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  1. Just gonna toss this out there, especially with the recent costs of ammo. If your gonna shoot over a buck a round, why not go with .50 BMG? https://safetyharborfirearms.com/product/shtf-50-mag-fed-upper-conversion/
  2. Most AK's (excluding the purely US made with US parts that out there now) are made from foriegn parts kits and assembled into US made recievers with some 922r US parts added. Post up pics of all markings, especially the left side of the trunnion. Remove the hand guards and look for a stack of numbers or any other markings on the barrel. Show the numbers stamped into individal parts, especially if they match the trunnion (usually the last four numbers) picture of the breach and nuzzle end of the barrel to tell if chrome lined. Then a couple of pictures overall of the AK. This will help in determining origin.
  3. Since one hasn't been posted yet, here is mine. I was in good with the region's biggest Ruger dealer back in Idaho when these first came out. He kept the first one for himself, I got the second one to enter the state.
  4. Can't pick just one either. EDC is a LCP, night stand G17, load out P320, BBQ/outdoor range time SR1911, indoor range time G44, converting money to noise with no practical purpose Draco LOL. All depends what we are doing.
  5. Damn near impossiblle to bend an SKS sight, provided it is factory and doesn't have obvious damage on it. Have you changed anything on it since last year? Stock, receiver cover, add/remove the bayonet, piston cover? Can't rule out stock swelling if it got wet or was kept in the humidity for some reason. How about ammo. Is this the same ammo you have been using? Pictures showing the length of the rifle from the shooters perspective might help. The detailed closeups of the front and rear sights.
  6. This has been on my mind as well. I have a large open area in front with no trees so am leaving towords an underground in this area as there is little chance debri could be piled on top of it. Still want an inward opening door though just in case. My issue is the cost. The prefab ones (moulded fiberglass buried in the ground flush are $6500 to have installed. Metal ones more. When I was stationed in Kansas, there were plenty that were hand built with brick or stone masonary that were mostly in the ground that worked rather well and some had been there for at least 100 years and still functional. I keep running the idea of renting a loader/hoe and digging a big arse hole, using railroad ties with sealer in between, lag bolted together, anchored to a concrete slab, plastic lined for water proofing and then finished on the inside with some paneling to make it more comfortable. Roof would be a layer of ties with I beam supports. inside dimension would be like a 10x10x5 box. Door would be a steel door with inward opening, vents and two steel cross bars to secure it from the inside. Think battleship style hatchway. Covered back over with dirt at least a foot, likely two. This would be placed on a down slope where only the door is exposed and sheltered on both sides like a bunker. Then I keep thinking I should lay off the moonshine. Heck, I dunno. All I know is we are debt free right now (house, land, cars all paid off ) and really do not want to have to finance anything.
  7. bump up. This would make a Christmas present to somone out there...
  8. If it had an aluminum bedding block it's an HS Precision stock. They came facory on Sendero and VSSF versions of the Rem 700.
  9. Middle Stewart County here. One went north of us, one went south. Just walked the perimeter, no visible damage. County FB pages are reporting a few injuries and a few houses gone. Sent volunteer offer to the sherrif, waiting for the phone to ring to go help if needed.
  10. We there a crimp? Lee makes a die for dealing with this. you can go anywhere from a smooth taper crimp all the way to a heavy roll crimp.
  11. I dropped a doe in the back corner of my property a couple weeks back. I have does out most mornings but usually as I am leaving for work. Had a big buck show up now and then through the late summer/early fall but he hasn't been back since rifle season started.
  12. Bump. Looking for most anything AK/SKS related. Some AR but older ones like Windham Bushmasters, Colt SP1's, A1's and the sort.
  13. Acually I do. I have one where the handle broke so I have all innerds. I havn't gotten a replacement yet as like RCBS told you, they have nothing onhand to warranty thier items.
