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  1. A user here @Calexiter has one. Or had one. That he wants to sell.
  2. I'm afraid that this constant hounding is going to create greater animosity. I would say most people don't think about the race of the people they live with and work around, but if you keep pointing it out eventually its gonna be something people notice and if the hounding keeps happening then animosity will be generated. I think we're on the verge of having a couple of generations out there that don't concern themselves with concepts of race and racism, but then here we are again. I worked retail in a hardware store many years in high-school and college and plenty of white people treated me like an ass. There were a few black people who came in, mostly elderly, who treated me really well. Some not so well. I had a black lady claim I was racist because I didn't help her quickly, truth told, we were busy and she didn't ask. Now I'm just and equal opportunity asshole
  3. I should rephrase my statement, "taken" isnt really the right way to put it. You're just paying more than what you could if get an ammoseek account and watch for them to pop up which they seem to do every couple weeks somewhere. You're right in that the market value is just the value right now. Supply is low, demand is high.
  4. These are sweet shotguns. Hard to beat benelli. glws
  5. Mseals22

    Moon shot

    it's streamed from amazon, if you have a high speed internet connection and amazon prime you can log on to your amazon prime account and watch any episode of any season that you want.
  6. Mseals22

    Moon shot

    If you want, check out the show "the expanse", its a scifi show that depicts how people would live if we had the ability to mine the kuiper belt for resources and a number of states sprung up around the solar system as a result of human habitation of planets, space stations (like Dyson swarm size space stations), and mining colonies. The real drive for expansion into the solar systems is resources. There are far more resources in the solar system at large than we have on earth and if you could transport metals, minerals..etc back to earth then all of the issues we have had with mining here would be resolved. it would be easier to crack a rock in space to get iron, silicon, gold, platinum, silver...etc than it is to start chewing through the earth's crust if we had the technology to resolve the logistics of getting it from the edge of the solar system and bring it back. Going to mars is just a step along the way to making that a possibility.
  7. one spare in my front pocket. 3 extra in my bag when I'm out hiking.
  8. I've seen the past couple of weeks if you spend the time to check the usual sites pretty regularly you will run into small rifle primers, sometimes small pistol primers for 5 cents a primer at MOST. If you're paying that on GB you're not only getting taken you're being lazy. I'll pay 40 cents a round for 9 before i pay 15 cents for a primer.
  9. CTD = cheaper than diamonds. Only CTD would pull something like that.
  10. This is the best joke I've heard all day. That's per 50.
  11. there's nothing quite like it that's for sure! thank you!

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