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  1. I've got a Colt Cobra from 1968. I have complete confidence carrying it. Having had both Smith J Frames and quite a few Colts, I prefer the Colt as it holds 6 rounds instead of the 5 rounds of the Smith J Frame. The Cobra is also small and light weight. As an old man now, I've had a half dozen or so Colt revolvers of various types, and over that time and never had an issue. I believe it's true that they take a real gunsmith to repair once needed, but I've never personally observed that they are more likely to need repair. This isn't a knock on Smith and Wesson. I really like th
  2. I live in east TN and got some .22 ammo at Academy a week ago this past Saturday. The checkout lady didn't ask for any ID.
  3. I've had one for several years and bought it for much the same reasons that you bought yours. It was inexpensive and I liked the ability to shoot .22 WMR as well as .22 LR. Mine is better than I expected for the price and shoots well for a .22 revolver with iron sights. I've had no problems with the Rough Rider and I don't worry about marring the finish, etc.
  4. I agree and I carry non +P, Winchester Super X .38 special semi wadcutters in my .38 special revolvers.
  5. I like .22 mag as well and last year I got a Marlin XT-22M. Mine has a wood stock and it came with a 4 round magazine and a 7 round magazine. It's inexpensive, accurate and I enjoy it. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/marlin-xt-22m-22-wmr-bolt-action-rifle-with-detachable-magazine
  6. You can also get a letter from the L.C. Smith Collectors Assn. My gun is also an L.C. Smith Hunter Arms 00 (field) grade. I suspect these guns would have been the most common configuration. I got a letter from the Assn. hoping for more information on where shipped, etc. The letter didn't provide any new information for me as I already knew the grade and date of manufacture from Brophy's book but it looks nice and is some confirmation. My letter cost $75.00. They did respond to an email on a question I had about my gun's forearm grip which has an unusual release mechanism only use
  7. I have an L.C. Smith 12 gauge, non-ejector, field grade made in 1912. Your serial number is actually a bit lower than mine. If yours is a 12 gauge it looks to have been made in 1910 according to Lt. Col. Brophy's book "L.C. Smith Shotguns". Mine was left to me by an old gentleman who hunted hard with it over his lifetime and it shows. It's as tight today as the day it was made and their old ads said it would stay that way due to its unique design. Yours appears to be in outstanding condition for its age. They are outstanding bird guns as I'm sure you know.
  8. I suggest you try these guys. There are some very knowledgeable forum members, particularly Dfariswheel. https://www.coltforum.com/forums/colt-revolvers/
  9. Jimbo100

    Glock 36

    I have a Glock 36 and really like it. It's never malfunctioned and I shoot it about as well as my Glock 21. It's about the same size as a Glock 26. I asked the same questions you did when I got it and the response was "it's a Glock and it just works." That's been true for mine but others may differ.
  10. Marsha Blackburn and it ain't even close.
  11. Whatever you choose I would encourage you to try several different handguns before you choose one. I had a CZ75 clone for many years and it was a great gun. I chose it without trying it out. So, great gun but I didn't shoot it much because it just didn't "feel" right to me and I didn't shoot it as well as a Glock or a 1911. Good luck and enjoy your new gun whatever you choose.
  12. I have one with both .22LR and .22WMR cylinders. Both were very accurate for me at 15 yards off hand. Don't know how it will hold up but for the price it is more than I expected. In short, I have been pleased.
  13. I also like the Browning A5 and as I got older I got an A5 light twenty. Pretty good all around in my opinion.


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