  14. Before you go chopping up a 870 there are a few things to consider. Remington as we have known it no longer exsists. Parts are becomming increasingly difficult to find and more expensive. They are no longer the prolific sub-$200 pawnshop shotguns they used to be. Then there are variants of the 870. If this is a Wingmaster, is may be worth a good chunk. An express, less so. If it is an 870P it may actually be collectible esoecially if marked to a department. That said it's yours, do as you wish. Derf is correct above, the only consideration you have is that there were two barrel nut retaining methods used on 870's. Method A used a detent that interfaced with a ring of notches in the barrel nut. Gave you distinctive clicks as you tighten it down. Method B used a spring cap that locked into two indents on the magazine tube and had a ring on the end that "clicked" into a raised section deeper inside the nut. Since you have an extended tube, I would think you have method A. You just have to make sure the new barrel nut and spring cap you buy are the correct ones or your barrel nut won't lock in correctly.
  15. Adding a few had gun-for-partial trade options to the list: Gen 3 Austrian G17 S&W 10 38 spl Ruger SP101 38 or 357 Ruger Service or Security Six Gen 1 Springfield XD9, Tactical prefered S&W J frame in 38 or 357 Feel free to toss some others out there to think about.
  16. I never shoot this so I decided to move it along. It is a 1918 dated Amberg (Bavaria) Gewehr 98 Mauser. 8mm. No import markings, coveted 3 acceptance marks, Imperial Crown intact. Mostly numbers match, in that the barrel, reciever, stock, and bottom metal match. The floorplate and bolt group do not. It does pass headspacing. The bore is as expected, dark but with clear, deep rifling all the way to the crown. It is 100% intact with no sporterization. Here is some reference to the markings: https://gewehr98.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/imperial-cyphers-proofs-and-acceptance/ The only current retail references I have found are to Royal Tiger Imports who only has 2 left and they are in very rough condition. They are asking $1k which I think is utterly ridiculous. This one is in much better shape. Asking a firm $800 or trade. Trade items I am interested in are Kalashnikovs, 47 or 74, no US made ones. Romania prefered as these are my favorites. AKM, RPK, or PSL. Be aware though, I think the current retail on these is just a ridiculous as the current retail on 103 year old Mausers so the trade would be straight across for a like condition com-block AK. I am north/west of Nashville between Clarksville and Paris. Willing to travel some for the right deal. Please PM offers and lets discuss. Enjoy!
  17. MidSouth Shooters Supply has a good sale on Lee Challenger kits in the $150 range. They are very easy to work with. Pick the one you want, call them in the morning to place your order. Drive to Clarksville that same afternoon to pick it up and save on shipping. They are right off I24 so there is no driving through town. They do not have a retail front but they do have a phone order pickup desk. These are even in stock (thier website is very accurate when you sort in-stock items). https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/0000690050/breech-lock-challenger-kit-(50th-anniversary-kit)
  18. Modifications depend what you want to do with it. My glocks are every day carry/service intended. The only mods they get are night sights, extended slide lock, rounded plunger, lighter plunger spring, and a Ghost Edge 3.5 connector. Some competition guys will lighten the slides, extended match barrels, mag wells, and opt for lighter trigger springs as well as trigger pads or straight triggers. These are fine for range and competition but are way too light for tactical intentions. Think what you want to do with your glock and set it up how you wish to match that.
  19. The rental range was going hot and heavy, the main line went hot every hour or so (except when they let folks wonder all over the range). The round count was amazing. Just the minigun alone, 30 second bursts. using the math, conservative rate of 3000 rds a minute, so 1500 rounds per burst, 4 bursts per session, 10 sessions per day, 2 days = 120,000 rds from the minigun alone. Even at .50 cents per that is more than my annual salary. Full auto is certainly a rich man's game.
  20. I don't that ammo wasn't selling. I saw plenty of cases of ammo in various flavors leaving to the parking lots on the goats and being packed on shoulders. The ammo vender next to the Century tent seemed to be doing well and thier pallets kept getting smaller and smaller over the two days. The ammo that Apex had also dwindled down quite a bit. Not too mention the cases headed out to the fireing lines but I suppose that was the point of the weekend. That said, I didn't buy one round of ammo as I thought it was way over priced and I wasn't really there for ammo. I was still a great weekend and glad I made it to the last one.
  21. Crap! I did not see your reply. Sorry to leave you hanging. Probably for the best though. Wife got real bad news at the doc's yesterday and was in no mood to put up with my gun stuff anyway. Please let others grab up what you have.


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