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  1. That's a good buy. After moving my safe more times than I care to admit, may I suggest the prospective buyer obtain about 6 or 7 1 1/4 inch by 2 foot pieces of PVC pipe to roll the safe on. You can easily move a safe without scratching the floor and the pipe is just large enough in diameter to allow for easy transfer across thresholds. Keep about 4 under the safe at all times and just progressively advance the pipe as you move the safe. Easy peasy.
  2. Bad Habit

    for-sale Brand new M&P 9c in FDE

    I sent a pm. Last night. Please check your messages.
  3. I figured something was up when they started locking the gate and we had to start using our cards. That gave them actual number as to how many people were using the property. Before then they really had no tracking mechanism.
  4. Bad Habit


    Well I don't guess I will ever be going to the Ryman, then... I don't compromise my personal security for anybody.
  5. When is the April banquet? Thanks
  6. Bad Habit

    Great Deal on a Gunsafe

    After seeing the pictures os my inlaws house burn to the ground last week I am of the mindset that a safe- any safe- is just an expensive oven in most fires. I will still get the best protection on my next safe, though. [=http://s437.photobucket.com/user/OrthoNP/media/IMG950317_zpstyh2ngb0.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. Bad Habit

    Glock 27 or ruger sr9c

    There is really a lot to be said for packing what the local popo is carrying. Around here that is large frame Glocks
  8.   Now that's just funny right there. And the truth. We may have to vote for him to keep Billary out but he makes me nervous.   Keeping it on topic- if you can get .223 for about .32 cents a round then buy it because you about cant reload it that cheap.
  9. Bad Habit

    HCP renewal price increase?

    Just pony up and get the lifetime license and you won't have to worry about when to renew it or if they raise the fees.
  10. Bad Habit

    waiting on tn hgp

    My lifetime license took 18 days and that was over the holiday. Got it tuesday.
  11. Bad Habit

    Bobcat vs Coyote

    Not taking sides here but either could be pets. It is perfectly legal to have either as a pet as long as you have a permit from the TWRA. Bobcats actually make pretty good pets if you get them as kittens. I would imagine coyotes would be the same. I have a 5 week old red fox kit and my wife talked to the TWRA about them. It just became legal to own them on April 26. The only thing you can't have as a pet is a skunk. You do have to get them from a reputable breeder approved by the state, though. They would only let us get a fox from one of 3 places. The guy we used sells to a lot of Hollywood and zoos. It was actually cheaper than getting, say a lab.
  12. Bad Habit

    Always carry with one in the pipe.

    Ya just gotta love these topics...   I think what some folks fail to realize is when the guns come out somebody is usually gonna get killed. The fastest one on target with bullets downrange has the best chance of walking away. One up the pipe ready to roll and the mindset that you may just have to use it is what is necessary.
  13. Smith and Wesson Model 17 bought in 1985 with the second paycheck I ever got. The first paycheck went to a Sako watch. I was too young to buy it so my mother had to do the paperwork. It was last shot on December 23, 1998 by my brother. It sits in the safe next to the 5 rounds he left in the gun and his death certificate.
  14. Bad Habit

    Any big bore reloaders?

    I like my .416 Rigby Ruger Bolt and Model 70 Stainless .375 HH. I haven't shot them too much. I, too, become concerned about detached retinas as I get older but mainly when using my .300 Wby since it has a pretty quick recoil impulse.
  15. This is a totally inappropriate statement at the bottom of the article. ....   "For all we know, they could be coming from some of these folks out there in the suburbs with handgun permits," he said.   This is in reference to the 9 shootings that have already happened behind enemy lines in Chattanooga so far this year. Also, this statement was made after the shootings were for the most part labeled as gang related.

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