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  1. Is anyone really surprised? This kind of crap is the end game. I will not defend bigotry, but if someon is a bigot they have as much of a right to be as someone does to say kum bye ah we are all equal. I am hoping as socialist and communist as the democratic party is getting that justice clarence thomas decides to retire while a republican can replace him or we are screwed.
  2. almost positive ammo and guns have to be separate. Probably like gun in one bag and ammo in another. I also think they have mag capacity limits there, but not sure since i never plan to go there. Some states like South carolina allow you to keep a loaded gun in the car as long as its in the glove box or center console if you have one ( the kind that close). I personally think all states should allow this ( lots i think like reciprocity). Restaurants. I have been told just about any italian place in the area will be good and there are some good bbq joints there. Find a place that has blues music and you will find good bbq. The blues in chicago though is more horn oriented than guitar like say MS delta blues.
  3. Could be something said about being a dick. Dicks decided to dick around with patriots and got dicked in the end. I won't buy anything there.
  4. One of the first times i can think of an obama apointee that did not rule the way you would figure he would. After the obamacare decision and gay marriage decision i figured it was just republican appointees who shocked people with their decisions.
  5. Very creative, but insidious. I have often figured the lefties will find ways to make ammo so expensive that we cant afford to shoot
  6. Very sweet. I would hate to part with it, but i like to use things i have. A knife that nice i would have under bullet proof, fire proof class.
  7. does not suprise me. I used to work for mbna who was bought out ( sold out) to bank of america and they were super far to the left.
  8. I know California loves illegal immigrants but I was really surprised by the verdict. I believe he did not plan to kill her, but neither did the guy who shot a neighbor while deer hunting. His actions from breaking into the country to picking up the gun 100% caused her death and he should be held accountable. I know people are tired of the crap and I would not be surprised if we start seeing more "negative feedback" against illegals and their supporters like those two defense lawyers who try to turn this on Donald trump. It had nothing to do with him except to prove the president was right. On top of that they have several people from the Mexican consulate there ( WTF). We are really being p*ssies as a nation. He will get deported and just come back. My opinion we should send him back with half his foot cut off. Illegal immigration will not stop until we get tough with them and I am sorry if that offends anyone.
  9. I have friends from south korea and have been told the ruling family of north korea is crazy enough to believe they could survive and win a war with the usa. The only reason we have not taken them out yet is china. They have a mutual protection pack and china wont get involved if NK starts with the usa. China really needs to rethink this as we could also pull our business from china. There are plenty of countries that would welcome our factories and business. also I am sure china knkows both countries would be destroyed and should know that NK is not worth it. Another issue is that with NK getting a pass what happens when IRAN or another countries tries this? I guess it depends on who is backing them. I have been told Israel will handle iran though.
  10. The issue becomes when you ship to a state they are not illegal in. I have no doubt it is done as they used to have switch blades on ebay, but I would not do it personally. Within TN you should be fine.
  11. Must be that no one else who does gun shop security has seen the movie commando about breaking into a gun shop.
  12. Trump did say he would "bomb the sh*t out of them"


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