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  1. Jimbo100

    Old Colt revolver help?

    I suggest you try these guys. There are some very knowledgeable forum members, particularly Dfariswheel. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/colt-revolvers/
  2. Jimbo100

    wanted Marlin 336

    As myg30 mentioned there are several on the market in Nashville on Armslist right now.
  3. Jimbo100

    Glock 36

    I have a Glock 36 and really like it. It's never malfunctioned and I shoot it about as well as my Glock 21. It's about the same size as a Glock 26. I asked the same questions you did when I got it and the response was "it's a Glock and it just works." That's been true for mine but others may differ.
  4. Jimbo100

    TN Senate Preference

    Marsha Blackburn and it ain't even close.
  5. Jimbo100

    An Educated choice in a first Handgun

    Whatever you choose I would encourage you to try several different handguns before you choose one. I had a CZ75 clone for many years and it was a great gun. I chose it without trying it out. So, great gun but I didn't shoot it much because it just didn't "feel" right to me and I didn't shoot it as well as a Glock or a 1911. Good luck and enjoy your new gun whatever you choose.
  6. I have one with both .22LR and .22WMR cylinders. Both were very accurate for me at 15 yards off hand. Don't know how it will hold up but for the price it is more than I expected. In short, I have been pleased.
  7. Jimbo100

    Favorite field shotgun?

    I also like the Browning A5 and as I got older I got an A5 light twenty. Pretty good all around in my opinion.
  8. Jimbo100

    A .32-20 Thread.

  9. Jimbo100

    Need some advice????

    I think .22 magnum is okay if she can hit with that and is comfortable with it. My preference is centerfire ammo so I didn't mention .22 magnum. Still miss a Webley in 38/200. It was a very soft recoil accurate revolver. A Smith Victory model in 38/200 is also a nice shooting revolver. That ammo is not generally available however and I like the earlier suggestion of a .38 special revolver with wadcutters or other lighter loads. Having said that good quality ammo in a .22 magnum along with accurate shot placement sounds reasonable to me.
  10. Jimbo100

    Need some advice????

    I am an old man so I wouldn't rule out old solutions. A good quality revolver in Colt, Smith, or other name brand in .38 S&W or .32 Long may not be optimal but they are still plenty lethal. I may be wrong but I think I recall that a .327 magnum will also shoot .32 Long or .32 H&R magnum. Personally I like a Smith K frame with a 4 inch barrel as an all around revolver. I've got others and like them all but a 4 inch K frame is hard to beat. If trigger pull is an issue then Wolff springs or Wilson Combat springs have done the trick for me in the past.
  11. Jimbo100

    Single action

    https://armorysupplies.com/uberti-cattleman-hombre-357-mag-revolver-343900 Not quite at your price point but the lowest I've seen for a new single action in .357. It's a Uberti. As I understand it, these folks inFranklin, TN will ship to your local FFL or if you were closer you could pick it up at Nashville Gun and Knife with no transfer fee.
  12. Jimbo100

    Model 10 With Strange Grip Accessory

    I am definitely old and have a Tyler trigger shoe on a Smith model 19 and a T-grip on a Colt Cobra. Both still feel right to me.
  13. Jimbo100

    Suggestions for my son's first handgun please

    At 18 my son's first personal handgun that I gave him was a .38 special revolver. That has been quite a few years ago now and he still has it and still loves it. He has several of semi-auto handguns now and likes those as well. The revolver also worked well for training his bride and it's her favorite now as well.
  14. Jimbo100

    Knoxville Carry Class

    Appreciate it. Jim
  15. Jimbo100

    Knoxville Carry Class

    Thank you. I will pass this along to them. Jim

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