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  1. I will take the H4350. I am in Lebanon during the day and can meet you near the airport or Gallatin
  2. Folks this is an absolutely SMOKING price on this! If I didn't already have one (yes- I paid more) I would be all over this. I don't believe I have ever seen a VP9SK this cheap.
  3. It's a done deal. Good to meet you TN_Nash_CC
  4. Definitely try different ammo. Other than having an absolutely horrible trigger my NRA edition has shot great for 500 rounds
  5. I will take the tumbler. PM sent. Thanks
  6. They are the spuds for a bore sighting tool. We used the same brand at the gun store I worked at 30 years ago. I believe that is Bushnell or maybe Tasco- one of those two. There should be a device that screws onto the end of the spud where the flat part is.
  7. That's a good buy. After moving my safe more times than I care to admit, may I suggest the prospective buyer obtain about 6 or 7 1 1/4 inch by 2 foot pieces of PVC pipe to roll the safe on. You can easily move a safe without scratching the floor and the pipe is just large enough in diameter to allow for easy transfer across thresholds. Keep about 4 under the safe at all times and just progressively advance the pipe as you move the safe. Easy peasy.
  8. I figured something was up when they started locking the gate and we had to start using our cards. That gave them actual number as to how many people were using the property. Before then they really had no tracking mechanism.
  9. Well I don't guess I will ever be going to the Ryman, then... I don't compromise my personal security for anybody.
  10. After seeing the pictures os my inlaws house burn to the ground last week I am of the mindset that a safe- any safe- is just an expensive oven in most fires. I will still get the best protection on my next safe, though. [=http://s437.photobucket.com/user/OrthoNP/media/IMG950317_zpstyh2ngb0.jpg.html][/URL]
  11. There is really a lot to be said for packing what the local popo is carrying. Around here that is large frame Glocks
  12.   Now that's just funny right there. And the truth. We may have to vote for him to keep Billary out but he makes me nervous.   Keeping it on topic- if you can get .223 for about .32 cents a round then buy it because you about cant reload it that cheap.
  13. Just pony up and get the lifetime license and you won't have to worry about when to renew it or if they raise the fees.
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