank but still not be buying junk, look at the Sightmark Wraith. The version I have is the HD version but they came out with a 4K version no. Would definitely help you out with what you’re needing. You can record video day or night with it as well.
  20. Wow, that’s a FAT sucker! Very nice
  21. Had work and other family activities all weekend so did not get out at all. I’ll be working this Saturday as well so Sunday is my only option. No matter what the weather I will be back out. The season is gonna be over and I’ve only had one buck that even somewhat tempted me all year so far. I have plenty of venison in the freezer so waiting on a big buck is fine. But if a fat doe pops out I may not be able to pass on the opportunity. If one blows at me I’m busting her on pure principle Good luck and hope y’all get a few more opportunities to hunt than I’ll have left this year.


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