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  1. Strategic Edge is a great range to shoot at. I really like being a member there. Last I heard, the membership was capped around 1800 folks and as mentioned earlier it gets cycled through in June/July time frame when renewals are done and folks don't re-up. Tony won't reach out to you, you'll need to check in with him if you have questions. Not much of a reason for him to contact anyone on the waiting list until the middle of the year when renewals happen. If you are a morning person, you can get to the pistol bays around 8 and have some undisturbed time for about 2 hours as long as there isn't a match or class.
  2. Piling on to the recommendation of the interwebs. MidwayUSA routinely does free hazmat with a minimal order amount.
  3. Over the air here, since 2012. AT&T is terrible as I only have DSL service. Tremendous benefits are that my kids and I play outside way more than we would otherwise. Downside, wife takes to the phone a bunch since it takes less bandwidth.
  4. Yes. I have also picked up some of their GunBroker auctions at the store in the past.
  5. I have to check, but I think I have some. How many you looking for?
  6. Preference on Magpul version? Standard or Pro? Preference on color?
  7. ZDBakker

    FTF Sale

    Forgot about residence and age. Good call.
  8. ZDBakker

    FTF Sale

    The only thing that is required, is for you to not have a reasonable belief that the person purchasing the firearm is a prohibited person. Aside from that it will depend on the persons you are dealing with. Some want a bill of sale, or TN HCP, or just a DL.
  9. Man, if you were close enough, I'd be taking all three. Good luck with sale!
  10. I have a BCA and it is pretty good. Solid retention of pistol. I used both the standard belt loops they provide as well as the pancake loops. I tried a couple different ones including Fury concealment and Black Rhino as well. All are good but the Black Rhino fit me best and is my preferred OWB rig of the three. What pistol you looking to put in it?
  11. Closet Cleaning Buyer pays shipping Don Hume H721 No. 1-4" pancake belt holster - $10 S&W K-frame 4". LEFT HAND Leather Minor scuffs as shown in closeup pic S&W B19 No. 4 belt holster - $10 S&W K-frame 4" RIGHT HAND Leather Bianchi Accumold Size 10A paddle holster - $10 Size 10A: Glock 26, 27; Kahr K9, MMK9 K40, K40 Covert; Sig P239. (according to Bianchi catalog) RIGHT HAND Nylon Bianchi Nylon Belt Size Medium - $10 Sizes 34"-40" Plastic buckle Nylon 1-3/4" Wide (actual measurement is 1-5/8", but is fairly thick
  12. Looking to see if anyone has a favored three lug wrench for installing the HK style three lug muzzle devices. There are few different types that I have seen on the interwebs and wondered if someone had experience with one. Also, not sure how much it matters, but also wondered if there is a general rule of thumb on torque values. I e-mailed the manufacturer of the three lug mount with no reply so far.
  13. Thought I would update as we spent some time down in Chattanooga this weekend. The aquarium is lawfully posted with signs prohibiting carry. There are two buildings and the entrance doors to both had appropriate signage. They were sliding doors however, and if the doors were open, the signs were very much obscured by other signage. There were no metal detectors at the entrances. Consistent with what was mentioned above in the thread, Rock City was not posted at all.
  14. I bought a P94 in 9mm as my first semi-auto pistol. Mostly because that was all I could afford. Never had any issues with it, but it certainly wasn't a thing of beauty, or very light.
  15. Thanks @Esko 270! Some older threads on here and on SIGTalk convinced me of that. Went with an ILWT tri-lug as it was endorsed by a Dead Air engineer on one thread. Since I can run 300 BO through it as well, made sense to have an easy swap out.
  16. Got to take home some hardware last week. Ordered a tri-lug setup for the MPX and Wolf 9. Configured it to the K version a sweet little setup. Will be getting an 8" handguard and running the wolf tucked in. Should leave about 1" out the end in the K configuration. Bought a MK IV 22-45 Lite and what a cool little setup that is! Sounds like an air pistol shooting CCI Standard Velocity.
  17. Ugh... If ya weren't so far away I'd be driving there right now...

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