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  1. TTU Rifle Team was a great one for many years. I tried out once. Got laughed off the field.
  2. I like it! And a Happy Birthday to you! Whenever it was. lol
  3. Lawyers...Guns...and Money. They seem to run the world. At least in the thinking and prose of Warren.
  4. OK...I ordered a package to try. Not happy with the fit of the standard disposable masks I've seen and used. Let you know how I feel about them.
  5. I never have and still love them! Dad had one when he was competing. It was so sweet looking! I wasn't allowed to handle it. Afraid I'd money with his settings, I guess. And I'm sure I would have. lol Still, that's a great rifle!
  6. I don't care whose system/equipment it is. They all seem to have issues pretty frequently. Comcast Infinity service. I'm beginning to hate it. My secondary box in the bedroom has to be unplugged and the unit reset itself about every 4th time I turn it on. Every 4th time! It's more dependable to do that than anything else! Techs can't believe it. No in-person visit yet. I've asked for a new unit. Let's see what happens next. Hope yours works right now.
  7. No matter how many times I see this...It's Still Funny! Sadly, there's a lot of truth in it as well. lol
  8. Yeah, even for me! Great rifle! Leaves me wishing! My Dad sold his before he passed. No real reason for me to have this. I don't even shoot a lot of rifles. But I sure like it and would love to own it! Good luck with your sale!
  9. You are an evil and devious man! lol I like the way you think!
  10. Robert, I just sent by PayPal. Started to send a check, but saw your info and doing it faster this way. I'm so glad to have a small part in helping out. May all this help to keep you safe and secure until things get better for you. May God Bless and keep you safe. Once again, I'm so very glad to be a part of this forum/community/family. We may all be hated and feared by some in today's world; but I see men and women helping each other here. Time and time again I see this happen. This cannot be a bad group. Way too much love and support evident here.
  11. After the time I've spent here, and that's a few years...I don't think I can believe that of either of you. But then again...I've never worked for either of you.
  12. Good plan. Tell your boss to "stick it" and go!
  13. Yes, movement asap. When my left knee was replaced in 2018, I was really, really scared of the coming pains. Surgery done at 7AM, recovery room and talking(not coherently though) by noon. Painkillers the rest of the day. I woke and needed to pee badly about 2AM. Two nurses came in and got me up, wanting me to use a urinal. Being cocky and drugged up, I said I could make it on my own. Before I did a faceplant, they helped me into the bathroom and held me up while I did my thing. lol At this point in my life, I've been seen by more nurses than I can count, so embarrasment wasn't an issue. l
  14. You made me chuckle with that comment. It's very true. I have seen it in myself and in others. Sometimes a good kick in the butt works well too.


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