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  1. We are going to be driving from Gallatin, TN to San Francisco in June. Can I legally carry my pistol in California? I have a pistol lock box in our crew cab truck. Under the back seat. Don't really want to travel that far without any protection. Thanks, gearyr
  2. Midsouth Shooters Supply has H110 in stock if anyone is interested
  3. I have a M91/59 I brought at the Nashville gun show back in the late 90's. Paid $100.00 for it. It was and still is in perfect condition. The Russians cut down M91 rifles to carbine length rifles. No bayonet. It is not for sale
  4. What is the law on traveling through Illinois with a TN HCP? Going to St. Louis, MO
  5. I finally found some W748. The guy had 3, 1 pound bottles. Bought all 3.
  6. Well I live 40 miles NE of Nashville. Memphis is too far for me to drive. But thanks anyway
  7. Anyone know where I can get some W748 powder at? Reloaders Bench and Midsouth Shooter's Supply are out. Thanks, gearyr
  8. gearyr

    Taurus G2C

    I have the G2. Never had a problem with it. The 1 problem I had was crappy steel case ammo. The Monarch brand Academy Sports sells. Jammed and several FTF. Brass and alumnium case ammo no problem. gearyr
  9. My wife and I are going on a cruise out of New Orleans soon. We are going to park at the the Port of New Orleans parking garage. I have a carry permit. I can't find out any info on the Port of New Orleans policy on firearms. Thanks, gearyr
  10. It's been awhile since I have done any shooting. I'm a member of The Gallatin Gun Club. Now that it's closed, I have no where to shoot long range rifle at all. The club hasn't bought any land yet for a new range. If the Gallatin Gun Club hasn't got a new range by next year. I won't be joining back up. Not going to pay $200.00 dues with no where to shoot. I guess I'll have to go over to the TWRA range Long Hunter on Fridays. gearyr
  11. I got a e mail from Midsouth Shooters Suppy in Clarksville, TN They have in stock as of this morning. gearyr
  12. I want to buy some stripped AR15 lowers. Who around here has some at a reasonable price? I have found some Anderson lowers on the internet. But I don't want to go through the hassel of doing the transfer fee and all that. Thanks, gearyr
  13. Well I live out here in Castalian Springs. Just a jump and a hop for me to our new range! But the $200.00 a year just might cause a lot of us not join back up. The only way I can do that is. If the club membership can let some of us pay the membership monthly. If not, bye, bye. gearyr
  14. Man I really hate that the Gallatin Gun Club is getting kicked out. I've been a member since 1992. I am only about 9 miles from the range. TVA is saying that the reasons are, security issues, and also safety issues due to planned growth of plant facilities. As far as I know there has never been any incidents of any one shooting out there that has EVER caused any trouble. I say BS! I think it is the current president Obama having to do with this.He hates guns, hates people that owns guns, hates the 2nd amendment , and hates us NRA members! So, hopefully the GGC leadership can build a new gun range in the future. I will like wise will continue to pay my yearly membership. gearyr
  15. Most of the time when I resize rifle brass. I just take a rag and wipe off the sizing lube. But that is for small runs. Now that I have a AR 15, I have a lot of .223/5.56 brass to resize. Don't want to wipe off every piece of brass.Can I just put the resized brass back in the tumbler with corn media and tumble the lube off? Thanks, gearyr
  16. They are brand new. Made in China! I bought 2 of them last year during the black Friday sale. gearyr
  17. Look up Grab a Gun.com. they are a lot cheaper than Bud's. I just bought a new Springfield Amory XD Mod.2 in 9mm from Grab a Gun. The price was $439.00 for the pistol, $5.99 shipping. They have a list of FFL dealers they deal with. I had mine shipped to Blue Line Gun Shop in Gallatin, TN. Blue Line charges $25.00 for the FFL transfer and $10.00 back ground check. I didn't have to pay any TN sales tax either. Grab a Gun is in Texas. Placed my order 9-23-2015, the pistol got the Blue Line 9-29-2015. gearyr
  18. Do you have a link to the bill of sale so I can print it out? Thanks, gearyr
  19. His name is not Haslam. It is HASLIED! That is what I have always called him. The only reason he joined the NRA. Is to get most of us gun owners to vote that scum bag. gearyr
  20. I tried to shoot the Monarch steel case out of my Taurus PT111 G2. It wasn't the pistol. Had 4 to 6 out of 100 rounds that did not go off. The rest did fire. I had a similar experience with Wolf steel case ammo. It was 45 ACP out of my Ruger P90. So I will not buy any more steel case pistol ammo. Thanks, gearyr
  21. Bullet! The Steve McQueen movie. Brad Pitt would be good for Steve McQueen's part. gearyr
  22. I bought a box of aluminum case 9mm 115 grain ammo at Wally World. Haven't shoot it yet. Any one on here shot any of it? I bought 2 boxes of the Academy Sports Monarch steel case 9mm. JUNK! I had several FTF. I won't buy any of crap again. Thanks, gearyr


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