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  1. Walkout because public education is a brainwashing organization run by a hostile mob
  2. if you can think it you should try it
  3. Glad the Psyop™ is finally coming to Tennessee
  4. Do you know how often you will do these this summer? I've been wanting to go to one for a while but life keeps happening.
  5. i am not good to go tell the bad guys to go somewheres else
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gimme at least a week or two to think this over, I loved cleaveland last time I was there. $50 is worth it plus meeting a TGOer is a deal if I ever knew what that meant
  7. I really want to do camera video stuff but I can't currently justify $100 plus travel.
  8. we live in the future accelerationists wanted
  9. careful throwing up random devil horns guys are you trying to summon the...oh oh god no I was too late, it's here
  10. you decide your fair share. government complicates this by indoctrinating the masses into the fantasy called social contract granting them the imaginary ability to impose on others for the sake of their subjectively determined good unpopular opinion: you own you
  11. How to kill a rattlesnake with your bare hands:
  12. sure, hopefully it'll make you want to build an mp5!
  13. Also, George and I have already acquired a few HK specific tools intended for the build party. George might have most of an MP5 when we try out the G3s first so we can also mess with an MP5 at the same time.
  14. I hate doing this, but I talked to George about postponing the MP5 build, wanted to give anyone interested a heads up. My laptop is taking a dump. I thought I could get it to last till tax season but existing problems are getting worse. So my budget won't allow a new computer and an expensive weapons build this soon. Another thing, which was brought up in the MP5 threads was welding this thin metal. So me and George are planning to build a few G3 as guinea pigs to get familiar with the HK flat bending/welding/assembly process. These rifles are way cheaper but we aren't going to get quantity discounts as right now we're the only ones thinking of experimenting with them. This test will also give use the hands on building experience, ideas, and time to rethink and optimize tooling and processes for an MP5 build party. Hope y'all are still interested in an MP5 build, even though it probably wont be till around summer. We're going to try and still put together a group buy on those contingent on how the G3 builds go. Again, I'm sorry for anyone who wanted in on an MP5 earlier than summer, but the computer thing was unexpected and I'm trying to find a way to spin it into a positive. Hopefully the G3 build are a beneficial experience so we can have more control over the MP5 builds.
  15. Ted S.


    I guess Caravan to Midnight is kind of a podcast, but a long-format interview type. the only other podcast I listen to is thedamnwoods.com, for conspiracy, video games, and drunken alaskan-anarchist tangents.
  16. well, looks like we're just going to have to find either another kit or everyone will have to piece it together with the best parts deals we can find.
  17. Reading this upsets me. You did everything you could do. Please don't fault youself for this.
  18. We're planning on doing the group buy the first week of January. The month following receiving the kits we'll do the build party. If we have lots of people we'll split the builds up to keep smaller groups. The price as of now is just under $1300 per the quantity quote given to George. If this changes for whatever reason we'll let everyone know. We're going to work out with the business owner how we'll get him the payments and pass the info on. Build party location(s) is still pending (a) volunteer(s). Feel free to DM George or me for additional info. I'll add the kit link, for reference only, later.
  19. It's something we're thinking about still.
  20. I'm still on the Cthulhu bandwagon. Why vote the less evil when you can vote for best evil?
  21. This would make a great comedy skit.
  22. Bumping this. Hopefully we'll have a timeline for the group buy if not the build party by mid-October as well as a build party location.

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