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  1. SIG P365

    I agree they have pushed cool concepts just fall way short on execution... hypothetically even if they always worked (which i dont feel comfortable trusting my life to) they are not a nice product... feels like a cheap harbor freight tool... may work but feels like ####...
  2. SIG P365

    Yea but kel tecs suck lol
  3. SIG P365

    Im looking forward to the p365 stupid gimmick name but gun looks really promising.... 11 rnds vs 6 or 7 from the glock or shield
  4. Deleted

  5. Deleted

  6. Perfecting my carry gun

    Is everyone triggered or what its a ####ing joke not directed at any particular person... im just saying if i saw some dip #### carrying an ak around concealed carry under a coat the first thought i would have just like many others is wtf is this asshole doing especially bc of all the mass shootings... if thats that hard to comprehend we can just stop here bc you are unreasonable...
  7. Perfecting my carry gun

    Seriously are you trying to justify carrying around an ak at the mall hidden in your coat... really good way to end up dead... can you yes... should you no... i leave an AR IN MY TRUCK for real problems.... actually for the exact reason of some mouth breather carrying around an AK
  8. Sig P320 vs Glock vs S&W M&P

    Dont think anyone could say anyone of those is better than the other... no one could say any of them are bad choices... comes down to your preference... finding that to be more of the trend now days... almost anything you buy from a reputable manufacturer works today... buy what you like... i like m&ps best but carry a glock so whats that tell ya lol
  9. GEN 3 Glock Grip and Short Fingers

    That second chart is gold tho lol
  10. GEN 3 Glock Grip and Short Fingers

    Low left is probably the most common thing from any rh shooter.. I have large hands and shoot my g19 best with the very tip of my finger... those charts can be useful, but i wouldnt use them as the gold standard obviously something that simple is probably not going to tell you everything in every case... i find if im really concentrating i pull groups in tight where i want but if i shoot fast or am not really focused on my fundamentals i will drift low left... the more practice the better ive gotten at this not being a problem
  11. Perfecting my carry gun

    I hate to feel like i need to ask this but this "carry" is a joke right? I mean unless youre in the woods/on a farm/walking around on the moon
  12. ad closed FN SCAR 17 FDE

    I have the 3000 if its still available
  13. M1a or ar10

    The m1as are special... one thing about them seems to be although i might spend more initially the m1a seems like it could cost me drastically more in the long run lol
  14. Opinions about Geissele triggers

    I have not shot a giesselle but i run a alg act in my ar and i love it... think it was 60 something dollars... i have never felt like it was lacking or id shoot better with something else... maybe if i was looking for instant rapid fire double taps id want something different but i prefer a serious gun no super light triggers for me

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