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Community Answers

  1. That's so much like reality that it's scary!
  2. Just shows...we can't have nice things!
  3. So...what's the general feeling here guys? Do you feel we are totally Fubar at this point? I have been considering renting a table at a local show and attempting to sell off some things. Is this still a viable option?
  4. Wifey came up with a question. She wants the T-shirt without the back imprinting...only the logo on the left breast. What do you think of this? Maybe a different front pattern? Just something near the logo size?
  5. Yes!! Some of the rims put on great cars today just make me sick!
  6. Agreed! Mopar and Corvette fan mostly, but haven't had a nice car since the late 70s. Loved the Charger R/T, GTX, and RoadRunners. My best Mopar was a 1970 Lemon Twist Yellow 383 Barracuda. No badging on it. Sneaky little sucker!
  7. As a poor, diehard muscle car lover of all makes and models...I must say that it would be hard to find a sleeker, sexier car than the GTO of 66/67! Ragtop or hardtop...gorgeous vehicles!! And this is a great example of this beautiful machine!
  8. You tempt me! You little devil! I had one in 9mm. Fantastic pistols! Should tame a 40 real well. Somebody please buy this so I'm not tempted any longer!
  9. Guys...look at the date stamp. This is 2 years old.
  10. If my old legs could stand the trip...I might try to arrange something. But back and legs won't stand that long a trip. Plus wifey is getting into some back/hip issues now as well. I don't leave her alone for a trip that long. Probably ok, but prudence is the wisest route for me these days. I couldn't forgive myself if she fell (again) while I was out gun shopping. But...there was a time I wouldn't hesitate to do so! lol! So...I'm out on it I guess. Sad. I NEED another one of Gaston's implements! I don't have enough of them!
  11. Why do you have to be so far away and tempting me so!!?? I'd love that G48! Probably could find someone to get the rifles to.
  12. When I was in the parts business, there was a body shop in the next building up the street. I want to say there was a radiator repair service(?) in that corner building back then...1996-2008 for my time there. Just before the Picker's crew began to investigate the building. I miss that job and the people I met in Columbia. Knew every car dealer and body shop withing 25 miles. But it sure was a pain to negotiate the roads outside the city proper at times! LOL!
  13. We have to be proven "Innocent beyond a shadow of doubt." Criminals have to be proven guilty beyond all forms of measurement. Even then many get released!
  14. That's a nice working(hunting tree rats) rifle TG! If I didn't have a Marlin I lucked into years ago, I'd be adding a stop when we head to Knoxville soon. Have to pick up an old RCA Victrola Cabinet my brother-in-law gutted to make a bar cabinet. Wife not happy about that. It was hers. LOL.


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